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Greatest NBA Player
Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/7/09
There is no "greatest" NBA player. All players play in different positions in different eras so it's hard to say. If you want to talk about who's the most influential player of all time then it has to be Michael Jordan.
Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/9/09
Kareem Abdul Jabar!!
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Posted 12/14/09 , edited 12/14/09
Forget lists everyone nows Air Jordan is the best...
tough love black mamba
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Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/22/09
well all-time, theres just going to be way too much debate cuz there have been so much godly players over the years.
for ex., shaq was a beast in his rookie years in orlando, but now hes just like my grandpa.

but i guess RIGHT NOW december 22, 2009.
the best in each position is probably

PG: Chris Paul (Steve Nash and Deron Williams are up there too.)
for the Allen Iverson fans, im sorry but he really shouldnt be playing basketball. he shouldnt have came back on the 76ers. check out stuckey breaks iverson's ankle vid on youtube.

SG: Kobe, no doubt. I can't really think of anyone that comes close to his level in that position. O wait, actually Dwayne Wade is up there too. But I think Kobe is still a better all around player. Dwayne Wade has been becoming a better 3-pt shooter though.

SF: Lebron . He really is the next Michael Jordan. Carmelo is doing a fine job as well, leading the league with like what 31ppg? thats pretty ridiculous.

PF: RIGHT NOW, imma go with tim duncan.
I know im going to hear a lot of, omgg he is soo oldd. but in the first couple months of the season, hes been playing like hes in his early twenties. He's probably going to be overtaken by the end of the season by players like KG and maybe even Carlos Boozer, but so far, hes my best pick.

C: hmm this one was hard but imma have to go with Dwight. It's really close though. Its either him or Amare, but Dwight IS the reigning defensive player of the year.
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Posted 12/28/09 , edited 12/28/09
Michael Jordan without doubts.
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Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/3/10
Larry Bird from the Boston Celtics
Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/4/10
Michael Jordan is probably the most skilled basketball player too join the NBA. However the best player in my eyes is Kareem!

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Posted 1/7/10 , edited 1/8/10
Magic Johnson with out a doubt.
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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/8/10
....koba and jordan are soo clutch when the game is me Lebron still have to prove it (although 2008 Olympics was a great win)...u can be a good baller but basketball is a team sport he's gotta get his team together lets go Cavs lets get the championship win 2010

so i think its in no particular order
Kidd (cuz im a fan) =P
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Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/14/10
Michael Jordan
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Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/24/10
Michael Jordan
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Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/14/10
i gotta say LEbron is da best palyer rite now but i think kobey has more exp then lebron cause hes older but lebron is rlly young n hes learning still n i think kobey n leborn is better then mj
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/23/10
Michael Jorden
Dwayne wade
Kobe bryant
Larry bird
Magic Johnson
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Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/7/10
larry bird
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Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10
Micheal Jordan was the best of all time
and Kobe comes in at a close 2nd.
Statistics keep the other people switching places, but the first two will never move
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