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27 / M / following in the...
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08

japine wrote:

I wrote this one myself. It's not that good.

I lose all senses as soon as I see you,
Why is it that my heart stays in your hands?
Your forgetful & hurtful yet with just a smile I seem to come back,
I'd like to fall in your arms if it were possible,
Would it be ok if i held you?
Is it ok if i kissed you?
It seems my words haven't yet reached you,
Is it ok for me to love you?

that is a good pretty heart felt poem
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
What is love?
Is love like a rose that turns bright red
or the night sky that is so dark
Does love make u feel like u can fly
or will it make u feel like ur going to die
Does love sound like a peaceful forest
or a tree falling down
Does love always stay
or will it go away
What is love?

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31 / F / infRont Of yOu!!!
Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
* yOu aRe speciaL *

eVeRy speciaL mOmeNts tHat we'Ve sHaRed tOgetHeR
it giVes uS stReNgth aNd wiLL tO gO On...

eVeRy speciaL days tHat we'Re tOgetHeR
it makes uS ouR days bRigHteR...

eVeRy speciaL tiMes tHat yOu'Re witH us
it makes uS ReaLize tHat we'Re Happy!

eVeRy speciaL hOuRs tHat we see eacH OtHeR
it makes uS OuR day cOMpLete!

eVeRy speciaL miNute tHat we saw yOu
it makes Us wOndeR wHy we haVe yOu...

aNd eVeRy secONd tHat we kNOw
yOu aRe aLways tHeRe fOR us...
it makes uS ReaLize tO tHaNk GOd...
hOw Lucky we aRe haViNg yOu aROund...
haViNg a speciaL yOu iN OuR heaRts
fOR Us tO LoVe aNd be LoVed.


this is just a simple poem i made by myself...yet very special for me...
coz it's for my mom and dad which is far from us(my siblings)

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28 / F / HoUsE
Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/18/08
~ ThE sAdDeSt PaRt~

You can never teach a guy
to love thw way you want to be loved...
You have to wait for him to do it
in his own time...
that's the saddest part of being a WoMaN.

But you can never teach a girl
to love the guy back the way
she did before if she already grew tired
and fed up understanding
and waiting to be appreciated
and loved the way she deserves to be loved...
that's the saddest part of being
an insensitive MaN.
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
LOL...this is a poem i just made up....right at the moment.....please dont be too harsh..
without you,
The world is nothing but an illusion
everything are nothing but pictures

inside my broken heart of fission
i can clearly see the world without future

without you,
the light of my soul will got to hell
coldness will leak out quietly

For i am nothing but a broken shell
i know i must accept it silently
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/7/08
Did it out of boredom. I just wanted to post something... This is going to be a bit different from the other poems... I think. Because I tried to make this poem something that tells a brief story... just... read and stuff...

Four Members in a Marching Band

Four members in a marching band
Standing tall, hand in hand
Walking forth, always sure
Looking forward to an unknown future

Four members in a marching band
Always together
Allies and companions
Forever and ever

Four members in a marching band
One member with locks of chocolate
And another with crimson orbs
Decided their love was fate

Four members in a marching band
One member with blonde hair
Stood and watch the lovers still
And said it was unfair

Four members in a marching band
One member with lavender eyes
Stood still and watched the blonde
Wished that the blonde’s love for her friend, she could defy

Four members in a marching band
The blonde walked over to his ally,
The boy with crimson eyes
And told him he should die

Four members in a marching band
The blonde stabbed his dear ally
Right through the heart
And tore the brunette and him apart

Three members in a marching band
The brunette cried at the bloodshed
The blonde walked over
And stabbed her dead

Two members in a marching band
The blonde laughed at what he had done
He sat there laughing
Everything gone

Two members in a marching band
The lavender eyed girl walked over to the blonde
Everything ended with a blade and all her might
In just a single night

One member in a marching band
The lavender eyed girl with a knife in her hand
Left final footprints on fine sand
And died by her own hand

Zero members in a marching band
Bloodshed and murder
Under the silver moonlight
Happened in one fine night


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25 / F / HIDDEN in the SHA...
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/16/08
pain of a broken hearted\

i don't want to shed tears,
i dont want to show my fears
i don't want to stumble
but still, i fell.

loving like giving,
sharing like forgiving.
i loved you nevertheless
even if you're worthless

you stepped on me,
you just played me
now can i even consider
my feelings for such a player?

you promised to keep me
but instead you killed me.
i'm emotionally bleeding
and you proved you're nothing.

I want to forget,
Everything that I regret.
Even if it kills me softly,
At least it will leave me tenderly.
But the hardest thing,
I still love you for something.
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