Post Reply how old is ikuto??
Posted 5/5/08

what do you think the age of ikuto??....
Posted 5/7/08
65 years old!!!!! lolz.... i think.....14....
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Posted 5/7/08
he's three years older than amu

bec I remember that in the manga Amu said something like

AMU: can you stop treating me like a child?! Im turning Juniour high next year
Ikuto: So what? I'm turning HIghschool..

I thing, I ONLY THInk thats what they said ^^
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Posted 5/7/08
i think ikutos 16
Posted 5/14/08
i think 18..............
Posted 5/15/08
i think..he's 16..^^
Posted 5/23/08
Bcuz of his personality,... I'm sure he have 17 years
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