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Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
*translated from CN, written by Korean fan*

Credit: Miracle

Yoochun and Fan

YC: Hello~~

Fan: Yes, oppa

YC: What's your name?

Fan: Oppa's name?

YC: ...^^ Aha~ You don't know my name?

Fan: is Kim Jae Joong

YC: I'm Park Yu Chun~ You are not our fan?

Fan: Sorry....I forgot... *cries*

YC: Aah.. don't cry... What's your name?

Fan: Please write 'P/S: Like it very much' (She asked YC to add P/S after signature instead of telling him her name -.-)

YC: Ah?;; Okay... Name?

Fan: Oppa's name?

YC: -__- I'm Park Yu Chun...please stop playing, (whether) very cold~

Fan: Ah...? XXX (Fan's name - encoding prob can't translate >.

YC:....Eh?;; It's difficult....How to write it?

Fan: XXX... My name is special

YC: You are not fooling around? This is your real name?

Fan: Ya.. why?

YC: Nothing...;; XXX

Fan: No! XXX (correct yuchun's bout her name)

YC:.....; No?

Fan: Ah... Mr, just write my nickname then...

YC: What's your nickname?

Fan: It's XXXX(Park Yuri+Hwiba+Hwiseong+Mikki+Mini+Yucheon)

YC:'s really long..hmm..what's that after Park..Yuri...??

Fan: It's XXXX (Hwiba+Hwiseong+Mikki+Mini+Yucheon)

YC: Okay...

YC:.....Okay! Done! Byebye~

Fan: hmm... shake hand...

YC: Ah..Okay...

Fan: Thank you!

Changmin and Fan

CM: Hello~

Fan: Yes, Oppa

CM: What's your name?

Fan: Oppa's name?

CM: What a special name~ I signed it here...Please walk slowly~~

Fan: Eh??;; You signed it at where?

CM: Below~~~~~~~

It's written: "TO: Oppa's Name"

credit::[email protected]&sj
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Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08
LOL. changmin is smart :D
thats what i do too, LOL


friend: say something
me: something =="
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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
lol. that is so like changmin

but who is this fan
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