Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
Well, we are all Ariel fans here I assume, so here's the link to vote for Ariel as many times as you like!
Found this link on another forum (on CR), but I thought I'd spread this around~

So, to vote, click on the orange box 20 times, then click the text underneath that which will say "auto-click". This will go up to 500.
When the digits go up to 500, type in the code that is written in the box and click the red text underneath that (or just press 'enter').
Once the digits go back down to 0, start over again! (^.^)v

Otherwise, to view the ranks of the entire poll go to this link:

Ok let's vote for Ariel now everyone!

P.S When checking out the rankings, her Chinese name is 林依晨 if anyone doesn't know!
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