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Posted 5/8/08 , edited 7/14/08


hey yall wat up i finally changed my profile to a new band... YEAH!!!! n_n
ok this time im doing Tokio hotel. yes the for the 18th millonth time lol but yall understand. ok im going to do every thing like i useally and if u are on here alot there is a lot more to know!!!!!!

the band!!!
A band from germany (no not from Japan). Why they call thereselves tokio hotel...... because they can DUH!!! lol no nono they love big citys so Tokio<----(german spelling) and why not tokyo it awesome. and hotel because of there extreme amount of traveling. dont know how they do that but they do. before hand they were Devilish which was very fitting but this one works just as good if not better.
they are also Germanys biggest exports like Hannah Montana and the jonas brothers but better. but anything from germany so good

the music!!!
the reason why they are so famous and well known. music that speaks to you. it can make you laugh, cry, and even give you a new prospective on the world. there music in german, there native tounge or in theyre newly released english album is worth listening to. even if you dont understand any thing the meledy and the felling and pass
Posted 9/2/08
someone posted a forum post in a certain grp that tokio hotel are made up of emo members and they looked like gayers. im a major yaoi fan..go figure ^^
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Posted 9/7/08
i got hooked by tsukiko.....thanks babez i luvs u for getting me high on tokio hotel!!!
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