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Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/9/08

*MOE - taku Signatures*

♦How do I get one?

→Each member of MOE - taku will automatically have one (1) siggy customized with thier name and user link. You can choose on the following siggys below. Carefully choose cause you'll only get one siggy for now.

→Upload at least 5 pics in our group photos (*Only apples for the 1st siggy*)

→Send a PM (private message) to punkvolume1 including which siggy you would like me to edit for you and the name you would like me to put. *Be sure your a member though. ^^v*

♦How do I get more?
→ If you want to have more here's how it goes.
•You can request for one (1) siggy each time you enter MOE - taku's "Featured" Event (w/c happens every week.)
• If you are the 1st placer for the week, you will recieve the current week's Feature Siggy. *So that makes two (2)*

•Members who already have 5 or more siggys can request
for their own Original Siggy. (*Only 1 though*)
~PM punkvolume1 for more info.~

→ More siggys will be posted from time to time.

♦ List of Signatures:

•C.C. Siggy

•Smiling Siggy

•Angel Siggy

•Saber Siggy

•Red Hair Siggy

•Yuri Siggy

•Naruto Siggy

•Ichigo Siggy

•Hitsugaya Siggy

•Priestess Siggy

•Haruhi Siggy

•Pink Hair Siggy

•Luffy Siggy


•Chibi Gundam Siggy

•RifleGirl Siggy

•Allen and Lavi Siggy
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