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Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/9/08
Hi ,

Since there isnt a topic about this. I hope its gonna be approved and also that other people will share their unique art =).

I just want to show my signatures that i made untill now. I know its not much but atleast i enjoyed making these =).

Oh i made these with photoshop cs3 and im the full owner of these signatures. so please no ripping thanks

Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/9/08
Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/9/08
hmm yeah but that one is like not real designs those picutures are just like edited, and not made like my photoshopping skills :). But i made this toppic for like REAL hardcore photoshopping like gaming, wallpapers, designs etc.
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Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/9/08
Yeah. Well, its ok. I dont liked the mask parts/clone (whichever tool you used, eg. Mario face, Gorilla dude, Kakashi..) Makes it look like you made a mistake.
Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/9/08
euhm i just smudged with those signatures. allthough i must say some are dark and some are light but so what at least i made something that i think is nice. but it could be better thats true. but thats why people can give their opinion about it
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/9/08
hmmm ok im gonna make some new ones, and see wha tthe outcome may get or be
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