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Post Reply Will there be a secnd season??
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Posted 3/25/10 , edited 3/25/10


Well, straight and simple, I'm a recent Jun fan! :)

I was looking for any Happiness forum (if not a Jun fan club) on AnimeSuki (none!!) so I'm glad I found one here! I hope this is the general topic where most the traffic is, if not then steer me right please!

I'm just too busy surviving my job to hunt and read light novels or manga as much as I'd like so I'm going by just what the anime says about Happiness. Skipping the unsubbed eps on YouTube, I got up to the OVA where Jun turns into a bio-girl and turns back by magic.

My question is, is this the way it's left or is there a hint that Jun is actually a magical girl/boy now, or can he turn into a magical girl by wearing that costume in future eps? It seemed funny to me why he should be given that mage costume just for a one ep stand, almost like that's going to be a new future alter-ego. also, even tho' Jun was kind of prodded to turn back into a boy(?) I kind of wonder which side of the fence he's really on! If he can regularly turn into a real girl by magic in future eps (since it seems magic always lingers in you in most anime), that'd sure make things real complicated for guys at school!! :D

Last, I'd like to know your picks of a real-life Jun from the Japanese crossdressing shows on YouTube. Man, I can't believe some of tween and teen crossdressers on those shows! Awesome wins!! I wouldn't even feel funny about asking one to the prom!! Seriously!!

Thanks for keeping this forum stroked!


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Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/30/11
Maybe not? But i guess i'll love to have a second season too, i want to see Yuuma using his magic more and cute Yuuma X Haruhi moments!
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Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/13/11
i wish there would be, heh. sorry. this is still my favorite anime and i will keep rewatching it but if there is, and ur sure of it, LET ME KNOW!!!! >:O
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Posted 3/12/12 , edited 3/12/12
if the don't create a second season then all the fans are gonna get mad !
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Posted 3/16/12 , edited 3/17/12
I would buy the DVDs for certain if a second season is made.
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