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21 / F / I think I forgot O_o
Posted 5/7/08
So what do you think about being emo? well for me it's kinda COOL I like emo very much
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Posted 5/22/08
I agree I like beening emo to, no one bugs ya there all creeped out. plus who wants to hang with a suposivly emostional rec?
Posted 6/11/08
i enjoy being emo
i mean people could judge all they want
but as they say 'you should never judge a book by its cover'
Posted 6/24/08
people can judge all they want, it still exists and i'll still continue to be called it
i ain't emo cuz i don't want an infection because i am allergic to most shots and insulins known to man
and i don't feel like dieing, there are a lot of people i need to kill before then
i like not having people bother me at school, its less of a hassle
my friends who are guys and girls say i have the potential to be one of the preppiest, prettiest girls in school
but i just rlly don't care
plus, if u rlly like a person, it shouldn't matter how they look, nor how they seem, u have to actually talk to them and judge for yourself ^_^
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23 / F / In darkness'...op...
Posted 6/30/08
Emos are not that different from others. They just feel something really deep most of the times. That doesn't make them a weirdo right? I mean, emos are humans for crying out loud!!! We just see through things differently.

Someone just discriminated me because I was part of the Emo Supporters Group. I'm not a total emo but I support them. I just "occasionally" become one most times when I'm alone or my feelings about a certain problem becomes too strong to overcome.
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