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Gay Marriage
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Posted 9/21/14
Me and my boy friend bouth turned our backs on churches at the hight of the child rape scandal three years ago when it was discovered priests have raped little children and their administration chovered them for decades. Since this scandal the catholic try to make their fellow religious lunatics believe gay men are pediphiles.

We made the right decission. I encourage eveybody to do the same.

One bishop here claims every one turning their back on the catholic church causes pain. Since the catholic also believe pain will clean your soul, you do them a favor. Sort of.

In countries like Spain civil rights activists had to go to court in order to establish an official channel to leave the catholic church.

I love my pretty kittyboy! He is making me happy for 16 years now. We spend time together and we realize, its never enought. We never got into a fight. There is only love and improving ourselves.

Therefore I think the churches are full of hate. You don't need them. All you need is a civil marriage. The rest is up to you everybody.
Posted 9/21/14 , edited 9/21/14
Not everyone is full of hate.

That sex-abuse scandal was the result of a few bad apples. Do you know there are billions of Catholics, millions of priests? Those men obviously weren't doing God's work, and obviously now never should have been ordained. Furthermore, all the priests I've known and met were good men. But that is neither there nor here. The topic is Gay Marriage. I'm not your enemy; I empathize wholly with your distaste for the scandal. It wounded the church greatly, and made it hard to trust. But there are so many more good priests than bad. One I know of is a Colonel and a chaplain in the U.S. Army , the last person you'd accuse of abusing a child.
In any world-wide institution, there are going to be bad apples. There are going to be cops who should never have become cops, doctors, etc. This is nothing new. The psychiatrist at Fort Hood whose name I won't repeat goes on a rampage killing innocent troops.

As for the cover-up, it was a shock, a defensive reflex, so many people couldn't believe it, and heck yeah it was wrong for them to defend those scumbags, but as I said, they don't speak for the majority...but I understand if your personal experience let you away in disgust, I might have I been in your shoes have done the same.

But now I whole-heartily agree, civil separation in hindsight seems the way to go, because if there wasn't a separation there would be one group (likely evangelical fundamentalists) oppressing everyone else.
Posted 9/21/14
I don't believe in gay marriage. Now before anyone gets angry it's only because I don't believe marriage of any type but if people want to get married it's their funeral doesn't matter the gender.
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