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What do you hate most when you watch an Anime?
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Posted 8/31/13 , edited 8/31/13
1. The stereotypes (tsunderes, excess fanservice, etc.)
2. Boring Slice of Life moments
3. Lack of logic ( Plot holes, stupid characters, etc.)
4. Characters I am unintentionally compelled to hate
5. Boring characters
6. dumb morals
7. reliance on the referencing of other anime
8. Bland humor
9. female (and sometimes male) characters being reduced to sex objects
10. unrealistically cruel characters
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23 / M / NJ, USA
Posted 8/31/13
1. Cliches to some extent
2. Weak, cowardly protagonists, characters (especially if they're male)
3. Terrible, boring fight sequences
4. Long, drawn-out inner monologues (especially during combat)
5. Long, drawn-out conversations between protagonist and villain (especially during combat)
6. Villains who explain their plans to a lesser extent
7. Animes that treat their viewers like morons and have to explain everything going on to said viewers
8. Anti-climactic endings
9. Useless characters
10. Sexually indifferent protagonists
11. Plot holes
12. Predictable plots to some extent
13. Bad voice acting
14. Annoying characters
15. Animes where young kids or teens are the main characters to some extent
16. Terrible plots
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Posted 8/31/13 , edited 8/31/13
4. Cartoony scenes in serious shounens where they either ruin a serious/emotional moment with a lame joke or pull off some unexplained, illogical technique or normal people falling off buildings where they should have died but they laugh it off with a wacky, cartoony scene. (mostly in one piss)
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21 / F / Academy City
Posted 12/22/13
Too many panty shots in non-ecchi and non-hentai anime
plotholes that never get explained.
bad voice acting(in English dubs)
Clunky and slow story
Too many fillers
annoying characters that you want to kill so bad...
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36 / M / The IshVille
Posted 12/22/13 , edited 12/22/13
1. Deus Ex Machina. I hate them. A major problem in the plot is fixed with some convenient fix that appears out of nowhere. (IE: "This guy can't be beaten, and that has been established. But, suddenly, with the power of greyskull that the hero found, he's now able to beat the unbeatable villain.")

2. Phony Death Flags. The anime sets you up to think that a character or characters are going to be killed during a fight, only for them to miraculously survive the encounter without a single fatality. (Example: Narutos "One man, One Kill" arc, and Fairy Tail vs. Arcnologia on Tenroujima.

3. Female Harem Behavior.
This includes: (Being unreasonably jealous, purposely misconstruing accidents to make the protagonist seem like a pervert, being violent with the protagonist for no reason.

4. Male Harem Behavior. This includes: (Acting like you've never seen a woman in your life, being scared to death at the though of any intimacy to point of nosebleed, or acting like such a perv you should be in jail for rape.)

5. Happy endings that don't make sense. (Exp: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

6. Over reliance on parodies. A little is funny, but you've got to stand on your own comedic chops, not just try and riff on everyone else who is funnier than you. Also, overuse is bound to lead to jokes that American viewers won't understand, as we haven't seen that show or know what celebrity you're talking about. Gintama is probably the best at properly using parody comedy.

7. Failure to break from the character archetypes.
I don't like it when every character in the show fits in the exact seven figure mold:

1. The Leader
2. Second in command (Usually the sarcastic one or straight man of the group.)
3. The Quiet One.
4. The Angry/Fighter One.
5. The Nerdy/Science One.
6. The Rich/Prissy One. (Usually has that irritating "OH HO HO HO HO HO! OH HO HO HO HO HO!" laugh).
7. The Sexual Perverted One.

When these tropes are followed to the letter, it's almost guaranteed to spell a mediocre anime because no character really stands out. There are some exceptions to the rule, but not many.

8. Trying too hard to be different. These are animes that try so hard to stand out that they don't make any sense or just bore the hell out of you with their attempts to be "Artsy" or deeply philosophical. They miss the GITS: 2nd Gig vibe they were going for and end up somewhere in G-9 territory.
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23 / F / USA
Posted 12/22/13
Hate fillers and action animes that have some romance mixed in where all the main girl can do is cry, act all high and mighty, and get captured. I hate weak female characters.
I also hate when they give all the villains some sappy story so you can ball your eyes out and pity them, hell no, I want my villains vicious, strong, and conniving!
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27 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 12/22/13 , edited 12/22/13
Wondering if an anime series can ever stand between cliche and originality.

I have but only three

1) Tragic villains
[I don't want "I kill people because I lost my loved ones" what I really want is "I kill people because I can do whatever I fucking please"]

2) Damsels-in-distresses
[Come on princess you don't need a prince to save you. Show that villain you can fight them on your own.]

3) E.S.A.O.K.S. and L. I. H. D type characters.
[Excessively stupid amount of kindness syndrome.
Lacking in humanity disorder]

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46 / M / Clewiston, FL
Posted 12/26/13
Your favourite character(s) dying!

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48 / M / Upstate NY
Posted 12/26/13
Being interrupted while watching anime!
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Posted 12/26/13
When it's dragged out "Oh shit, they are going to have a whole ark for thing shit"
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19 / F / SoCal
Posted 12/26/13
When the anime only goes half way through the manga....and just ends there....
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37 / M / Massachusetts
Posted 12/26/13 , edited 12/26/13
-Shows that don't know when to end. Either lasting way too long or being cancelled way too soon.
-Unresolved endings. Endings are hard I get it but try to give some closure. Finish arcs.
-Oblivious and indecisive main characters
-Whiny main characters
-Having the first five minutes of an episode repeat the last five minutes of the previous episode
- Loli characters
- Really short girls. This is weird. I don't know why. Ex: I really liked Tora Dora but the height of the main female character really weirded me out. for some reason.
- Rape/attempted rape
-Getting wet some how gets you really sick. I never understood that. Water allergies in Japan or some thing? lol
- Nosebleeds. For the love of god stop with the nosebleeds.
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23 / M / United States
Posted 12/26/13
The dragged out fanservice. Overall, it either makes me uncomfortable or just annoys the hell out of me like they didn't know what else to do for the rest of the episode.
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27 / F / Washington DC
Posted 12/26/13
- Annoying girly voices, like shrieking noises.
- Naive characters.
- That one character that tries to act tough, but is an idiot and gets as equally strong or about as strong as the main character later in the series.
- Ridiculous moments where they try to show a girl revealing her cleavage, legs, or anything sexual in a random scene.
- Most of the time the main character is stupid. lol
- Terrible singing in an anime opening/closings sometimes!
- When someone states the obvious.

There's more I can't think of. But as always, I will come across another anime with these factors. I don't even bother caring anymore. lol
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Posted 12/26/13
To be general, I hate clichés (*cough* Death Note *cough* Naruto *cough* Ouran Highschool Host Club *cough*) in animes. Everything from the 'strong female character [who can kick a** and consequently is a b****]', to the 'weak female character [who always needs saving]', to the 'annoying female character [with a squeaky voice]', to the 'cool male character [who has a monotone voice]', to the 'little kid character [who I may hate just because I hate kids in general ^^']', to the 'smart male character [who probably wears glasses and has black hair or at least dark-colored hair]' (for instance, L (Death Note), Otori Kyoya (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Kaoru Kishimoto (Hikaru no Go), Austria (Hetalia) (who is actually kind of an idiot, never mind), et cetera, et cetera, et cetera).

So, I hate cliché characters, cliché episodes (like the classic beach episode, the Halloween episode, the whatever), and dubs.


But mostly dubs.
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