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Posted 5/6/08
Hope you enjoyys :]

Silence had clung itself to the mist that filled the deep forest that morning. The only thing detectable, in the forest's silence, was the light scratching of a pencil striking paper and the birds calling. Lani looked up at the towering trees. Sketching down the shapes and lines of each tree. It had to look perfect, but then agian all of her drawings had to.

Lani had green eyes which were covered by the bangs of her medium length black hair. She had been drawing since grade school. She attended Sketch Academy where she was one of the top students. Lani had tried to get a signature from one of the Masters. If one's artwork had been sign from a Master, their work would be good enough for them to be considered a Master. There were only a few Masters in the area. And there was one Master Lani knew she must get a signature from, Penelope Iris's. Penelope was the first master at Sketch. She was going to be a Fourth Year Student at Sketch so this was Lani's last year to have a chance at becoming a Master honored by Penelope. Summer vacation was slowly coming to a halt. Lani, soon turning fifteen and returning as a Second Year Student, was the youngest of her class. Since Lani was not so popular, she did not share her artwork with the her classmates. In fact she had no friends at all. Even the three most popular girls, in her grade, that were known as Pastels, who thought they knew everyone in the school, didn't know Lani. Being classmates and all, you would think they'd know her. The three girls, Jessie, Amy, and Susie, who were just so popular, weren't very good at art. No one is sure on how they got into Sketch. Many people had thought that they paid their way into Sketch Academy.

Lani had finally finished the sketch of her view of the forest. Rising from her seat, a giant tree stump, she started walking back home. Humming a tune, she noticed something at the corner of her eye. She slowly stopped and turned to see what or who she had spotted. She noticed it was a person. Trying to fight the mist and distance with her eyes, Lani noticed it was a boy about her age. Lani had thought it was strange seen someone in the forest that early in the morning, but then again she was up that early so she ignored that. Something else had come to her attention, Lani noticed that she had never seen him before. And unlike the Pastels, Lani knew most of the people in town. Most had never paid attention to her though. The mist thinned out a little bit and Lani could see him more clearly. He had thin, messy black hair with bangs that nearly touched his eyebrows. He was wearing a black hoodie and dark blue jeans. She stood there looking at him, not knowing why, but she tried to see what he was drawing. His head had not moved since she spotted him out. Lani stood there a bit longer then he turned his head toward her and smiled. Embarrassed for staring, Lani felt a blush appearing in her pale cheeks. She left quickly. For the rest of the day, which seemed to go by very slowly, Lani could only think of the strange boy.

{Strange Boy's POV}
I had finally finished the drawing of bird's nest. Turning to a new page, a saw a girl staring at me from the corner of my eye. A technique one of my former instructors had taught me was how to see things clearly from the corner of my eye. And since my head was down no one could notice where I was looking anyway. Well, I couldn't say she was looking because her bangs covered her eyes. The girl was just standing there, looking. I had decided to draw her, since she was just standing there anyway. She had black hair going past her shoulders. She had on a light blue shirt and a white skirt, blending in with her fair skin. A gentle breeze had blown past her, making her soft hair shift a little. When I had finally finished I turned to look at her. It seems that when I'm looking at her straight on she seems much more elegant. I displayed a smile and it seemed like she blush a bit. I couldn't tell, because she suddenly decided to leave.

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Posted 5/7/08
The alarm clock rang 6:00 a.m. , waking Lani up for the first day of school. A dream of the strange boy in the forest still lingered in her mind. No matter what she was thinking of, it always seemed to lead towards the thought of him. Lani got up and took a hot shower. She had gotten dressed in a green polo and a dark green plaid skirt and put her hair in two pigtails. While eating the breakfast her mom made, Lani tried to pick out one of her best pieces of art. She was anxious to get the signature, if she was even good enough. But Lani had pride in her works, not the type of snobby and stuck up pride, just self confident pride.

"Mom, which one do you think is better?" Lani questioned with a waffle in her mouth while holding up two paintings.

"They're both beautiful, dear."

'Was that all she could say?' Lani asked herself. She finally picked one. She had painted a sunset that summer. It was of a sunset in the forest actually. Lani looked at the clock, it was already 7:30, and she was going to be late. Her school started at 8:00 a.m. but it always took her about 30 minutes just to get to school. Sketch had Basic Classes (the ones you are forced to go to) and Extra Classes (one you choose what you want). Lani looked at her schedule as she lef the house; Period 1 English Arts, Period 2 Art Calculations, Period 3 The Science of Art, Period 4 History of Art, Period 5 The Practice of Art. The her schedule started all over agian with her extra classes; EC1 Charcoal and Graphite, EC2 Painting, EC3 Colors, and her last class EC4 Free Draw. The Extra Classes are referred as EC and then the period. Free Draw was Lani's favorite class, since you were allowed to draw anything you felt like.

"Hey Pigtails! Got some time?" a voice called out, discontinuing her thoughts.

"What?" she asked confused on the fact that someone knew her and that someone called her pigtails. She turned around and saw turned around strange boy she saw a few days ago.

"I said -- " he started out.

"I know what you said, " she interrupted rolling her eyes.

"Then do you? " she questioned catching up to her.

'Great, he seems to fit in just right up there with the Pastels. At least he looks the part.' she thought and just kept walking.

"Aw, come on. If you'd give me your name maybe I wouldn't have called you pigtails, " He said still trying to catch up to her.

"Fine," she said as she finally stopped, "where are you headed?"

His nagging was really getting on her nerves, and the only thing she could be patient about was her art.

"Here, " he said pointing to the map.

Here eyes rolled as a thought came to her mind 'Maybe he is going to be a Pastel, Whoopie'. "Just follow me."

"So can I have your name?" he interrogated.

"How 'bout , no" she answered angrily. Usually she was very nice, but he was really bugging her. She didn't know why though.

"Oh well, I'm Nick," he gestured his hand out just to get rejected.

The walk was long and silent. Then they finally arrived just on time. The first bell had rung, the second bell meant that you are tardy if you weren't in class on time, she explained to him. They walked to the entrance of Sketch. Lani took Mark to the office to get his schedule, then she was of to her first class.

"Welcome to your second year at Sketch. I am Ms. Reed. You should all know your classmates by now, " the teacher said scanning the class. She noticed one desk was empty, "At least for now."

At least for now? What did she mean by that? Lani thought that she would be able to switch with someone else's homeroom. She hated being stuck with the same Pastels for homeroom again. Homeroom was always the same people. 'Three more years with them, joy!' she thought. She knew that money wouldn't get them into Sketch University. The door opened and there he was. Mark was just standing there. 'No it cant be!' Lani though.

"Students this is Nicolas Wolf, he's new to Sketch so is anyone willing to show him around?" Ms. Reed asked.

The Pastel girls were too busy staring at him in awe to hear the teacher's request. Then all of a sudden a weird feeling came over Lani. She let out a sneeze loud enough for the teacher to hear.

"Lani Johnson I expect you know the school very well. Show Nicolas around , okay?" the teacher asked kindly.

"Yes Ms. Reed," Lani mumbled.

Nick had a big grin on his face that Lani just wanted to punch off. "I see you've been following me," he teased.

"Yes, your just so popular aren't you?" Lani asked sarcastically.

Before Nick could answer Jessie, Amy, and Susie practically pounced on him. The teacher didn't really mind what we where doing during class. The Basic teachers were usually pretty carefree, since most of the students had finished English, Science, Math, and History in grade school. Unless they had connections into the school. Other than that most of the students were well educated. Most people sat at there desk though, even though we were allowed to roam the classroom. However Jessie, Amy, and Susie weren't at their desks. They weren't even in desks. Jessie was sitting on Nick's lap which made Lani want to gag. The other two were sitting on some other boys.

"For tonight's homework write a Haiku, you are dismissed," the teacher said when the bell rang.

That gave them ten minutes before the next bell. Each class lasted for about fifty minutes or so. Lani left forgetting that she was supposed to show Nick around. She was so frustrated with him and Jessie together. Lani didn't know why though. For the rest of the day she didn't see Nick or Jessie and the girls. Lani went around the school during the EC3 break, to look for Penelope. She found Penelope crowded with people around her asking for signatures. 'I guess that's one big disadvantage.' Lani thought looking at the people crowding. Penelope and two other Masters walked down the hall, as if there we super models. The again they did deserve all the popularity. There works of art had won a great deal of times. Most masters had finished collage studies by the time high school ended. Lani didn't want money or fame, she wanted to know she was good enough to be titled master.She was determined. Knowing that she wouldn't get her art signed, due to the massive mob, Lani went back to class. School had ended around five, but Lani always stayed to help clean up.

Lani got home at about six p.m. Her mom greeted her as she came in. She was tired from her walk home and decided to take a nap. When she woke up it was about eleven and her mom was already asleep. The air was thick and it was hard to see. Lani started to smell smoke as if something were burning.

{Mark's POV from the morning}

"Honey can you stop by my friend's house to drop this off?" my mom asked.

"Sure, I'll drop it off on my way to school." I replied.

"Thanks hun."

I reached the house it was just about a few blocks away. I rang the door bell and a woman opened it. I gave her the box with some cake that my mom made. She smiled and hugged me, telling me how much I've grown. I felt like I was five again; small, choked, and ignorant to who the hell it was. She thanked me giving my another big hug, and I left. I noticed a girl walking in front of me. She looked like the girl I sketched out Except foe she had pigtails. Later I asked her for directions even though I already knew where to go. It was her! she seemed a bit moody though. Heh, maybe I shouldn't have called her Pigtails. :D

Later I found out the we went to the same school, better yet we were in the same class. This one really annoying girl kept bugging me. She kept trying to kiss me, I think it pissed Lani off or something but she stormed out of the class and I hadn't seen her for the rest of the day.
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Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08
I like it.. it's realistic, and sounds like what can happen in class.. like you ask someone
Oh wat happen?.. and then the guy would say well.... like its a regular thing.. but i bet thinks dont go regular ^^
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Posted 5/21/08
“MOM?!” Lani yelled in a panicked tone.
Her house was on fire! Everything was smoky and it was difficult for her to see through the debris. Lani tried to maneuver through the collapsing pieces of furniture. Tears trailed down her cheek at the thought that she wouldn’t get out. Worst, her mom! She crawled towards her mother’s room to see that no one was in there . Lani checked the rest of the house. But still no sign of her mom. Then she made her way to the living room and saw her mom asleep on the couch. Lani’s mom had been looking at Lani’s artwork again. She had always taken them out and looked over them. Lani rushed over to her mom shaking her intensely. She was still as stone. Frightened, Lani cried on her mother’s chest. She didn’t want to leave her.

BAM! The house was starting to collapse. The sudden noise shocked Lani. Then to her surprise, a fireman broke down the door and three
others rushed in. One fireman picked Lani up and took her out, and another followed with her mom.

“Is there anyone else in the house ?!” Lani heard yells and questions, but she couldn’t answer. People surrounded her house blurred. The smoke was getting to her. Soon darkness came, everyone disappeared, blurred away, leaving Lani in the dark. Her vision had failed her Lani had fainted.


Regaining her vision, Lani slowly opened her eyes. She felt a warm feeling as boy putt a warm cloth on her arm to clean a wound. She couldn’t recall who he was although his face felt familiar. Lani tried to recall what had happen that landed her in this new, unfamiliar space. Lani looked around the room had a cold feel to it. Everything felt alone and separated as if the room didn’t welcome Lani. But the gentle warmth of the boy made up for the unfriendliness of the room. Apparently the boy finally noticed that she was awake.

“Mom! Come in here!” the boy yelled.

“What is it?” a lady said rushing in.

“She’s awake.” the boy said more gently.

The lady gasped and rushed to hug Lani, crying. Lani still couldn’t figure what was going on.

“MOM! Your going to reopen her wound, ” the boy said with much worry.

“Oh, sorry honey!” she said backing off and wiping tears from her face, “Do you remember what happened,

The boy helped her sit up as if he knew she didn’t want to lay a vegatable. Then Lani noticed the fire in the fireplace. Everything rushed in, all the smoke, the fire, her mom. Lani was scared all over again. She grabbed a hold of Nick as if he could save her from the horrible memoirs.

“Shh, everything is fine now,” Nick said gently as his mom put out the fire, “Don’t worry everything will be okay.”

Lani felt save in his arms, she didn’t know why, but she just did. Suddenly tears came streaming down her face. Lani couldn’t keep them in anymore. She sobbed into his shirt making it all wet.

“Aw, now I’m going to get sick since in soaked,” Nick joked kindly.

Somehow that very bad joke brought a small smile to her face.

“W-where I-is my m-mom?” Lani said slowly trying not to cry again.

The joking smile in his eyes disappeared at the thought of the question.
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Posted 5/21/08
…I-I think you should get some rest, Lani,” Nick said trying to change the subject.

“Is she … dead?” Lani asked as she choked down painful tears.

“Of course not! You worry to much. Now I really think you should go to sleep, or else you might get bags,” Nick said in a fake, casual tone.

Nick couldn’t tell Lani what really happened to her mom, he couldn’t stand to see he cry again. He tucked Lani in while she kept asking questions about her mom. The he slowly walked out and darkened the room. Lani, now locked up in a prison, kept trying to reminisce the night before. She also tried to figure out where she was. Then Lani remembered, the strange lady who had just left the room was her mom’s best friend, Allis Wolf. And this was probably her house. The she tried to think of the fire. She kept seen her mothers still body just laying there. Then Lani suddenly remembered her artwork laying on the table by her mothers lifeless body. All of this was because Lani always wanted to know what her mom thought about her pieces. Hatred surged trough Lani. If only she never picked up a paint brush, if only she stopped painting when her father told her to. That very moment when all her hate ran trough her she wished she never painted.

“Stupid, stupid!” Lani whispered harshly to herself, “It’s all my fault.”

She decided that she wouldn’t wait any longer. Lani needed to find her mom. She needed to know. So she slowly got up, even though he legs were still weak and she could barely stand. “I’ll just lean against the wall.” Lani thought. She felt her way towards the door and slowly opened it. Lani started to sneak off into the long, narrow hallway when all of a sudden the door slammed shut behind her. She turned around hoping it was the wind. There he was. Like a stalker, or at least Lani thought so.

“Where do you think your going?” Nick said as if he were a parent catching the child in the process of sneaking out.

“I-I’m claustrophobic,” Lani stammered out the excuse as she twitched, “I was suffocating in there.”

“Get back in there! That room is bigger than this corridor,” Nick yelled worried that Lani would trip or something.

“You can’t make me!”

“Oh, yes I can!” Nick said as he picked Lani up and threw her over his shoulder, “Your going back in there and your going back to sleep.”

“Put me down! Stupid! Garhh!” Lani screamed.

“What the hell!” Nick yelled and dropped Lani because she bit him. By now it was obvious that Lani hated Nick.

By now Lani had gotten her energy back and she was ready to fight. Suddenly, Nick’s mom rushed to them with two maid who had acknowledged her about the screaming. After Nick and Lani told her what happened, nosily, she made them each sit back-to-back as she scolded them. They felt like they were in grade school again. Time-out. Nick’s mom lectured him about dropping Lani even though Lani was the one who bit him. Then, before Lani’s smirk could set in, his mom lectured her about playing rough and still being weak.

After the lectures were over Lani asked to see her mom so Nick’s mom told him to take Lani to her mom. So he did.
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