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Oh crap....I kinda went overboard on writting this time.... Sorry!!!! ^____^; But hope you guys like it....

While John walked in, he noticed that Alex kept trying to look up the woman's skirt while tied up in the bag, and she just kept trying to kick him. John got his lighter, walked up to Alex and asked him to put out his hand. Alex of course was always the disobedient one, almost like a child, that he just shook his head rapidly and puts his hands in his shirt pockets. John gave out a small sigh.
"Must we always do this the hard way, Alex?" John looked down at his shoe, then looked up straight to Alex's face, then burned his right ear. Alex yelped and stood up, running around and clutching onto his ear as if it was about to fall off. Then John laughed and put his lighter away.
"See? If you only cooperated with me, this wouldn't have happened." Alex moved to the far corner of the warehouse and curled up, while continuing to clutch onto his ear, and cradling back and forth. John gave out a loud hearty laugh at it. It always amused him to see others in pain.
"So what are we going to do about her, boss?" Santos came in after a while and pointed to the bag.
"What? You want me to serve you all the answers on a fucking platter? COME ON SANTOS!" John walked up to him and put pressure on his forehead with his finger.
"Now then...let me make this clear on what you're going to do. You listening?" He took off his finger from his forehead, and was rummaging through his pocket. Santos just kept looking at him with curiosity, then saw John bring out a small needle and a clear bottle. Then he handed Santos the needle.
"This is what you're going to do. You are going to inject her with this", He pointed to the needle Santos was holding and shook the bottle a bit while demonstrating it to him, "But make sure that you inject her arm, NOT anywhere else. We clear on that?" He then handed the bottle to Santos and went up to the bag, while examining it with his eyes.
"Make sure that once you're done, put her in the back of the trunk, and keep her there for no longer than an hour." He glanced at Alex, then stared at Santos for a while. Santos was getting a bit nervous because John's eyes had this strong stare that just makes you instantly look away. Then John raised his arms slighty and pointed to both of them.
"No one fools around with her, no one touches her, no one gets to see her, got it?" Both men stood up a bit straight, as if military men answering back to the platoon master.
"Yes sir!" They both said at the same time.

John decided that to kill an hour of time, he was going to pay a visit to an old friend. He got in his car and sat there for a bit, then took out another cigarette, rolled down the windows and smoked. He put his keys in the ignition, started the car, turned on the radio for a bit and drove off. Normal speed limit, 35 mph. No more, no less. He knew that he couldn't go around getting caught by the cops, and let alone kill another again. Not this time. He just kept quietly to himself while driving and putting most of his attention to the radio. He saw the neon lights practically shining in his face. He looked at the clock and muttered to himself.
"Damn...almost 9. Hope she's still there." He parked his car almost at the bottom of the sign. It flashed "Betsy's all girls show! Come see them dance! But bring your own stuff!" He turned off the ignition, flicked his cigarette out the car window, rolled up the windo and got out. He then locked his car and started to make his way into the place. Before he got to opening the door, two young women came out. High heels, mini skirt, one with excessive make-up, the other with curls. Hookers, none the less looking for a place to work at a strip bar. John knew that Betsy wouldn't give in to such delinquents like these.

Both girls gave a wink to John, and he just gave a slight smile. He made his way into the bar, then walked up to the counter and sat there. He saw the bartender, a girl of probably 20-some odd years or so cleaning the cups. She had long brown hair, up to her waist let down. Of course, John knew that one of Betsy's reccomendations to get the guys to buy more drinks would be a tank top. Not too revealing, but not too closed. He banged a bit on the counter.
"Hey. Linda..." She turned around and laughed.
"Well look what the cat dragged in!" She leaned in a bit over the counter to look him straight in the eyes.
"Didn't think you'd be coming by here anytime soon. Not after the riot you caused last time." She kept on laughing and turned her back once again on him.
"Do you know if Betsy's around? I need to talk to her." He brang out a quarter from his pocket and started to fiddle around with it in his hands.
"Yeah, out back. Why?" She turned around again and looked at him with a hint of concern. Then her eyes bulged up a bit.
"OH NO! YOU BETTER NOT BE BRINGING IN ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR-" He stood up and just stared at her.
"I would suggest you stay out of this one, Linda. Don't bother sticking your nose in other people's business." He left the quarter and walked away from the counter, then made his way to the back. The place was closing up, so he had to make it fast, because Betsy has the habit of always kicking him out. He walked around while waiting until he would her. Then suddenly, he felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned around in surprise and saw Betsy right behind him.
"Ah! The man of mystery is here!" She gave him a hearty bear hug, then slapped him behind the head. He twitched a bit and rubbed the back of his head.
"You drunk or what?" He laughed.
"If I was, I wouldn't share with you." She gave him a wink and left walking into her office. John followed her and sat down infront of his desk. He saw many different certificates posted up on the wall, then stared at her. She was about medium sized, always loved to wear sunglasses on the top of her head. She was a red head, but a very interesting one. She was pretty random and has been running this shop for years. The cops can't tell her shit, seeing as how she has a permit to sell booze and entertainment to those that come in and pay. She's greedy, but not too greedy. When someone is in need, she'll help. She always had her hair up in a bun. Kinda messy, but alright. She wore jeans and a tube top. Skinny, and had the greatest curves. John just continued to stare at her, then she snapped her fingers in his face.
"Eyes up here, Miky." He gritted his teeth a bit. He didn't like it when She called him Miky.
"Don't say that. It's John now, Betsy. Remember?" She patted his head, then hopped ontop of the desk and sat there.
"Oh yeah huh? Forgot you went into the Bolo's business and changed your whole life and name." She brang closer to her a small metal box. That's where she kept all of her money that the showgirl's made in the day. Of course she let them keep the tips.

John cleared his throat a bit and put his hand on her arm.
"Betsy, I need some information." She pulled her arm away and stopped counting her money.
"Is it another girl?" She put away her money and crossed her legs while listening.
"What'd you do this time? Did you kill her? DID YOU RAPE HER?!?!?!" She was glaring at him already.
"No, you idiot. Of course not. But the fuckers that work for me have ruined her enough to even BE raped. You know i'd rather have a clean one than a mucky one." He gave out a slight laughter. She got her coffee mug and threw it at him, but he caught it before it made it anywhere near his face.
"Oh come now Betsy! I'm just kidding!" He continued to laugh a bit.
"My ass you are." She jumped off the desk and went around, then brang out a key from her shirt. She always had the habit to keep things inside her bra. Be it money or keys. John stared in curiosity, and she gave a glance.
"What?" She stopped and stared.
"Nothing." He shook his head and waited to see what she'd bring out.
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Tomorrow there will be the next part. *laughs* i'm on a roll now. XD
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