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Posted 5/6/08 , edited 9/18/08
i found this...and i'm kinda concerned about this (highlighted in red)

from http://nickilo.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/hollywood-movie-shot-in-davao-is-coming-soon/

Do you remember the hoopla about the Hollywood movie shot partially in Compostela Valley a year ago? People went crazy over the actor Josh Hartnett who is about to set foot on Davao soil. The time has finally come. The Hollywood movie “I Come With The Rain” released a 5-minute promo. The film stars Josh Hartnett as an ex-cop turned private investigator who goes to Asia looking for a billionaire’s missing son. He ends up in Hong Kong, where he has to deal with a gangster played by Lee Byung Hyun (soon to be seen in “G.I. Joe”) and a cop played by Shawn Yue who may be more trouble than he’s worth.

The scenes taken from Compostela Valley was adequately featured. I also think that the scenes from Compostela Valley are vital to the plot so I expect a lot of screen time for our very own province in Davao region. But in spite of the international exposure brought about by this film, Davao will suffer the same stigma that is bad publicity. The trailer shows rebels with guns freely walking beside the unpaved road, poverty, witchcraft, murder, lawlessness and under development. Funny, they labeled the place “Mindanao, Philippines” and not Davao or Compostela Valley for that matter. That’s a major misrepresentation of our progressive and modern land.

Still, the movie looks interesting. It looks more like an asian movie with an american lead. It has an indie feel but with cringing cheesy dialogue. I am looking forward to see this film hoping that it will be a boxoffice success worldwide upon its release.

sure it will showcase about davao & mindanao but in a negative way...and this disturbs me. should this be shown to the world? anyway, davao & mindanao is a beautiful & a peaceful place.

"not everything shown on mass media is real unless you've seen it with your own eyes"

EDIT: renamed the title to "I Come With the Rain" Movie not Came by darthjader

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Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/7/08
i've seen it... waahhh.. bakit ganun nga ang pinakita.. bad publicity nga...
Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/18/08
never heard of this until now... Josh Hartnett??

WHERE CAN I WATCH THIS? somebody tell me please...
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