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Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
I think it is quite interesting to see on whom the chars are based on. Some thoughts of mine on the topic and I start of with some obvious guys.

In the training episodes Akagi wears 33 and also got i think a poster of Pippen on the Wall. He may be a Pippen fan and losely based on Patrick Ewing (wearing 33, being a Center etc.).

Sakuragi is obviously Rodman (hair, number 10, rebounds, personality) with some Charles Barkley inside.

Rukawa is a Jordan fan wearing 23 and he resembles the young selfish Jordan in a lot of aspects.

Sendoh is the more mature Jordan, basically a Rukawa with a better understanding of the game and a real teamplayer.

Mitsui wear number 25 in training season so I think he is baed on Ben Wilson. The best High School player in the year 1984 and great jump shooter. Wilson led Simeon Vocational High School of Chicago to the Illinois State Championship 1984. He sadly got shoot to death.

Maki is a Magic Johnson rip off, no doubt.

Miyagi has the speed, the number 7 and other similiarities to be based on PG Kevin Johnson.

Those are the guys I figured kinda clearly. Maybe someone else can add to the list.
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Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/19/09
I agree with you dude.
But it is debatable if Ono is based on Wilson or not. I think except Sakuragi, others are just loosely based on NBA figures.
Sakuragi is so Dennis Rodman! He really spice up the game.
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