Basics in Forum Role Playing
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Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
Basic RPG Terms to remember:

PC – means player character, the character you (member) are roleplaying
NPC – means non-player character. These are characters your PC encounters in the game, usually villains, normal folk or allies, being played by the GMs
GM – game master, who runs the game for the players.
Player – you, self-explanatory
IC – In character – this means the actions of your PC, which you roleplay in proper story form.
OOC – Out of character – any notes, comments or ideas you want to convey as a member, not as a player character, in a game thread.
BIC - Back In Character, usually posted when to indicate a return to In Character after and OOC is posted in between story lines
Game thread – forum thread where the game’s story is posted

Formatting Game Thread Posts:

Commonly, Bold formatted letters are used to quote what other people said, italics for things being thought, or emphasized words in a sentence.

Also, DO NOT USE EMOTICONS IN IC POSTS. They do not convey the emotions of the character and wreck the cleanliness of the post. You may only use emoticons in OOC situations.

It is also basic etiquette that you write in correct spelling and grammar as much as possible. Failing to do so would usually have the consequence of another person misunderstanding your post completely.
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