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Post Reply What do you hate most when you watch an Anime?
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28 / M
Posted 5/24/12
I tend to get annoyed at a lot of ecchi stuff. When such a thing is relevant to the story, I don't mind, but when it's just being thrown around for no apparent reason it gets on my nerves.
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24 / M / England
Posted 5/24/12
Sad endings or characters dying for no good reason. A majority of things are not set up for a sad ending, sticking one on the end does not automatically make the storyline unique and artistic <_<

Series with only 12 episodes, just because I want more episodes ;_;
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28 / M / Oklahoma
Posted 5/24/12
Adding a cute phrase or word at the end of every sentence. This single-handedly can get me to stop watching a show.
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34 / F
Posted 5/24/12
1. boobies
2. boin boin
3. bitches
4. subtitle
5. ???

steve barbarich

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18 / F
Posted 5/24/12
1. Unnecessary filler arcs (infact, all fillers in general)
2. Flashbacks that they repeat OVER and OVER and OVER again *cough* Naruto *cough*
3. Really annoying girls with high pitched voices with too much energy.
Posted 5/27/12
the one thing i would change about anime is when the male protaginist seemingly for no reason forgets large parts of thier childhood and then it turns out later those forgotten memories are the most important ones... i've seen it used in a ton of anime and its a little cliche to use to advance a story line honestly
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21 / F / Asia, Earth. :]
Posted 5/27/12 , edited 5/27/12
Repeating scenes and conversations that make no sense. Cliff hanger and Fillers are another thing.
I could only watch Shounen because I enjoy watching all those awesome fighting scenes. Light romance in Shounen is okay. But I hate it when the girl become so obsess with one of the character. Just like Sakura of Naruto. She's pissing me off. I want shounen to always be in Action! Let Shoujo takes all the romance. I also don't like harem where every girl character is crazy over one guy.
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20 / M
Posted 5/27/12

1highcutiepie wrote:

i hate all the damn guys fallin for the bitches with the cunt attitudes and go for the guys that obviously hate them

u hate Tsundere. i like Tsundere. they just act mean to guy because they embarrassed about their own feelings
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23 / F / Depths of Eternity
Posted 8/13/12

definitely my #1 one, FILLERS!!!
too much flashbacks that makes you memorize the whole scene
ongoing anime and no ep left right when things are getting exciting
bitchy, violent anime girls
bad net connection
noisy surrounding
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19 / F / Balmer, Murlin
Posted 8/13/12
Massive amounts of unnecessary fanservice.
Bad voice acting.
Anime-original ending when the source material is still ongoing. They ALWAYS do it wrong.
Every character but one or two being a total bitch/asshole.
All the supporting characters putting way too much unnecessary pressure on/have unrealistic expectations of the main character.
Over-dramatizing a small, meaningless event.
Love triangles. I always root for the underdog and he/she NEVER wins. The asshole always wins.
Girls falling for assholes.
Main characters with convenient "amnesia".
No character development. (Unless it's a comedy/parody type.)
Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
Characters getting embarrassed all the time for the smallest thing.

I could go on with this but I think it's long enough, yes?
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26 / M / USA
Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/13/12
- Fillers
- CG, especially on mecha shows
- Character(s) is about to die but someone or thing saves them at the last second
- Moe characters
- Characters being weak and talking about peace and love when they are in a life or death situation
- Shōnen power creep
- Characters being stupid or over emotional
- Endings that offer no conclusions
- Good characters stuck in a bad story or vice versa
- Close ups or other tricks to keep the animation budget down
- Fanservice, it make it impossible for anime to be considered a serious artistic medium
- Everything that isn't Giant Robo
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27 / M / md
Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/13/12
fan service on a serious scene or fan service for fan service. dont care, move on, we have bigger issues than her panties. at least be entertaining about it. saying shit a thousand times makes the word fall in value of use.

fillers just for filling. at least try to make it look like it's in the same universe.

filler as a series.....why?

bad voice acting, MY EARS!

huge love arks in non love/comedy themed animes, i get it you love her and the others are just there to get a bigger audiance, don't care enough.

an asshole/depressed main character. you have a giant robot, girlfriends, and you saved the world. at least play the part of a hero.

IM IMPORTANT plot points that are either never brought up again or come at the end and make it make less sense.

endings. too wide margin to be more specific, but some endings suck or give you the ME3 curse: rage and confusion.

characters that need to develop, but dont. some animes have static characters that just react to the situation they are in and that's fine if that's the way the anime is portrayed, like lucky star. if your supposed to develop in character, in the way they treat people, or to conquer a certain goal, then DO IT!

soldier A. you're supposed to care about this character and he/she dies, oh well, that was a waste of 20 mins. like that whore in black Butler or the general / that ball guy in d. greyman. i want backstory on a character im going to be watching. either give me time and a reason to care or don't bother introducing me to them. i'll just consider it unnecessary filler.

god mode. HAX! I CALL HAX!

dialog in a fight scene that spans episodes. you dont have the time to talk Goku KICK HIS ASS!

there's more, but this is enough for now.

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23 / M / Virginia Beach, V...
Posted 8/13/12
Ghost in the Shell series (Adult Swim)
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32 / M
Posted 8/13/12
What I hate the most is when thus far good, entertaining anime have crappy endings such as inconclusiveness or other undesirable ways to end a show..
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19 / M
Posted 8/13/12
Endings where people die, cliff-hanger endings, ending that doesn't feel fulfilling
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