Care of Magical Creatures
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Posted 5/7/08
Good day, to you, class. I've always thought teaching doesn't suit me at all.. Well, I'm already here, besides, I look a beast myself, this shouldn't be very hard. Heh.

For introductions: I am Professor Tonks, probably you're wondering how an idiot like me became a professor..

I guess you won't be asking about what Care of Magical Creatures is all about. It's all in there. "CARE" of Magical Creatures. You can always check the about what the word "CARE" is all about..

We won't just be discussing about how to take care of it, though.. How will you take care of them if you don't know what the creature is? Well, you could be like Malfoy who gets attacked by a rampaging Hippogriff.. which I would be happy to watch.

First, we will tackle all the "X" (single marked) creatures.. or Boring creatures that the Magizoologists classified. We will take this discussion up to the "XXXX" creatures, which is known as a Wizard killer or those creatures who cannot be trained.

After you've mastered all of it. Then, probably, it's time for you to learn about the Dark Creatures.. which you should be ready.

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