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Are asian bands better than american bands? =0
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31 / F / somewhere in texas
Posted 6/15/10
I like Kpop and Jpop more then American music and I'm American.
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31 / F / somewhere in texas
Posted 6/15/10

Luciiexxx wrote:

I like asian only cause American Music these days are way to dirty

Posted 6/15/10
I'm Asian and I love my Asian men. <333
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23 / F / Canada
Posted 11/11/10
No offense but yeah...

especially Korean & Japanese bands XDD
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27 / F / California, USA!
Posted 11/15/10
DEFINITELY. the only american band i know is....the jonas brothers? and I don't really like them. Bands like SS501 and SHINee and CNBlue and FT Island and DBSK and that kinda stuff are better in my opinion
Posted 12/11/10
Personally, I'd prefer Asian bands and I'm Taiwanese who currently lives in USA, but that doesn't mean that Asian music is better. I can still list many American bands and singers that has deep meanings and is not just about sex and swears:

Death Cab for Cutie- Soul Meets Body
Nuclear so and so- Vampires in Blue Dresses
Sara Bareilles- Love Song
Carolina Liar- Beautiful World
Nicole Scherzinger- Happily Ever After
Oren Lavie- Her Morning Elegance
Rob Thomas- Her Diamonds
Neyo's songs are pretty much okay to listen to but it's usually about love and such so it gets a little annoying.

Notice how it's not aritsts such as Kesha Turner, Brittney Spears, and Black Eye Peas. You just have to know which artists to look for.
Same for Asian songs. All have their good styles and many HOT and CUTE guys that I would squeal over.

SHInee (XD Taemin~)
Big Bang (><)
Zea (though they get annoying)
Super Junior

Yamashita Tomohisa (So cuuute!!!)
KAT-TUN(I just like their looks. I don't think I was ever crazy about their songs before)
Yuya Matsushita(Squeal!!)

Taiwan: (Mostly solo singers. I don't really like their bands)
S.H.E (Mostly Hebe and her own album)
Angela Zhang (Some songs I like but gets VERY annoying and ear peircing becuz of very high notes.)
Jay Chou (Genius)
Tao Zhe
F.I.R (Meh... they're okay)

Yeah so hope you get the idea. I just pretty much had fun listing the songs ><. This sight is mostly asians right? So it wouldn't be a fair place to ask this question. You would get the wrong idea.
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23 / F / In my happy place
Posted 12/14/10
I use to prefer American artists back in 6th grade, but after awhile I ended up liking Kpop and Jpop, and now Jrock after my korean friends wanted to do a Wonder girls video for our class yeah, even though I was asian, I didn't really listen to asian songs..
Posted 12/15/10
I prefer Asian bands/artists. I've only come to like Interpol, The Killers, Editors...and the like.

....I occasionally jam to latest hit song, but that's about it.
Posted 12/15/10
What the hell kind of question is this?
Obviously 80% of the people here are gonna say "Asian bands" cuz its an Asian site.

'Sides, its all about the preference, if you're gonna ask something like this, then say "Do you prefer Asian or American bands?".

Nonetheless, I don't listen to any Asian music (being an Asian...), no Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. So I can't give an answer.
Only Western music.
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30 / F
Posted 12/15/10
i prefer both......also british bands....

backstreet boys - my all time favorite!!!
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23 / M / California
Posted 12/16/10 , edited 12/16/10
It's a preference. I like Asian bands, but I can't fully appreciate them if I don't understand the language. At least with American bands I'll know the meaning of the song without looking it up. However, even with an increase of people listening to Asian music, I doubt it'll become mainstream very soon. I've never heard Asian songs being played on the radio here, but I've heard American songs when I was on vacation in Asia.
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31 / F / United Kingdom of...
Posted 12/16/10
Depends on the band. On the whole I like mainstream Japanese artists more than their American counterparts. But I prefer metal music which is often dominated by westerns artists.
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21 / F / under your bed >:)
Posted 12/18/10
hmmm hard to say
now i listen to asian music more
and honestly the guys in asian bands are more desirable?
i used to like green day(still like them), Alesana(cool), jonas brothers(ugh in 4th grade) and the list goes on
but my parents never liked them :/
my mum says that alesana's music is painful
and green day music is fine but their appearance(tattoos and piercings etc.) not good
but since i started liking korean music
she hasn't complained at all coz their overall image is....parent approved?
also their music generally appeals to the masses.....?
overall i like both better
but i am sometimes bias to asian bands more XD
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26 / M
Posted 1/5/11 , edited 1/5/11
im chinese american, i started to listening to american music first, but they got tired of all the cussing, sex, money, and drug lyrics and started to listen to korean, jap, and chinese music!!!

i have to say i listen to korean more!!!!

also this form shouldnt be even made i mean, its crunchyroll home to japanese anime, korean/japanese/chinese drama!!! how did you think i found this site, looking up American songs ... pissh?
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23 / F / Canada~ eh?
Posted 1/21/11
mostly I listen to American music because I understand it. So generally I prefer American/Western music.
and some have very deep meanings behind the lyrics and makes me wanna cry because it's so beautiful :')
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