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EVE Online
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37 / M / Behind you!
Posted 11/16/12
Don't waste your time, its a game full of hard core pansies that get butthurt when they they lose to a titan able to track their little itty-bitty ships so they whine to get them nerfed...but same hard core pansies like attacking the easiest players whose sole excuse to be playing the game is they pay to be targets (the PVE player is basicly abused by the PVP player and is given no respect). Doesn't have to be titans that are the problem, its just the players and how they whine that "X is not risky". Basicly, the human element likes to engage easy to destroy targets, but doesn't like getting destroyed in return...go figure as its the same behavior those PVE players complain about from the PVP players. The human element likes to calculate a risk factor calculated in "isk" (in game currency) at the cheapest cost to them, the more isk they destroy with the cheapest ship to them the bigger their ego/erection gets...until their ego is shot down by titans or CCP increases CONCORD response time in highsec (the NPC "guards" of the game in the "safe-ER zone" as you are never truely safe anywhere but logged off or docked up, never protect but they always punish)...eve online needs to remove the isk factor and everytime your ship is destroyed...you lose skill points everytime as punishment for failing (skill points are like experience points in your common RPG, but instead of destroying monsters to accumulate they in real time regardless of playing). If you know what a Strategic Cruiser is and how you lose skill points when its destroyed...those rules should apply to every ship but the shuttles and starting frigates. God that would be glorious, because as you pay to play the game you aquire those skill points and throw money away at the same time...you cannot calculate cheap thrills because when you engage someone you will lose something worth more thats difficult to replace then "isk" and easy to calculate "risk-less" thrills to you.

^-- tl;dr aspect : When you undock, you should lose something you cannot calculate and should be subject to manditory risk...you cannot calculate whats ok for you to lose, avoid possible risk to yourself, then go destroy a massive crappy Hulk in a destroyer (Hulks are mining ships, EASY to destroy last I played). Imaging losing 3 frigates and a cruiser in just a few hours of play...but being set back 2 weeks of real time valued at about $7 USD (half the price of a 30 day subscription per month) because you lost the skills to fly them...yeah that is more hardcore then the bully rewarding daycare center that is EVE online. Basicly...losing skill points is the most valuable thing in the game...and it should hurt when you lose, not what is acceptable to lose "flying what you can afford" <-- stupid punchline for a bunch of pansies.
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24 / M / San Diego, CA
Posted 11/17/12
currently getting back into it, just re-started my subscription (:
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26 / M / Edinburgh
Posted 2/18/13
Same I've been playing for a while though.
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Posted 3/21/13
Been playing for about 2 years... only payed $20 for start up fee, it's literally f2p for me right now until they start nerfing PI after DUST fully releases.
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Posted 4/13/13
Well if anyone wants a 21 day trial use my buddy link! :


If you like and play alot you can easily make the game free to play for yourself. And the new expansion comming out soon looks amazing
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29 / M / US-NW
Posted 8/4/13

Reiter01 wrote:

Don't waste your time, its a game full of hard core pansies that get butthurt when they they lose to a titan able to track their little itty-bitty ships so they whine to get them nerfed... ...and it should hurt when you lose, not what is acceptable to lose "flying what you can afford" <-- stupid punchline for a bunch of pansies.

^^ Posts like this are why I keep playing ^^

Im an avid eve player and junkie. IMO the inherent difficulty in EVE is finding a good corporation with an active community in and out of game.
I would very much enjoy to start a CR-EVE community.

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27 / M / Goshen, IN
Posted 8/27/14
i just started the tiral, toutorial is extremely long. love the all out pvp war type senario that eve has set up. i'm probably going to be playing this for a long time. would definately join a CR-EVE community
Posted 8/28/14 , edited 8/28/14
I want a fantasy equivalent! Been trying Archeage, its a bit to easy, but worth playing for a little bit.. Hoping maybe Pathfinder will be the one, its in early alpha but they have the right mindset for what makes a good game from their kickstarter campaign..
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Posted 4/6/15 , edited 4/6/15
i dont barge into these often, (i actually was looking to create a newpost for asking ppl to join my group), but so much of this thread...oi!

first off,i beg to differ that you cant make decent looking avatars.

http://1drv.ms/1JgjV3a (a variant of above)

As to other things all things EVE, its a sandbox. you can do whatever you want really.
you want to mission? mission
you want to mine? mine
you want to explore the deepest parts of space unknown? by all means do
you want to hole up in a station staring at numbers and trade all day? have at it.
Want to build stuff from small items and sell them to ships and starbases? yes, yes you can, and people WILL buy them!
you want to blow carebares up and become public enemy number 1? there is absolutely nothing to stop you from doing this (except expect to be blown up by concord and several other ppl afterwards, unless your in low or null sec)
unlike many other games it is so open ended. yes it has missions, yes it has epic arcs, and starter missons, and agents that give you seemingly the same set of missions from another corp, but thats where the game's relations to *cough* WoW end. everything else is up to you to decide what you want to do in the game.

The game, like wow, has a market, where you can buy and sell S*t, but that is where its relation ends.
The market is entirely player driven. all prices are set by players, all items (except the test server) are bought and sold by the players, and no region has exactly the same stuff. whats available in tash murkon (a "mining town" in amarr space outside of amarr) is not not going to be readily available in lonetrek (caldari space), and well...jita (caldari central trade hub) has nearly everything ^_^

Trade hubs
Jita, largest trade hub - The Forge region, Caldari
Amarr, major trade hub - Domain region, Amarr
Rens, major trade hub - Heimatar region, Minmatar
Dodixie, major trade hub - Sinq Laison region, Gallente
Hek, major trade hub - Metropolis region, Minmatar
tash isnt listed, but tash 2 is quite large on its own. its the difinitive trade hub for the tash region, and serves the need for not having to run to amarr for stuff, esp when getting out of amarr is sometimes tricky (like jita space).

i cannot stress enough but what you do is entirely up to you.

however after nerfing they have geared it more towards combat now than industry (though you can still make a killer by building/selling), and you cannot make the income you used to with mining (much to my sadness)

For the pve folks, missioning is where its at. mission claw/grind your way to level4 missions, and your essentially set for income as lvl4 brings the most income per mission.

its disturbing how much people dis eve because its not wow and or its too hard for them .

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Posted 1/15/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads locked
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