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Post Reply Are asian bands better than american bands? =0
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19 / F / Australia
Posted 12/26/13
I feel this is an unfair comparison.

What OP is comparing is American bands (Paramore and Panic!) to the likes of Asian "bands" (Big Bang and SuJu).
However, Big Bang and SuJu are indeed classified as "Korean boy bands" they are not BANDS in the conventional sense.
Although some members may have the ability to play instruments, they do not play their own music/instrumentals. They are boy bands.

I feel comparing Paramore to KAT-TUN or Arashi is a pretty big leap, if the OP was making the comparison to UVERworld or Royal Pirates, I would find that suitable. However, in this situation, comparing those Asian groups to the Western versions of boy bands - 1D (UK band), Backstreet Boys and otherwise is more appropriate. On that front, I would have to go for Asian boy bands as they put more time/effort/money into promotions, appearances, not just singing/rapping but dancing, releasing music, fan service and concerts.
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Posted 1/1/14 , edited 1/1/14
I think mainstream music across the board, not necessarily pop, is not really my preference. However I do like many songs, especially the dance music. What I don't like are people who evaluate music based on how vague the lyrics are. This doesn't apply much since many people listen to music without even understanding a word of that language.

I just really hate it when some guy who listens to Train just comes in to insults pop music because they lyrics "weren't good enough". I guess that logic suggest that Beethoven was a bad musician too hm? Many miss the fact that the music is not one by itself, but is correlated to it's dance. I mean, are people suggesting that music should be like Train? Like it's a crime to listen to dance music. Make them look like a ignorant twit.
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Posted 1/1/14
Some bands in asia are better than america, some in america are better than ones in asia. Can we agree that it is preference rather than who is better? If you looked hard enough you'll find something you like.
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