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Posted 5/5/08
STUDENTS, STAFF MEMBERS (I'm sure some ignored the do not enter thing... -_-) and moderators are NOT ALLOWED to post ANY comments in this forum.

This forum is only the reference of the things we have settled so far. Any comments are to be posted under another forum topic.
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Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08

Cereal (any type)
Soup (chicken/mushroom)
Omelette (any topping, allowed to bring own toppings as well)
Sandwich (tuna/chicken/ham/vegetable)
Pancake (plain, comes with maple syrup)
Breads/Buns (any, own spreads allowed)
Fruits (no exotic fruits like strawberry/pineapple/dragonfruit... etc...)
Bacon (back bacon or streaky bacon)
Hotdogs (cheese hotdogs are available)
Eggs (sunny side-up)


Coffee (black ones are available)
Juice (no exotic fruits)
Tea (with milk or without milk. Requests for teabags are allowed, ceylon tea... etc...)
Milk (warm or cold)
Milo/Choco (warm or cold)

Set meals:

Set A: Egg, Sausages/Bacon, Bread, Coffee/Milk/Tea/Juice
Set B: Cereal, Fruit, Juice
Set C: Pancake (2/3 pieces), Blueberries (can change to other fruits), Milk



Salad (make your own/Caesar Salad)
Soup with Baguette


Burger with French Fries
Vegetarian Set (Salad, vegetarian-pick-your-own)
Spaghetti (can be changed to Linguine)
Pasta (Baked)
Lasagna (meat sauce is optional, mozerella only. No parmesan)
Sushi (Maki is not sold)
Fish & Chip
Chicken Chop
Beef Steak (meat from America/Austraila/Osaka)
Fried Rice
Noodle (curry/tomato/handmade)
Turkey (For special occasions only)
Lemon Rice (Staff only menu)
Rice w Freshly made Fish covered in secret sauce (Staff only menu)

Desserts/Tea time:

Ice cream (Any flavour, including Eggnog)
Cake (swiss rolls are available)
Muffins (chocolate/banana)
Shaved Ice/Ice Kachang (pick-your-own ingredients)
Pie (apple/pineapple/meat... any type of pie as long as it exists)
Tarts (any as long as exists)


Canned Drinks
Juices (no exotic fruits)
Milkshake (strawberry/vanilla/banana/chocolate)
Ice Blended/Bubble tea (as long as exists)
Coffee (check Breakfast menu)
Tea (check Breakfast menu)
Wine/Beer (strictly not for students or underage staff)

NOTE: Thats all for the Cafeteria menu. Changes may be made at any time of year. Comments are to be posted under another forum topic.
Posted 5/13/08
New menu is posted but we do not have a cafeteria committee
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