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Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/7/08
Well...wad do i mean by Duty? Simple, its our duty to do God's will.

Here's a story that touched me.
It may not be a True story, but its just an example.

One day, Jesus was holding a Signpost.He approached a small little boy, and asked the boy,

Jesus: Could you guard this Post for Me?

Boy: Sure Thing Mister!

Jesus: Thank you.Guard it, so that when people see the post,they may know where I am.

Boy: Don't worry,i'll guard it until You come back.

Jesus: Thanks.

The boy held on to the Signpost,and just stood there. People passed by him, asking him "Where is this Jesus guy?" and he showed the Signpost to the people, and the people went to the direction the post pointed to. Each time this happened, the boy became even more happier,for he knew he was doing the right thing.

But as time flew, Jesus never came. But the boy remained faithful and kept his promise. Even as the seasons went by, and each time the weather was horrible, he still stayed still.

After all these obstacles,the boy still managed to hold on to the Signpost.Tired and Weary.
But,in the end the boy let go of the Signpost and fell on the floor.
While on the floor, He was reminded of the promise he made with Jesus,so he picks himself up and continue to guard the post despite his weariness and tiredness.

The boy cried and kneeled down,waiting...Suddenly, Jesus came and saw the boy, and Jesus said,

Jesus: Oh my, You must have gone through so much....

Jesus also started to cry as he opened His arms wide,and the boy ran into his arms, and Jesus said

Jesus: There There...You are okay now, because I'm here. Now stay with me Forevermore...

You can watch this on video btw, Here's the link

Yeah...well basically, the boy could mean Each and Everyone of Us. By telling the people Jesus went This way or That way, it could mean dat we are leading people to Christ.

The boy kept his promise and remained faithful. And so can we! we can remain faithful too!

The boy could ahve just abandon the Signpost and wander off and forgetting Jesus. But he didnt.
Despite all the tough times, the boy still persevered.

James 1:12

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial,because when he has stood the test,he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.

Hope this topic helps some of you guys who are facing obstacles in your life. =)
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Posted 5/7/08
wow...such a touching video.........i tried to held back my tears because my helper and brother are there at the sofa,watching me use the really is so touching.......this topic could really help the others.....
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Posted 7/11/08
yah...keep our faith in him...and he'll surely be with us till the end of everything...
remember,he never neglected us,he can't.The only ones who neglects is we,ourselves >__<..
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