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Do you have a would-be-self?
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22 / F / Earth
Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08
yup I have a would-be self my would be self is a joker who always makes everyone happy because I'm sad when one of my family or friends is sad
just like Rima's would-be self

but my outer part who covers my would-be self is a shy girl who doesn't talk to anybody at first but when I get to know someone who knows what happens
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25 / F / Jupiter
Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08
Nyahahaha~! yahhh~!
I might have 13 chara if ever it exist!
I'm just serious, quiet and calm inside... But totally different from inside~!!!
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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08
depends on what i am from before and now.................. but i still like myself~
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23 / F / At home.
Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08
well this is wat i want it to be like...but i guess they might be around but u just dont know...

-Pretty sure it will hatch.

-I think i'll have 3...cauze i like to draw, i love to have speed and sneakiness,(doesn't really make sense I know... )
and a cute animal one.

-When I think I need to use it because it won't harm anyone.

-UH...kind of freaked out,if i hadn't watched Shugo Chara,but mostly I would be excited!Well ya my first Guardian Characters!(Shugo Chara)

-Ya life would be easier...I can get a better life, I can get out of problems,i can stop being sooooo mopy and sad(does that mean the same thing?)I won't be as lonely as I am now,I can be Happy for a change! I wouldn't mind having the Lock either.


The Drawing Chara
-She would be like Miki,
Her personality will be the same as Miki
Her clothes would be whiteish silver with some blue.
She would probably be the same as Miki,sorry for coping!
Her eye color will change depending on her emotion.
Her name would be Larka.(I would like it to be! )
If I can use 120% of my Chara,
I would like it to have A white T-shirt and a hoodie,short brown pants,and a Paint Brush.
Special attack would be White Larks.
A move that sends out white birds and stun the opponent.

The Speedy One
-She would be able to run without anyone noticing,
even if u film it and rewind it u still won't see her.
She can Character Change with me,
and if possible, 120% too!
She would wear a blue T-shirt and white shorts,(I love White and Blue XD)
She would have super awesome runners,
Which are guess the colors... blue and white.
Her eye color would be silver and light blue.
She will be sooo quiet that if you put the speakers all the way,
you still won't hear her.
The 120% change will be a tooo fast,
so you won't see me anyways.
Special Ability
-Super Speed
-A Cobalt Bow (Stuns an opponent)
Her name would be Kousoku (Kou,for short)(It might sound like a boy name)
(Kousoku means Speed of Light )

The Animal One
She would look like Yoru,
but silver,
She would have a free personality,
She likes to play with any animal,
even dogs,
She would wear what Yoru wears but white,
She would have a cross,
Her eye color would be marine blue.
She can let me communicate with animals,
and command them,
If she can 120% change,
It would be like Black lynx,
but a White Tiger.
Special abilities would be the same as Ikutos'
Her name would be Niko,
(I know Neko means cat in japanese,
but I like the word Niko )

Other Stuff(Kinda Unrelated)
Well I just wasted a lot of time on this...I really want it to come true!
Sorry for writing so much! I love to imagine stuff!Mine is not in as much detail as I always do in my free time!
I love to do these stuff.I hope others can do a good reply bak to me so I can read some of you guys ideas!
By the way I am 12 years old. That's one of the reasons why I can imagine all this stuff!
Come'on people reply back! Imagination is AWESOME!
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23 / F
Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/10/08
i do too~
but i'm not brave enough to actually express my 'would-be self' ;/
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
i am my would be self this is how i am
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
well mine is like amu i always try to bee cool in school.........when im home few i can be myself joking dancing
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22 / F / Cross Academy!
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
well.. i guess everyone doo..

but we can't see them like the little things in shugo chara..
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23 / F / Somewhere Safe an...
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
for me.. i kinda rough for a girl...i mean like...well i'm kind of like the "cool amu" b'cuz i hardly talk to anyone in schl...
most ppl think that i am "scary" and hardly come close to me... and since all of my classmates think that i draw well...they only come to me and ask me to help them in their art...what i want is a ture friend.. someone that really understands me...thats why i want to have a would-be-self...someone i whom i can really trust...
whenever i tried to be like less rough..alitte gentle...everyone was like..."what happen?? is she running a fever, did she eat the wrong medicine..."
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