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Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/7/08
Tip #1: Draw from mangas/anime/other people.

You'll learn to develop how manga/anime looks, and is drawn.
Just be sure to develop your own style as you draw. or people you copied from will go >>

Tip #2: As you develop, remember to draw everything.

Because if you spend all your life drawing faces, you'll have chacters with awesome faces, but... not-so-great bodies. xD
Tip #3: Possibly the most important tip. Don't get discouraged!

No ones started out being able to draw perfectly! (*cough* Picasso... *cough*) No matter what anyone says, "Just keep drawing!"
Posted 5/7/08
Get Manga Studio Ex...
It is a paid software, but you can find it on google and download it for free if you are resourceful enough....
It is one good software to get started...It has ready-made tones, basic backgrounds such Japanese schools....towns and such....

They have pens that manga artist use too....G-pen, school pen...
I have yet to do a manga with the software yet...but I have a few examples of one page manga drawn and illustrated in manga studio EX....and you will find it very similiar to hand drawn manga by professional manga artist out there....

Posted 5/10/08
-Copy different styles (not trace) in order to get better, and form your own.
-Practice lots.
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Posted 11/14/08
yup the only thing i can tell you is LEARN ANATOMY when you do this drawing bodies will get easier
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Posted 11/14/08
Practice Practice Practice!
work with what your most comfortable with.
let others criticize you in order to get better.
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Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
Here's my manga tips

And here's some rather interesting manga manga tips
Posted 2/27/09
let see my tips are, if there are ppl that you knows draws too you can have discussion with them on how they draws there character(doesn't mean you copy there idea)
uh what else.. to draw the body i guess you can learn the puppet looking thingy i dunno what it was call or using the measurement of the head to calculate the the body part dunno you any of you know about that one
i dunno what else but u can message me and i will help you out
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