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22 / M / England
Posted 4/22/14 , edited 4/22/14
Im trying to find a digital version of the albums by nothing's carved in stone. Their label doesnt publish here so I cant get (aside horribly expensive import) CDs and I use all of my music digitally anyway. Amazon dont have it, spotify dont have it and I cant find it off google but I might be missing something. Any ideas?

(Could you quote for a reply please)
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25 / M / Kent, Ohio
Posted 4/29/14
i'm looking to find the anime "The Knight in the Area"s soundtrack and it would be very helpful if someone could give me a link of where to find it or where I could even download it.
However, if no one can find the whole OST, I would like to at least know what the song is playing at 14;19 (Where the strings start playing heavily)

Thanks a lot!
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Posted 11 days ago
for years i got this song in my head but i never know what the name is but all i remember is this "we are nananana we are nananana we are nananana we are in love" i heard it when i was a kid and it is a R&B song and it is in the 90s or in the early 2000s
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Posted 7 days ago
... I am looking for a way to purchase 'My Pace' by Sunset Swish (bleach Season 4 closing theme).. ITunes has proved.. less than fruitful. if anyone is knowledged in the fine art of J-Pop Purchases. Throw me a line i guess.
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