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Posted 5/5/08
My first try making a story .
hope everyone enjoy it
I will not forget that day .The day that change my life forever.
Where she enter into my life .
On the 30th October , I meet her for the first time.

It was a day before winter arrive to the north hemisphere , but it already feel like Jack Frost already come along bringing the cold wind of the north .I still a first year in Toudai that time and had a hard time starting life in Tokyo since I originally come from a rural area .This is my winter story ….

…Although it is the last day of autumn , the winter came earlier than expected .I was running back to my lodging home from Toudai since the commuter service has to be cancelled because of some problem. Soon, the snow fall heavily interrupting my way home,‘The weather broadcast never said this coming’

I was forced to take shelter under a bus stop nearby. On that bus stop ,there’s girl sitting there ,
Maybe she is waiting for the snow to stop .my thought because of the bad weather.
I sit beside her and gently place my document down to the sit and open it to let the contain to dry .

“Isn’it beautiful ?” . The girl ask me,
“The snow, it like rain only in a form of crystal that have many shape if you look at it , it’s like a gift from the heaven to us” . She continue speak to me .
Maybe she just bored and want to say something to busy herself during this kind of weather .

A gust of wind came and flew almost all contain of my document .
The files soon scattered everywhere in the heavy snow fall.
When I was busy keeping up collecting the scattered files.
“Here is your files, Oni-chan…. .”I look up and saw her, handing me the rest of the
scattered files.
“Thank you, “ the only word that I said before receiving the files from her.

Our eyes met for the first time that moment.i still remember the colour of her eyes . those enchanting crystal blue eyes .Then I realize something.
‘Did she just call me Oni-chan…..?'
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Posted 5/6/08

kampungbdk wrote:

My first try making a story .
hope everyone enjoy it

This is good ^_^
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Posted 5/13/08
wow your good
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