God Can Not Know Everything
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Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
EDY:Can you change the thread tile to include the word Know mod? My mistake.

The last thread went on some random tangent, but in reality it was meant to be about a logical proof against omniscience. The argument in the OP formalized is as follows:

1. If you wish to posit the existence of a x as defined by being omniscient then it must be possible to be omniscient.
2. Being omniscient includes knowing the truth value of all possible propositions (arguable depending on definition of omniscience)
3. Thus, x being omniscient includes knowing that x is omniscient.
4. If the truth value of the proposition (1) "x is omniscient" cannot be known by the x, then x cannot be omniscient.
5. Take the proposition (2) "x was created by a more powerful y which gives x the impression that it is omniscient."
6. If (2) is true then x is not omniscient.
7. If (2) is false then x is omniscient.

Question: Is there any x such that x could know the truth value of (2)? If not, omniscience is not possible in this case, and therefore the god from Christianity can not exist if he has to be omniscient.

The last thread strayed far away from the actual topic, so there you go.
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