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Post Reply do you think Hiruma and Mamori are going to get toghether?
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Posted 6/3/11
yeah, but only implied. it happens in the imagination of crazy fangirls,
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Posted 9/18/11 , edited 9/18/11
I think HiruMamo has potential, even though the series has been completed for quite some time. Like many of you have said, they both seem to have come to an understanding about each other and, they also appear to be attending the same university; the circumstances are good enough for the two to (possibly) get together.

Having said that, I very much understand how some people are saying that Hiruma's character would be ruined if he gets into a relationship, but y'know, being in a relationship doesn't mean you have to be all lovey-dovey and OOC. He can still be the Hiruma who blackmails, tricks and plays around with everyone (even with Mamori) and still be in a relationship. Besides, I think when he's with Mamori, he's calmer and more relaxed; she tends to be quite sensitive to his emotional side whilst most other characters aren't as aware (or focused) to that side.

Romantic relationship or no romantic relationship, what I enjoy about the two is their interactions. I like how they have a mutual understanding of each other; they could forever just be manager and quarterback as long as they like and still be close (in their own way). It doesn't mean Mamori's the ONLY person close to him, Mushashi, Kurita and everyone else are still important to him regardless.
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Posted 10/5/11
I hope so! because they are sooo meant for each other, it's clear they both have a connection, and even though it may not be in a romantic, they understand each other perfectly and opposites attract
Though one thing did strike me, just out of curiosity, Hiruma did mention he likes girls that he can use, so I was just wondering if he's ever had a girlfriend before, or has he ever used a girl to gain some info for his blackthreat notebook....because I can't really picture Hiruma having a girlfriend, it's hard enough to picture him with Mamori, I mean don't get me wrong! I love these two together, but him being with other girls is odd.....does anyone think that he might have had a girlfriend before?
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