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why do people like korean dramas?
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24 / F / EARTH (but i do w...
Posted 5/6/08
like seriously! i have ALOT of friends that r like obsess with korean dramas while i find them pretty boring..
i mean i'ts not like i've never given it a chance! in fact i given it PLENTY!
i've seen my girl which i was able to finish till the end ONLY cause i found lee jun ki to b quite a hottie
i tried goong, the drama that everyone's crazy over and i found i VERY boring
i watched full house, realy at 1st it was very good but towards the end it dragged ALOT
i started watching coffee prince but couldn't take it anymore after the 1st 1/2
then i watched a love to kill and the start of the drama just made me shut off my pc
and i really find the krean dramas very original and has no creativitiy!
it's always about poor/werid/optimis girl meet rich/mean/cold hearted guy
and another pair of guy & girl trying to break them up! it's like wat the hell!
\can't they have love tringles? or just 2 people in love?
and why does it always have to have the main 2 character start of hating each other then in the end likeing each other? tha'ts just getting old!

i'm not sure if all korean dramas r like this but that's wat i got fromt eh one's i've seen
so i was wondering is u can suggest GOOD kdrama for me that i might actually like
i heard they are making a korean version HYD. god i hope they don't mess it up!
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30 / F / 619 Diego
Posted 5/6/08
the reason why you find it boring maybe because the story plots are repetitive and cliche!
The korean dramas nowadays are redundant of the previous dramas!

why not give "who are you" a try?
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32 / F / philippines
Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
actually, it really depends on the viewer on how she/he will view the drama..but majority really likes a story of a "fairy tale" romance that's why producers/directors do those kind of stories...

i for one liked all of those you listed..i love watching a strong willed girl meeting up an arrogant rich boy that is the exact opposite of who the girl wants...this is because, it's more realistic for me..opposites attract....even in books that i read, i love those kind of keeps me entertained and that is the main reason why people watch be entertained :)

koreans, japanese, taiwanese and even filipino dramas have used this plot/story alot for how many years's just the execution of the story that is different...if i were to choose among the four, i would definitely choose japanese-korean-taiwanese-filipino in that order...i love watching fast paced stories coz they don't bore me and japanese realy makes short dramas while filipinos make theirs too long and weird (i'm a filipino so i know first hand)..that's why i prefer watching other asian series coz they are unique for me and gives me a fresh breath of air from our regular dramas :)

Posted 5/6/08 , edited 9/21/10
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27 / F / somewhere only we...
Posted 5/6/08
korean drama are way 2 dramatic!
thats why i prefer jdrama more than kdrama....

but da reason some people really into kdrama is bcoz they think that love stories should be like one in the drama..
give me a break!!

i mean..the guy isnt neccesarly have 2 be rich+arrogant+ended up falling 4 the poor girl....
all kdrama's plot are repeated over and over again!

in real life...they are no such dramatic love stories...
wake up!

this is only the piece of my mind..
no offense!
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25 / F / Brazil
Posted 5/6/08
i agree that kdramas are dramatic and most of the old dramas are cliche.. but the newest dramas are really great, the storylines are very original, they do not have that rich+arrogant+ended up falling 4 the poor/cute/girl..
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32 / F / CA
Posted 5/6/08
I would recommend you to watch "On Air" and "Chun-Hyang/Sassy Girl". I guess your personality would like these two kdrama.
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30 / F / Chicago
Posted 5/7/08 , edited 1/22/18
if you like it then you like it
if you don't you don't

sometimes there isn't a reason why you like things...

I like korean dramas cuz I like it.. that's that
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26 / F / U-nkown
Posted 5/7/08
Lollipop I totally agree with youuu !!! I LOVE K DRAMAZ
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24 / F / Batangas City, Ph...
Posted 5/7/08
idk, but now I like jdramas less kdramas.
Posted 5/7/08
like everyone says, it depends on the drama you're watchin', u know.but come to think of it, most of my friends watch Kdrama 'coz of the Korean hotties like Lee Jun Ki, Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo & some banjun drama actors like the guys from DBSK...but anyways, i love Kdrama sooo much!!!!
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28 / F / Zagreb
Posted 5/7/08
i like only kdramas where actors are for example leejunki,Joo Ji Hoon,Kim Jeong Hoon,Gong Yoo etc.

but most of kdramas i seek cause they are too boring and draging.
i think the only kdrama i've watched without seeking was Hong gil dong

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32 / F / philippines
Posted 5/7/08
they know how to touch people's interests..
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39 / F / Trenton, New Jersey
Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/7/08
I can also understand where you are coming from, tired of the love cliches, death cliches, missed meeting cliches.. I had my fill also. There are some dramas out there that try to go into another direction. Evasive Inquiry Agency was a good Kdrama to me, you may like it cuz it has no love story in it. The characters are likable and realistic to me.
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22 / F / Kou-chan's ♡ || B...
Posted 5/7/08
Who is the K-ADDICT?

K-Addict is ‘Korean Drama Addict’ and ‘Korean Movie Addict’ combined into one. She’s someone who is obsessed in learning more about her favorite Korean actors, the Korean culture, and the Korean Language—even politics and tourist spots!!!

A K-addict doesn’t mind what other people would think of her as long as she has the heart to do the thing listed below.

It may refer to me (Kreah ) and it may refer to you, too! ^_^

Show related

She passionately watches Korean Dramas dubbed in their native language, or in cable channels, but will spoil herself by searching available information online like: summaries and reviews.

If she can’t wait for the next day the Drama airs, she’ll watch the episodes in Youtube, download episodes online, or buy DVDs so she can watch it nonstop and be the one to finish first in their neighborhood!

Actors related

Good-looking Korean Stars are big factors why a Drama becomes a favorite for K-addicts. Once that Korean star gets the her attention, she will constantly find information online about that star like his/her birthday, former and current relationships, and news.

A K-addict will also search for pictures and wallpapers, and save it in her computer. She even re-designs these pictures for her own pleasure. :wink:

She will also find what other dramas or movies her favorite actors and actresses starred in, and watch it if she already owns a dvd copy, or a downloaded episode, or avidly watch the dramas in Youtube. Nothing can stop her. :lol:

She is also glued in Youtube, too, watching subtitled interviews, music videos, commercials, bloopers, and concerts.

OST related

Soundtracks play big role for a drama or movie to be a hit. If the official soundtrack of the drama has a good beat, even a K-addict does not understand, this song will attract her to watch the series. The more she hears the song in the series, the more she likes it; especially if the song is played in her favorite parts.

But a K-addict is not contented on just hearing the song being played while watching the series. She will passionately find ways online to have a file of that song. She either buys the album online or downloads it from other sites. Then she’ll save it in her mp3 player, or I-pod so she can listen to it whenever she wants!

And the last thing she’ll do is find its translation and lyrics, and even memorize it!!! :lol:

Her Wishes and Wants

What a K-addict wishes most is to visit South Korea and see her favorite stars live! She wants to take pictures on Korea’s sceneries where her favorite scenes were shoot!!!

If she can’t do that, she’ll pleasure herself by learning Korean culture online and learning the language. She either enrolls in a Korean language course or studies it on her own. Remember she has the passion. Time and effort is nothing for her. If she’s lucky she’ll meet a Korean, and she’ll befriend her so that she’ll have a native teacher!!!

In the back of her mind, she wants to watch dramas and movies without subtitles, someday. :idea:

She will also drop by into a Korean grocery story, if it’s available in their community, to buy Korean products. Never mind the price. :smile:

She will try to know the Korean words/phrases related to love like ‘I love you’, ‘boyfriend’, ‘girlfriend’, and ‘I like you’. Even the simple ‘Thank you’ and ‘Stupid’.

The least thing a K-addict can do, is to get excited on saying Annyonghaseyo, once a Korean is on her way. :smile:

Hey!! What about marrying a Korean guy? and imitating Korean fashion?

Sharing her Passion

Once a K-addict has learned something new, she can’t wait to share it to her fellow addicts. But… but… but… she can even tell these to those who are not interested. Poor girl… she’s really excited to reveal what she just knew. :smile:

A K-addict has a big heart to:

• create a music video of her favorite scenes, and use her favorite soundtrack… upload it in youtube, and tries to get reaction from fellow addicts… whew!!

• visits blogs to check the latest, and comment… comment… and comment…

• write a review, or just randomly share any of her thoughts and post it on her blog or in a forum

• be updated on Korean entertainment news and tries to be the first to spread it to other fellow addicts

• search the hangul lyrics of soundtracks, then she’ll Romanize and translate it herself

• be a moderator in a forum

• design wallpapers of her favorite Korean stars, if she knows of course..

• if she can understand Korean, she subbed it and upload it in youtube

• upload audio and video files so that others can have it, too… :lol:

to long??
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