Hard choice..
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Posted 11/16/07
(PS. I repeated this because of the comment that this should go to the Forum Games section.. Thanks for that!)

You were given a chance to get revenge on your rival/enemy who you want gone or did something REALLY, I mean REALLY BAD and EVIL to you.. But it has something in exchange..

Kill your rival=You have to go to hell
Punish/Torture you rival=Your family dies
Send your rival to prison= Your best/closest friend dies
Give your rival his/her desire and let him/her do anything he/she wants to do to you =All your wishes can be granted, but nothing against him/her
Befriend him=You can become very rich
Ignore him= Be tortured and suffer your whole life..
Forgive and forget (only in your mind, not apologizing or whatever..)= Your memories will be taken away from you.. All your possessons will be taken away from you and.. in short, you have to repeat your life all over again..

PS. You won't be saved by doing/saying stuff like 'I'm gonna ask someone else to kill him.." or whatever.. At least when it has something connected to you, this happens, alright?

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Posted 11/17/07
^do we have to choose from those above?
Befriend him^^ I mean really I bet this person is evil but that really bad feeling of befriending my enemy will really bother me a lot!
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Posted 11/17/07
Please add ** in front at the topic when u create new thread in forum games
Posted 11/17/07
i guess i would befriend him..
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Posted 11/21/07
This sounds a bit pointless, sorry.

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