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Posted 5/6/08
part 2 .hope everyone enjoy it
Its already 7.50 pm , the street lights already switched on but still the snow haven’t stop ,covering the whole city like a huge blanket .
There not much that I can do that time ,the girl that sit beside me already asleep like a baby.

I take quick look at her when she was sleeping soundly ,
She was wearing a typical black suit and a white scarf with purple lines at the end of it. The hair is brown and her skin is rather white like the snow, from her appearance she look as the same age as me.

Those looks plus with the crystal blue eyes , she look more like a angel than a normal person.
“Sigh” like I know how angel would look .

A few minutes later…… ,

She awoken by the sound of snow falling from the roof of the bus stop and find something rather odd on her lap ,a jacket . She see me walking from the vending machine near the bus stop with two coffee can in my hands.

“Is this your’s” asking about the jacket on her lap.
I simply nodded and sit back.” you kept shivering while sleeping”explaning
.Good thing that i wear 3 layer of clothes that day.It seem than I am better with weather than Japanese Meteorology expert .
“Here, take this. on the house”give her the coffee,
“Thank you Aniki ,it is warm” she place the can near her cheek .A warm smile appear on her face that keep my body temperature up on that cold & snowy day.

Sipping the coffee ,I trying my best effort keeping my body warm.
My left arm already feeling numb cause by the cold weather.unable to move it even a feel like hundred needles being stabbed at once. The pain is unbearable for me to express it .

A warm feelings touch my numb arm suddenly ,she’s gently holding my numb arm and near it almost 2 cm from her face .Although all her face was covered ,I could see her mouth moving almost she chanting something to my numb arm .

“All finish”she said that with a smile .
‘finish…?’that come to my mind .what is it that finish ?.When I move my arm it feel so light .Weird? where all the numbness before gone ? ,did she do something to my hand.
“It a secret” smile naughtily ,slowly lifted her index finger, and placed it on her own lips .
Like she already known what questions I’m gonna be asking.

Finally the snow has stop . The street empty without any vehicles passing by which are lights from the glim street lights bulb. I was about to walk off, when I sensed a soft tug on my arm.

She was pulling my sleeve with her finger.the tug was very soft like a touch of a newborn baby . Was it that she did not want me to leave?.or she uncomfortable with the jacket that I lend her ?

A small voice pierce through my ears,

“Can you walk me home”
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