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Post Reply What do you hate most when you watch an Anime?
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22 / M / South Boston, Vir...
Posted 12/17/12
Fillers... Who doesnt?
Bad dubs or too literal translations (ie honorifics in english where they dont belong)
Overly moe or too much fanservice (but I can still watch it)
I would say not following manga stories but then... FMA the first was bad ass and diverged from the manga early on.
Static characters. I like seeing people change in an anime that would benefit from background or at least some kind of development.
Other than that I can deal with other things to a degree.
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18 / M / The Sarlacc Pit
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
I hate fillers, when a show that doesn't need to have yaoi/yuri has it anyway (No.6 touched me... inappropriately.), fanservice for its own sake, moe without weapons (Uppote!! and Girls Und Panzer are exempt [Because I said so, that's why!]), tsunderes, when the community is dead-set on calling everything its original Japanese title (Oreimo), needless symbolism (NGE), shows that don't follow the source materiel, bad dubs (A good dub is better than good subs, but a bad dub is easier than a bad sub), people saying something is the best thing EVAR (For fuck's sake, I like SAO, but you guys need to calm your tits), Engrish, and bitchy male characters (Yuuki from Mirai Nikki).

Oh, and Naruto.
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Posted 12/18/12
(Ah, I don't actually hate it, but I question it sometimes) Shouting out names for attacks. What's the point in alerting your opponent?
Posted 12/19/12
Warning: Long Post

1. Cliched shoujo romance stories. Am I honestly suppose to believe that the most popular guy in the class/grade/school would intentionally pick the shy or quiet, unnoticable girl and somehow through their relationship together make her become more open and social?
Ex: Say "I Love You", Kimi ni Todoke, increasingly shoujo romance in general
2. Shouen anime that usually start off to a good start and then--I'm assuming that perhaps the manga-ka can't come up with more ideas--become a overly long and overly complicated rescue-arc for the rest of the series because either a) a friend is actually kinapped or b) a friend turns evil and because of that needs to be saved.
3. Shoujo that always have the player-boy. You know the type that's lazy and sleeps around a lot? He's annoying and overdone.
4. When the main characters die but are brought back to life in a few episodes or when the protagonist is about to die (when his/her friends are all dead) something stops it from happening at the last second.
Ex. Salior Moon, Bleach
5. Enemies that eventually become friends or more human-like if they were monster-like despite the fact they just tried to kill the character awhile ago, if not immediately after the fight.
Ex. Gaara
6. The hopeless childhood friend who becomes the unlucky childhood friend.
Ex. EVERY harem and shoujo romance to ever exist ever.
7. Moments that are serious that then become suddenly un-serious.
Ex. BLEACH in almost every fight
8. Using a fight to suddenly/finally explain a character and their background, usually in a very long dialogue-flashback.
Ex. Most shouen anime
9. Dead parents (especially the mom--God that's overplayed), missing parents or no parents at all. Am I to really believe that these random 15 to 16 yr. olds let alone are able to function by themselves, but take care of themselves too?
10. Characters who look too young or too old to be the age they proclaim themselves to be.
11. Increasingly tsunderes and moe characters. They're becoming overdone.
12. The girl who lives with the main male character and secretly loves him.
Ex. Most harems, Nayuki from Kanon 2006, Kaede from Shuffle!
13. Plain, everyday guys who randomly get a harem despite the fact he has zero personality.
Ex. EVERY harem ever
14. The stalker-abuser love interest. The "bad boy" (who may actually be bad).
Ex. MOST shoujo romances
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25 / Canada
Posted 12/19/12
character crying about being lonely is the worst. f that shit.
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39 / M / Pennsylvania
Posted 12/20/12

mwhitco91 wrote:

BrainwreckedTech wrote:
Related: I hate open endings that are left open for what I can only ascertain is a dare to not give the series another season.

Corpse Princess.

Actually, they only needed one more episode there.

Really? I thought Corpse Princess' open ending was appropriate -- an implied endless battle. There's not much of a story to tell after that, unless you feel that besting Dragon Ball Z on number of episodes spent on one battle is something that needs to be done.
Posted 12/20/12
Great beginning leading to a slow degradation and lousy ending.
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24 / M / England
Posted 12/21/12
Completely random fanservice. If it has a purpose (IE that scene in Rei's apartment in eva (In the original, not the rebuild)) then its ok, or if its that kind of anime, sure. But completely out of the blue ruining what could be an otherwise good story, go away.

That or rushed endings, I just got done with 'Kids on the Slope', if they took their time with the ending and gave it another episode or 2 (And did the ending as done in the manga) that anime could be one of the best there is, but with the letdown of shoving that ending into the last 10 minuets of an episode I can only say that its great, but read the last 3 chapters of the manga when you finish it.
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20 / F / cσηѕтαηтℓу тнιηкιηg
Posted 12/21/12
the background people
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28 / F / Lynnwood, Washington
Posted 12/23/12
Dubs...especially with atrocious writing that removes any cultural references, changes the gender or relationship, censors any nudity, violence or holy references. I guess I prefer the Japanese version over a terrible dub.

Subtitling that generalizes cultural references or speech enhancements (like the "de gozaru" ending polite speech) are another bone to pick. Then again, I probably have a complete collection of the Japanese DVDs that make up the 200 episode length of Sailor Moon, bought directly from Japan. Then again, when you had a half-Japanese grandma in your life, she can always translate for you and point out any references that go over your head.

I don't mind the transformations of magical girls and superhero squadrons, because that's what I grew up with.

As for the high voices, in the case of Kotono Mitsuishi, she did a lower voice in some parts of Sailor Moon when a serious moment came up.
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20 / F / Planet Mato
Posted 12/23/12
when they taking freaking FOREVER to think during a fight
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23 / F / Somewhere,USA
Posted 12/23/12
Spineless female characters that just sit there and cry
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21 / M
Posted 12/23/12
I think that I really hate the dub part of it. I also hate how it would have this cheap looking art style (not the character designs or mouth expressions, those are great) and how it is in a low frame rate.
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Posted 12/23/12
Who doesn't hate filters? :\

Anyway, I also hate characters who try to get into another pair of character's relationship, in romance anime. It makes me pull my hair out. "NO HE BELONGS WITH HER. GTFO. D<". Always my reactions to those types of characters. My god. ;-;

Rushed anime. In the first episode, they just meet, then after like thirteen minutes of watching the anime, they kiss and they get together. Like what.
Examples: "Say 'I Love You'", "My Little Monster"
But I love those two anime, but... still.

Other things I hate are in YukinoMiyazawa's post.
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21 / F / Vancouver,British...
Posted 12/23/12
When animes are dubbed.. im sorry but seriously ii hate that, Subbed is my favorite (:
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