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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/8/08 , edited 9/29/08
As I've said, I write multiple stories at once, why? It's complicated....
Anyways, this story is one I'm still learning how to write. So far, it involves mecha, strategy, brain'll read this, and than later when your thinking about what you just read and how the character's did what they did, you'll be like: "THAT WAS F***ING AWESOME?!" or "WTF?!"
If I don't get the first part done today, I'll most likely get it done by tomorrow.

(Some people may not want to read this part, but it's a message to flamers who are thinking of flaming)

Oh right, here's the legal stuff: "This is a work of fiction, any relation to things real or other works are entirely coincidental and are not intentional."


I just one of my old Ikumi drawings, her eye-patch is on her left eye. But in the description I said her right eye was covered. XD
...Since I'm too lazy to fix my mistake, Ikumi's right is the one with the eye-patch! X__x;;


The story:
The story revolves around characters, Souji and Ikumi. Also known as: Weiss and Nero.
At the beginning of the story, Ikumi, a 17 year old high school student who wears an eye-patch over her right eye, is forced into a life or death situation, where she sells her humanity for the power of gods. As time goes on, Ikumi's humanity slowly becomes consumed by the God's Tome, the more she uses it's abilities, which range from telekinesis to illusions and mind control. She plans on using the power within the God's Tome, to exact her revenge on a group of people who were the ones who exiled her, tried to kill her, killed someone important to her, and made her lose her eye.
On the other side, is Ikumi's friend; a 17 year old high student, Souji. A former soldier in Empress Kuumia's personal guards, failed a mission, causing the deaths of the entire royal family other than Kuumia. Exiled himself from the capital. He now fights against Nero as Weiss, believing Nero to be nothing but a murderer...

Story so far:

Phase 1:
-Souji tests out the new MK. 303 with outstanding results.
-Ikumi first notices Ellis' presence.
-While coincidentally meeting with Nagi and Yumi, a terrorist attack occurs nearby.
-Ikumi and Souji are separated, Ikumi is taken amongst the hostages through the confusion.
-The military arrives to combat the terrorists.
-Souji informs the CO that they are unable to meet the terrorist demands.
-The CO orders all troops to move in, Souji, not part of the unit, is left out of the operation.
-Ikumi escapes when an explosion goes off nearby.
-Ikumi is trapped between being shot to death, or falling to her death.
-Ellis appears before Ikumi, and offers her a deal.
-Ikumi makes the deal, the mark of the covenant appears in her dead eye.
-Ikumi gains the God's Tome, but uses the eye instead to kill her captors.
-Mai, another God like Ellis goes down to the world of the living to retrieve Ellis and find her destined person.
-Ellis explains herself as a god of this world.
-Ellis and Ikumi unearth Sleiphnir, a very powerful mecha that was created long ago.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08
(Here we go, part 1 of episode 1...
For the record, the technical data was me if things don't add up. )

The feel of the controls of the Mk. 303 felt different than those of the older Mk. 202. But it also felt the same. Same trigger, same arm controls, same leg controls, body, camera, lots of things. "It's not really that different from the 202." He said to himself.
"Hey, Souji, don't space out in there." The operator called over the comm link on the dash board.
"Heh." Souji scoffed, "Who do you think you're talking to?" He responded in a cool way.
"Yah, are the systems in the 303?"
Souji pressed a few buttons, which displayed a screen on the front, "All green. No abnormalities on my side." He closed it.
"Same here. Alright, all systems check for a field test with that thing."
"Huh?" It was the first he heard of this. The elevator started moving up, Souji didn't feel the shaking feeling like he did with the 202. "Anything I should know about?" Souji started preparing the inner systems for combat.
"Your going to be engaged in a mock battle against an unknown amount of enemies using older models. The Mk. 303 is outfitted with a lot of new equipment not used in older models, like the retractable wheels on the feet."
"That'll increase my mobility and speed won't it?" He firmly grasped the controls and waited.
"Yah, but control might be a problem. Which is why the wheels are retractable. Also we inputted more durable armor plating around the cockpit...doesn't mean it won't break though. Just it'll take more to break it."
"Anything else??"
"You'll find that out as you go along."
The gates of the elevator opened, the first thing Souji saw through the main camera was a life-size model of a battle-scarred city. Higher ups never wanted to fix it...since most battlefields will look something like this. "Oh, Souji...remember that unit is still in the prototype stage, so try not to break's very expensive."
"I got it, I got it." Souji stretched a little. "Alright, switching to combat mode." The wheels came out from the sides of the feet, it spread it's legs apart. The boosters started to activate, it was starting to move forward. Souji's brain started to go to work:
'The Mk. 202 is built like an upgraded tank, they're best suited for long range and mid range combat, close range is avoided if possible. Still, only a fool underestimates an enemy simply through data alone. The current equipment on this thing is an assault rifle with paint-grade ammo and a small forearm shield that can be used as a knuckle-guard, no blades huh. This thing has some non-combat equipment I can use to my advantage too...I'll have to use everything at my disposal. I can't assume that the stronger unit will be able to defeat a bunch of older models.' Souji had the technical data figured out, and still no movements detected on the 303's radar. 'If they haven't moved yet, than theres a possibility they set a trap for me somewhere.'s a game of cat and mouse eh. Only the cats are lying in wait for the mouse to appear. So the mouse must think like the cat, and therefor...become the hunter instead of the hunted.' The 303 equipped it's assault rifle. It took a sharp right turn under a train track bridge. It was a good enough hiding spot. He let his head rest on his knuckle while his elbow rest on the armrest of the cockpit chair. "A rule of combat is to know your enemy." He carefully surveyed his surroundings, "They are well hidden. However, they'll be counting on me to do something stupid that exposes myself. There probably won't be any isolated units either since a single unit won't stand up against a 303, they'll at least have two units per squad. If I know there position I could-" Than it hit him, he had a plan. "Heh." He grasped the controls once more. "However, they're targeting this unit...not me..." Harpoons shot from the 303's waist, they latched onto the tracks above and hoisted the unit up. It moved along the tracks, he smiled to himself. "Just a bit more." The alarm started buzzing, "Great, locked on."
The 303 strafed left along the tracks, it lost it's footing and ended up falling in a warehouse...crashing right through the roof.

Nearby, in a tall building. Two 202 units were stationed, one had a sniper rifle mounted on it's shoulder... "Hmph, it fell." The squad leader pointed out.
"Think it was accidental?"
"Probably. Our orders in this mock battle is to confirm the effectiveness of a 303...we have to confirm it's inoperable." The 202 leader equipped an assault rifle. "Well, lets go check it out." The two units moved out of cover and headed towards the warehouse where the 303 fell. It only took them 2 minutes to get down there. When the two units got inside, they saw the 303 sitting against the wall. "That's weird. Did we break it?" Some barrels fell over. "What was that?"
"Lets go out and check." What geniuses they must be.
The two pilots opened their cockpits and lowered themselves down to ground level, they headed over to the barrels. Someone was lying on the ground. "Hey, whose that?" The squad leader asked.
"Looks like some kind of kid."
"What's he doing here?"
"Maybe a runaway?"
"Who knows." The squad leader knelt down to the dude. "Call am EMT, this kid might need some medical attention."
"On it, sir." The soldier turned around and started walking back to the 202s.
The squad leader pushed the dude's shoulder, "Hey, kid, you okay."
"Yah." He aimed a paint gun at him. "I'm fine." He pulled the trigger.
"Huh?" The other soldier turned around, but it was too late. His torso was covered in paint rounds.
"Heh." Souji stood up and threw off the dirty blanket that he was using as a disguise to cover his pilot suit.
"Isn't that cheating?!" Complained the squad combat.
"Not really." Souji stole the squad leader's keys to the 202. "This is a mock battle after all." He stood on the unit's lift, and pressed a button. "The victory is mine."
"God damnit." They left.
Souji turned the key in the ignition system, the 202 squad leader unit started up. The first thing Souji did was check the transponder signals. "Wow, about 30 units. They must really want me to lose. No matter," he took out some sort of scanner and placed it on the dashboard, "Luckily I got the squad leader's unit. Originally I was going to find out the number of enemies there were and destroy them one by one. But this actually works out better." The scanner made a beeping sound, " the data. Now I should be able to monitor transponder signals," He took the enemies headset, that he left in the cockpit. "and with this I'll be able tune in to enemy communication frequencies." He got out of the 202 and made his way to the 303. "Phase 2 is complete." He turned on the comm set. "Attention all Units, the enemy has been spotted and is moving to Point Theta, it's heading to Squad B-2. Squads A-3 and J-7 toss your paint grenades over the buildings. Hurry there isn't much time." Souji turned on the 303. He saw on the transponder that Squad B-2 had been lost.
"Sir, what's the status?"
"It took out B-2. A-3, it's moving towards you, J-7 fire through the building on your right."
The 303 started back up again. "A-3 has been lost." He reported, he stretched and took the controls. "J-7 move past point Alpha." That was directly in front of the ware house. Souji took position behind cover and waited for the enemies to come in view. "Squad J-7, once you get to point Alpha fire paint-filled rockets 55 degrees up in the North West."
When the squad came around they did exactly as Souji ordered. Once that was done, Souji opened fire on them and finished them off. "Squads J-7 and M-12; lost." The 303 started moving around the area. "Squads L-15, G-9, and Z-23, move towards point Beta and fire off your smoke grenades about 30 degrees up in front of you." Souji knew there was a 4-way intersection there, and he had ordered them to fire there grenades at the intersection. "The enemy is in the middle, surround it and open fire."
Souji could see the smoke from where he was positioned. By looking at his scanner, all 3 squads had killed themselves. "This device is quite useful, too bad it only works on enemy units that are undamaged and in use." He could see the transponder signals were moving towards his current position. "Looks like it's about time to start up phase 3." The 303 went on the move again.

By the time the remaining enemy units were in the area, the last transmission came from inside the warehouse...just as Souji planned. Two units took position by the door, they tossed a smoke grenade in there and moved units...
Souji was watching from nearby. "Checkmate." He just felt like saying something chess-like while he pressed the detonator switch. Paint explosions appeared around the warehouse. On the transponder, only 3 units were left. "Now, it's time for the real test." Souji took the 303 and jumped down from the train tracks, it moved towards a unit coming out of the smoke. It was about to meet the 303's knuckle-guard.
The force was enough to take out the 202's head. Severing it's main camera and main systems. That must've hurt...luckily robots don't feel pain. The remaining 2 units had seen Souji and opened fire.
The 303 did 2 360 degree spins over to the left side and uppercutted the 1st 202 unit with enough force to knock it down. Next, while the last unit was momentarily dissoriented the 303 aimed and unloaded 3 shots at it.
The 202 on the ground raised it's gun but was quickly stomped on by the 303, it aimed at the unit's head and cockpit...and pulled the trigger...

The mock battle was over, all transponder signals were down. The whistle blew, Souji knew he would win. He always won in the end. And yet hardly ever seemed to try, that's just how lazy he appeared.
"Alright, that's enough for the mock battle. Go home, Souji..." The operator stated over the intercomm. "Alright, pay up guys."
"Goddammit. We should've bet on, Souji."
"Too bad suckers."
"...." Souji was silent, he turned on the comm unit. "The intercom's still on." He reported.

-in the locker room-
Souji was now back in his civilian clothe. He looked at himself in the mirror, he ruffled his dark navy blue ( often thought to be jet-black) somewhere between 'mop-head' and 'spiky' hair, some strands in the front that covered his forehead and his eyes if he tilted his head down, seemed like they were point off in one direction.
The lazy look on his face made him seem like he was constantly tired or not all there. The clothe he wore were simple as well, white long sleeve shirt with a zipped up red sleeveless jacket with a black hood hood. His pants were simple black colored jeans, the only noticeable thing about him was the chain he wore around his neck. He placed it inside the jacket and stretched. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he felt there was something important he had to do. His cell-phone rang with a theme song from a popular anime series...well look at that...he liked anime. "Hm?" He walked towards the bench where he left his cell-phone. On the screen was a reminder note. "In 120 minutes, meet Ikumi at the bridge overlooking the road in the shopping district." He read out loud... "..." He sighed to himself, "Crap." He said with a lack of emotion. He rushed out of the locker room...

-140 minutes later-
Souji had arrived at the destination. A girl was leaning on the railing, seemingly now it was snowing. Souji stared at the girl, her long dark dark blue hair swayed in the wind along with the red and blue striped scarf around her neck, the ends of her white jacket, and the ends of her beige skirt that went past her knees. She turned her head towards Souji, her left eye was a bright greenish color her other eye however was covered by an eyepatch. "....." She frowned at him and turned her head away from him. "You lied to me."
Souji took steps forward, "Sorry, my 'job' kept me late."
"...." She still didn't look at him."Myuu~" She usually said that when she had nothing to really say...lots of situations. "You promised."
"I can't turn back time, Ikumi." Souji stated. He scratched the back of his head, "At least I'm here, right?"
"..20 minutes late though..." Ikumi took a deep breathe, she turned to Souji and walked towards him. She raised her hand, and karate chopped the top of Souji's head. "Punishment."
"Sorry." Souji apologized again.
"Lets go than, we have work to do." Ikumi seemed to forgive him, she turned and started walking.
"Yah." Souji followed after her. He wanted to tell her that he was a soldier but...that would put her in danger. "Oh, yah, Ikumi...about what I was saying yesterday..."
As the two walked side by side on this winter night, they seemed like a couple didn't they? Were they? The two were lost in conversation about something...though...only Ikumi smiled, Souji kept his face expression the same sleepy expression as always. Little did the two know, that their worlds were about to change forever...

Ikumi thought she heard a bell sound? "Myuu?" She stopped and turned around, looking around. 'Did I hear bells just now?'
Souji looked to Ikumi, "What's wrong?"
Ikumi paused as she stared around at the crowds of people around, "It's nothing...must be my imagination." She turned and went back on track to where she was going. Why is it that every time someone hears a sound and don't know where it comes from they always think it's their imagination?
A transparent girl wearing a black kimono with blue-flowered patterns on it, her dark purple hair fluttered in the wind. She seemed like a ghost since no one noticed her...or...refused to notice her...point is she was practically invisible. Except to Ikumi...who heard the bells tied around her wrist. "She noticed the bells..." A dark smile appeared on her face. "I wonder...what kind of story will you make?" She didn't seem to be talking about a hand-made book...looks like a plot key has appeared...

(That's the end of part 1. I bet you readers are wondering what's their relationship? If they were together at the very beginning the story wouldn't be that interesting. They're just friends...maybe friends with benefits?
Nah, I'm just kidding. They're ONLY friends unfourtanetly I'm not allowed to put H-scenes or ecchi scenes around here. If I could I would... But I can't. I want to! But I don't want to get in trouble. DAMN THAT RULE!!!
Oh well, I'll make due...
Some things won't make sense because...Like I said...THIS IS HARD!!! IT'S NOT EASY COMING UP WITH THIS STUFF!!! D<
Not sure when the next part will come up. Soon I hope... )
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
(Well, I've been racking my brains trying to solve a dilemma. And...this is what I came up with in part 2.
I keep feeling like I could've done it better though. Oh well...
Here's part 2...)

-part 2-

The two friends walked the snowy streets of this city, their destination still a mystery. "Hm." Ikumi stopped in front of an arcade, "Hey, Souji, I think I found something." She reached into her coat pocket, she pulled out a camera and aimed it at the crane game thingy. She took the took the picture, "This'll do." For what? I'm not gonna tell you yet. Ikumi looked into the machine staring at the cute plushies inside. "Myuu..." She knew she was working on something right now and they didn't exactly have time to play...oh well.
Oh wait, this is a flag moment! Will Souji get the present for the girl and earn some points? "Alright, lets move on." Obviously not...he's just not that kind of guy.
Ikumi turned her head to look at Souji, she frowned. "Myuu..." She really did want one. Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk.
"Where's the next spot?" Souji asked, stopping to let other people pass by.
Ikumi scratched the back of her head, "I think-"
"Hey, guys!" Called a female voice.
"Hm?" Souji turned around, he saw two girls walking towards him. (Heh-heh-heh...)
The girl on the left wore a long black dress under her dark green jacket. Her scarlet colored hair went past shoulder length but not past her mid-back. Not like Ikumi's that went past her mid-back level. The top of her head was covered by a wool cap with a funny design of an anime character.
The other girl wore normal blue pants. But that was the only normal thing about her...her coat looked like something out of an anime: It was a long white and black coat with the ends going far past her knees. She also wore winter mittens that went up to her elbows and a strange headband with black angel wing designs that extended on the sides...just like something from an anime. Her platinum-blonde, or silver, hair was the tied into a single plait low-style ponytail that extended past her back. On the end of the plait was a green ribbon....oh did I mention she wore glasses? Girls in manga with glasses are's true..... -__- Also...glasses can make you look like a badass too...that's why I wear them.
"Nagi, Yumi?" Souji recognized his friends, these two are pretty easy to see in a crowd after all... "What're you two doing here?"
"We're out on a date!" OMG!!! YURI GIRLS!!! >u< "Are you guys on a date too?!" Nagi walked around the two of them. "You two look so lovey dovey, out here on this snowy night...together...where are you planning to go? A love hotel?"
"Love....hotel..." Ikumi's cheeks turned bright red.
Souji's face expression didn't change, he remained cool under this obviously embarrassing situation. He grabbed Nagi's scarf. "Would you like me to tell everyone your secret?"
"Ah!!! No not that!!!" Nagi hid behind Yumi, "Come on, lets continue our date."
Yumi hit her in the gut. "We are not on a date!" yuri's? Awww... "Besides, you-" Nagi had covered Yumi's mouth.
"Don't say it out loud!" It must've been one embarrassing secret. "Well, we'll see you guys later than." Just when the two were about to make their leave...
An explosion nearby. It was close...really fact...right across the street. People started screaming and running, pushing...and stuff...
The 4 of them had been separated...
Once the crowd had left, only a few people were running...but at least their was breathing room now. Souji looked to where the explosion took place. People in olive-colored bulletproof vests and black ski-mask thingies (I think their called Baklavas? Not sure though...) with AK-47 assault rifles started filing into the building. Some people stayed outside to open fire onto the crowds, and than take hostages.
Souji took cover inside the arcade building. "Shit. Terrorists? Doesn't matter now," He pulled out his hidden handgun out of his jacket. He took the bullet magazine out of another hidden pocket and slid it in. "Alright than, my allies should be here soon no doubt. But.." He watched as the terrorists continued to open fire and take hostages. "If I don't do something than lots of people are gonna die."
"Hey, hey, Souji." Nagi was standing behind Souji with Yumi.
"Oh hey guys, glad you two are alive." They must've known his secret.
Yumi peeked her head out, "You don't by any chance have an extra gun on you?" Why are they asking for one? And they're so calm about this...
"Nope...just this one." Souji leaned against the wall. "As long they're not throwing explosives, we're fine."
A grenade appeared at the doorway, "..." Mass silence.
Nagi picked it up, "I DO NOT WANT THIS!!!" D< She threw it back.
"Careful with those things." Souji heard the sound of military transport vehicles. "Well looks like my other friends are here." They set up a blockade around the area. "And it's gotten quieter." Souji put his gun away, "Didn't even need to use it." He saw soldiers filing out. "Alright, better go talk to the CO...wait here." Souji walked out of the arcade and started walking towards the CO.
The CO was giving orders to people, he noticed Souji, "What do you want civilian."
Souji pulled out his ID badge, "I'm no civilian, I'm with the 108th Metal Walking Tank Brigade."
"They let kids in the army now?"
"Seems so."
"Psh, Capt. Kale, 501st At Home Defense Squadron."
"Well, you're doing your job. Need a sit rep?"
"Yah, talk and walk." He started patrolling the area, checking to see if there were anything left to do.
"Well, about a couple minutes ago these terrorists appeared and started shooting, they took some hostages too. So far, they're holed up in that building over there." Souji pointed to the tall building. "It's still too early to determine their motive...but they definitely want something. Or else they wouldn't have taken hostages. Than again, they might also be doing this to get attention.I say about 70 - 30. Still too early though."
"I see." He walked into the command was pretty easy to see, all huge and everything. "Well, pilot, watch and learn how a commander does it." He stood in front of a holographic map at the center of the room, lots of people were around the map. Transponder signals were there.
"Sir, they've made demands that they will kill the hostages if they do not get their leader back."
"Yes, we've confirmed them as the Red Steel Rebel group. We've also confirmed about 12 or so custom 202 units inside the building."
"So, it's a simple trade eh?"
Souji sighed to himself, "We can't give him back...because he's already dead."
"What? How do you know?"
"Right after the announcement that he was captured during the raid of their HQ, he had a heart attack and died right there. We didn't want to go public with his death, use him as bait...we didn't expect them to go this far though." Souji scratched the back of his head, "well this is troublesome. I don't think they want the dead body though."
"So...guess we have no choice than. Order all 202 units to rush in."
"Wait what?" Souji was thinking of something else!
"Yes sir."
"What're you doing?!" Souji demanded. "If you just start sending in troops their will be casualties!"
"This is war...casualties are neccesary."
Souji was really only worried about Ikumi...he wasn't sure if she got away or not, "But you can't just-"
"I can't? Listen, pilot kid, just because you pilot one of these giant robots doesn't mean you know war. You're way too green for war. So, just sit back and watch the pros at work."
Souji wanted to punch this guy for his ignorance, but he just had to sit there and take it. "Fine." Souji leaned against the wall. "When you fail and mess up, I'll be the one to have to clean up though." Souji mumbled under his breathe...
Ikumi had no idea where she was? The last thing she remembered was being taken in by the crowd, and than being led somewhere...hearing gunshots and explosions. And than taken to this room with other people, there are big scary people here...anyone who moves gets hurt. 'We're hostages.' Obviously. She couldn't help but feel tense around here, eventually they'd either start killing off hostages or a battle would begin. 'I have to get out of here.' Ikumi looked around for something she could use but...there really was no way out. The only thing she could do was wait.
An explosion could be heard at the base of the tower. Ikumi could hear gun fire, and explosions. The hostages started screaming. The captors shouting and threatening the hostages to shut up. Ikumi wasn't scared at all...
This explosion was actually close by. So close that it killed some of the captors, a military-grade 202 unit burst through the door. It opened fire on the captors, but also hit a lot of hostages.
This was the only chance Ikumi had, she made a run for it. Bolting right out the door, into the hallways, "This is stupid. Doesn't the commander know he's sacrificing hostages? Damn military!" She turned a corner and saw some captors running. They spotted Ikumi, seeing that she wasn't an ally. They opened fire.
Ikumi jumped out of the way. "It's so hard to move in this thing." Ikumi ripped part of her dress, at least this way it allowed her legs to be more free and easier to run...also to provide fanservice.
Ikumi heard the captors coming down the hall. She panicked and rushed into a room, but the only thing in there was a giant gaping hole...she saw just how high she was. "Jumping isn't an option, and if I stay here than I'll be found." She sighed to herself as she walked to the edge. "Am I gonna die here?" She felt the cold embrace of the wind and snow.
Ching ching
'The bell sound again?' Ikumi looked up, a girl was floating in mid-air. Black wings keeping her a-float.
"You can see me I'm sure."
"What...are you?" Ikumi was rather calm about this whole situation...maybe it hadn't caught up to her yet?
"My name is...Ellis." A very old looking book appeared out of thin air, it hovered to Ikumi. And ended up in her hands, it opened to the first page. "This will be your only chance to live." A pen appeared inside the book, "Write your name down in this book and you'll gain absolute power."
"Absolute power?" A normal person would write their name in a heartbeat. "And than what do you get in return?" Ikumi wasn't a normal person however.
"My, what a smart girl you are. Alright, if you write your name down...I get to stick around with you until you die or give up the book. This world is pretty lonely when only one person can see you."
Ikumi was hesitant, but under the current circumstances. "I don't really have a choice do I?"
Ellis shrugged, "Life or Death."
"Oh well." Ikumi took the pen and wrote her name down in it...the words faded directly after. The book started glowing and rapidly flipping through pages.
"Phase 1 complete, now, for the contract seal." The girl's eyes glowed a bright golden color, she reached out her hand to Ikumi's face.
Ikumi's vision went temporarily dark, her patched eye was starting to hurt. So she undid her eye-patch, it was burning. "Ow!" She said to herself while holding onto her eyes.
Ellis picked up a broken mirror shard on the ground, she showed it to Ikumi. "Your eye was once blind and broken, now, it is the place of your contract."
Ikumi's eye was a very odd color and it had the slit that snakes and cats have, as well as some symbols around it that Ikumi couldn't understand.
The door burst open, the captors appeared. They were about to open fire on Ikumi.
Ikumi held up her hand, "before you fire on me...I have one question."
"?" They didn't fire just yet.
"Do you enjoy what you do? Is hurting people really that much fun?" She turned around, covering her eye. "I bet none of you have ever felt the pain of death?" She uncovered her eye, the outline of it started glowing. "The men next you that you see as your friend is truly your enemy...kill them, or they'll kill you." With this power she was making them see what she wanted them to see...hypnotism. Afterwards they were all dead. Ikumi put her eye-patch back on and she stared at the dead bodies sadly. "Myuu...I don't like to kill..."
"Than do you want to give the power back?" Ellis was floating next to Ikumi.
"No." Ikumi held the book tightly. "Like you I'm curious too. I want to see how far I can go."
"...." Ellis laughed. "My, my, your not only smart...but interesting too. However, you have a cute personality but you also seem sort of like an anti-hero too. You didn't hesitate to kill them...which one is the real you?"
"....Both..." She laughed with her.
"By the way, in the basement theres something I left there." Ellis started floating to the door.
"What'd you leave?"
"Those powers are limited and won't be able to fight a I'll give you another's in the basement."
"Myuu...are you trying to lead me into a war?"
"...You don't seem to be objecting..."
And so the story is beginning to unfold...the girl makes a deal and gains power. But how will it end? And what will she do with this power...? Who exactly is Ellis...

A barren wasteland was all that could be seen. The lack of color was so dull, a girl similiar in appearance to Ellis but with green eyes and her hair tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon instead. She walked along this barren wasteland. There were other girls too, but they all seemed busy or really bored. A giant silver door was in the girl's way, but it seemed she found what she was looking for. Red wings retracted from her back, she floated up to the knob...
"Hey, Mai, where're you going?" Another girl asked. "You said you were gonna help me out with redecorating this district."
The girl named Mai looked back to the other girl, "Sorry." She lacked emotion.
"Awww...but Mai...what about that promise you made? You know the human style promise, a pinky swear right? If you break it you have to swallow 100,000 needles." She was about to cry.
"I'm not breaking it." She informed. "Just postponing it."
"But Mai..." She puffed up. "Fine go on, just remember your promise!" She pouted.
Mai blinked and turned back to the door, "Okay." She responded simply.
"Hey, Mai, where are you going anyways?"
"Ellis? Has she gone to the human world to find the one person who can see her?" She shook her head. "She should just give up, her last one died over a century ago. Who knows who the next one will be?"
"She already found them." She turned the knob.
"EH?! She has?! Well I am a little jealous than...still haven't found mine, but I don't really care. So are you going to find yours, Mai?"
"I already know him..."
"Than your going to visit? Or..."
"He's in danger."
"Danger? Than shouldn't you just let him die? It's not like it affects you."
"....It's...complicated..." She opened the door, the inside of the door was completely dark. "Also, Ellis is in the human world."
"I don't know?"
"She's such a trouble maker."
"Wait, the reason your going is because of Ellis isn't it?"
"...maybe..." She didn't say anything more, just went through the door...When she came out she was hovering in the night sky, above the human world. Staring down at a city. "..." She knew he was down there somewhere...she started descending. "Time is short..." She knew she didn't have much time, she had to find that person...before his time was up...

(Phew...Part 2 was harder than originally thought. My brain hurts.
Here, we get to see that Ikumi isn't the cute type but more of the anti-hero type. .__. I've never seen a cute personality in an least none I can remember so that's where Ikumi's personality comes from. An adorable anti-hero with the borrowed powers of a god. How strange...
Souji is the type of person who approaches a situation analytically and won't let his emotions get in the way most of the time, which makes him so hard to predict. Also, he doesn't think in normal terms of engagement...he thinks WAY outside the box...

I'll get part 3 up soon. If anyones interested. XP ... I keep thinking I could've made this better in some way.
Oh well...)
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dis story started out kinda boring but then it started getting interesting^-^ great job!!^-^
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Who wants to know...
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Beginnings are always difficult. XP
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i c^-^ maybe i just dont understand all da robot stuff^-^'
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
Neither do I. I'm just guessing most of it.
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(I decided to put part 3 up early. )

It all started normally, the two friends had been traveling the city, taking pictures that were related to their task. It all happened so fast, when the explosion erupted all hell broke loose. They say the worst part is the calm before the storm...obviously that person had never been taken as a hostage. It was only by luck and by quick thinking that this girl, Ikumi had survived and gained powers from a god that watches over this world.
While taking a hidden path to the basement that Ellis discovered, Ikumi's head was a-buzz with questions and more were coming, she looked up to Ellis, who was floating above... "Hey, Ellis, exactly what are you?"
"Did I not say? I'm a god of this world." Not like anyone could really understand what that meant. The words were easy enough to understand, but what did it mean exactly?
"And that means...?"
Ellis was started to get annoyed, "Do I need to spell it out?"
"If you want." She had finally arrived at the basement door. She slowly reached for the knob.
"You humans have different theories of how the world was created. Many of them involving gods creating the world. That is technically true, but, those gods have long since left. We are...remnants."
"We?" She mimed, the word stood out from the rest. She peeked out from the door, no one was there. "You also said 'A' god of this world. Instead of 'The' . And based on your previous sentence, I can guess that there are others like you?"
"Yah, but ever since the incident a long time ago. We've been forbidden from directing the flow of the world...though some of us like to edge it a long. Like now. I gave you my Book of Fate. So you have similar powers, but are still technically human." Ellis' explanation was full of holes and confusions...but one thing was certain.
"In other just came and found me because you were bored." What a selfish reason.
"Pretty much."
"You seem evil." Ikumi noticed, while walking through the basement she dislike the eerie quiet that it gave off. The faint sound of gunfire and explosions were still there...but it seemed so distant now.
"Not as evil as you." Ellis stopped floating. "This should be fine." Ellis floated down to ground level. She raised her index finger, the end of it started to burn an ethereal green no time at all Ellis started tracing her finger along the ground, she was etching in a circle with symbols along the side, inside, even in the center...seen in magic rituals.
Ellis stood next to Ikumi at the edge of the circle. "Ikumi, I need you to say it with me." She held out her hand. "Hold my hand and the words will become clear to you as if you practiced them over and over again."
Ikumi had no use protesting, she didn't really understand but...whatever it was...would give her power to fight. She grasped Ellis' hand. She felt the contract in her eye pulsate, it hurt but she saw...words...words that she could read. She knew what to do here. The two girls took a deep breathe first, they closed their eyes. They were in perfect synchronization...
"Oh res of ceterus regnum. EGO relinquo thee , EGO voco thee , res of ceterus regnum. Fio thy contego. Thy vesica. Thy Loricatus. Smite thy hostilis per righteous rabies!"

(It translates as:
"Oh being of the other realm. I bequeath thee, I summonth thee, being of the other realm. Become thy shield. Thy blade. Thy Armor. Smite thy enemy with righteous fury!" In Latin...some words might be wrong though.
I tried writing in the Old Tongue...still learning...)
The circle started glowing a green color...something was happening: Something large was coming out of the ground: It was a blood-red and jet-black machine, and the position it was if bowing to Ikumi, swearing it's loyalty to her alone. It seemed ancient yet new at the same time...seemingly impossible but that's just how it looked.
Ikumi's eyes widened in shock. "Is this a-" Ikumi began.
"In a way, originally, they were machines that were created long ago by the beings of old...your human designs are similar. But the current technology levels of this world doesn't compare to the power of this one."
Ikumi started to make her way towards it...It did have a different aura about it than the others.
"It's not immortal though. It can be destroyed if it takes enough damage so don't get cocky." Ellis advised. She floated up to the head...and phased right through it.
The mech started moving, it held out it's hand for Ikumi to get on.
Ikumi wasn't scared at all, she stepped onto the hand.
The mech's chest opened up, it brought it's hand to the open cockpit.
Ikumi jumped in, it felt different from an average cockpit. More roomy and...magical. Ikumi strapped herself into the pilot's seat. At the foot of the pilot's seat in the lower level, sat Ellis. "I'll be the main power source, the piloting will be your job." Ellis informed.
"Understood." Ikumi grasped the controls. Suddenly something started grafting over Ikumi's arms and body. It was like a pilot's suit, but it looked like a dragon...or a demon. It must've added extra protection to the body. Ikumi was kinda scared...but she didn't let it show.
"Don't panic, it's only synchronizing you with the system. It may feel uncomfortable but everything will be fine." Ellis informed, she didn't want Ikumi to panic...most people would in that situation.
Once it was over, Ikumi felt...different... "What's...happening...?"
"You're synced with Sleiphnir."
"'s the name of this unit." Ikumi pointed out the obvious.
"Yes, that is it's named. If your synced with it, you should start to feel this child's blood lust."
"Yes...I do..." Ikumi smiled darkly. "I...can feel it...this unit's blood lust. It wants wants to fight." Ikumi's grip on the controls tightened. "And I will obey." Ikumi smirked darkly, enemies on the main camera appeared from the basement entrance. They were red 202 units. Obviously they wouldn't recognize this unit as an ally, so they could only assume it as an enemy. Readying their assault rifles they took aim...
Sleiphnir spread out it's legs and touched the ground with one hand, the other was held out in front of the torso. It's feet had wheels on it's feet like the other units as well...the wheels started charging up.
The two crimson 202 units opened fire on Sleiphnir.
Ikumi activated the energy shield on the forearms, it was virtually invisible until something came into contact with it. The bullets coming towards it were disintegrated upon contact with the shield. Sleiphnir took off, going so fast that lock-on was virtually impossible.
To attack it had to disengage the shield. There were no melee weapons yet, other than the shield. It ran into the one on the left, and ran it into the wall. It punched through the cockpit, and twisted it's hand inside...the pilot was undoubtably dead.
The remaining unit took out it's melee weapon. A buzz-knife. It charged Sleiphnir.
Ikumi could see it coming, it took the fallen enemy and swerved around the remaining enemy. While on the unit's blind-side, it swung the fallen enemy like a club. It made contact with the enemy unit's side, causing it to topple over. Sleiphnir started bashing the unit's cockpit with it's own ally until it was already past it's breaking point. Ikumi dropped the enemies ontop of each other. "This isn't enough...I need more..." Ikumi wanted more violence. Sleiphnir slowly started walking out of the basement, the explosion of the enemies sounded behind her. On the next level were even more Crimson 202's. Upon hearing the explosion and seeing Sleiphnir, they were ready for her. Ikumi could feel the bloodlust of Sleiphnier. "I get it, want to rip them apart too. Than...lets go!" Sleiphnir took it's stance.
Meanwhile, Ellis only smiled. "My, my, what an interesting development this has turned into. Ikumi, don't disappoint me."
(Expect part 4 soon. )
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Who wants to know...
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(Like I said, here's part 4. Prepare for extreme action!!! )

Sleiphnir was holding the torso of an enemy unit. "How pathetic." Said Ikumi in a disappointed tone, "These units hardly put up a fight." Sleiphnir dropped the torso. "Well, lets get outta here." Sleiphnir exited the basement. "Who else can we fight Ellis, Sleiphnir still feels blood thirsty."
"There is still violence going on upstairs and-" Ellis paused.
On the main camera was practically a blood bath, innocents had been killed. But not by mass execution of hostages...civilian casualties. Ikumi could tell right away. "Ellis...I think we have a new enemy."
Souji could see the soldiers carelessly attacking enemies, without regard for civilian casualties. "Are you insane? Your killing innocents too."
The CO just ignored him, "Continue the assault...let no one live."
Souji knew the strategical sense in being forced to attack hostages. But there were so many ways that it could've been just didn't make any sense. 'How stupid.'
Suddenly, transponder's started going lost. "huh?" One of the soldiers noticed. "Look," even more were dissapearing.
"What's going on?" The CO was shocked. A transmission came in.
"A-3 leader to Command, we've encountered an unknown unit. My god it's so fast, what the hell is that thing! We can't get a shot off! Damnit, it took out-" Bzzzzzz...
"What's happening!"
Another transmission. "Enemy unit moving in too fa-" Bzzzzz....
Souji raised one eyebrow symbolizing his confusion. "Hm?"
The CO was panicking, "How many units?!"
"We've confirmed only one. It doesn't seem to differentiate between enemy an ally. Everything is it's enemy." A soldier on the field reported in, "Wait, it's coming this way!"
"Quick, send your feed!"
"Got it, uploading now! I'll try to get awa-" Bzzzz...
"Sir, video came in." A soldier by the computers pointed out.
"Put it on screen!" The CO demanded, pointing to the 3-D map of the area. A holo-window appeared, it showed the view of 3 units around the building. One unit moved forward, turned a corner and was immediately hit by something. This something had lifted the unit in the air and ripped it in half, it tossed the remains behind it and turned towards the other two units. The two units had opened fire, but the mysterious red and black unit had jumped into the air and stepped on top of the unit in front, than in no time at all it's hand had consumed the camera than it went dead after that...
"Rewind!" They re-winded the video to the best shot of the mysterious enemy unit. "What...the that?" The CO stated, he was absolutely terrified at it's abilities. The worst part was, it didn't even use weapons...just it's bare hands...and the rest of it's body. "Who made this unit, where's it from?!"
"It doesn't seem to have any distinctions on it, so maybe it wasn't made by a manufacturer. And...based on intelligence, we've never encountered anything remotely similar to anything that can move like that.
" independent developer than." Souji said, "though it is important to learn more about your enemy, there's a time and a place for everything. Right now you need to buy your troops some time before they move in on our location." Souji pointed to the 3-D map, more units were being lost by the second.
The CO had no idea what to do. If this kept up than...
"I'll take command than."
"What? What can you, a pilot do on the strategical battlefield."
"The way I see it you have two choices, either continue doing what you're's been working so well up until now. Or let me take command and at least have someone else to blame in case things go bad." It was an obvious choice.
"Fine, take command. But know that their lives are in your hands."
"I'm aware of that," Souji took a seat in front of the 3-D map, he took a the communicator and turned it on. "Listen up," he began, sending a signal to all units. "Request a cease fire with the terrorists, right now. Unite against a common enemy."
"What? Are you insane!"
Souji ignored him. "Do as I say, if we do not defeat the Blood Red unit, than everyone will die. Do it now! Meanwhile, stay as far away from the Blood Red unit as possible, in a one-on-one battle not a single one of you can match it in a 202. Use smoke grenades to block it's view." Souji started typing on the keyboard really fast, he was changing the designations.
"Sir, transmissions from the terrorists. They have agreed to a temporary truce. They are under your command."
"Great." New transponder signals appeared on the screen. "There's fewer than I thought. Infantry and tank brigade alike." He took a deep breathe, designating the remaining ones with lightning speed. "Alright, the operation starts now. All units proceed to the command center, make a united front in front of it. Based on what I've seen from this unit, it'll make head on attacks so theres no doubt it'll come here." Souji watched as the units started showing up, he tapped into the cameras of every unit. There were way too many for just one person to see alone...but Souji wasn't just any person. He could see everything that they were seeing and the map.
"Alright, we've picked it up on our sensors." A soldier called in.
"It's moving in fast."
Souji changed the map around, the blips were placed entirely like a chess board. "Alright, I'm going to send orders directly through your systems. It'll be faster and more clear than speech, follow them exactly as I tell you and do not deviate from the plan under any circumstances." Souji touched some of the blips, moving them to different points. "Phalanx."
The Blood Red Unit was within view. "Front battalion, open fire!"
As predicted, the unit was easily able to dodge.
"Second battalion, open fire as well." The second battalion opened fire from the rooftops on the left, the Blood Red Unit was forced to use it's energy shield to block the bullets. It's movement was slowed.
"Alright, now aiming should be easier. 3rd battalion, unleash everything on it." They opened fire from the roofteps on the right, getting a behind angle on the Blood Red Unit. It used it's second energy shield to block...but it was completely immobile now. Movement would result in a crap load of damage...
"That energy shield is a problem." Souji ordered squads B-2 and J-6 to move around behind it and fire their RPGs. After all, these were foot infantry, this was the only thing they were really good at right now.
"In position."
"Good, aim at this point."
"But that's-"
"Just do it!"
They did as commanded, the payload were headed straight for the Blood Red Unit. It jumped high into the air, overlapping with the moon...

"Damn, these guys are persistent. I wonder whose their commander." Ikumi's sights were at the command center.
"Ikumi, keep focused." A barrage of missiles were heading directly at them.
Ikumi gritted her teeth, "I was out maneuvered." She couldn't dodge while mid-air. She had no choice...she activated the energy shields to block the missles, taking damage from the bullets but the missiles would've been far worse. The resulting impact of the missiles onto the energy shield caused Sleiphnir to be cornered, with only an alley to escape into. It was narrow too, so there was no choice of an aerial escape. But...going to the front was foolish. Sleiphnir took it's only exit...

"Proceed after it. There are about 6 entrances and exits in there, I want 5 squads per entrance. Except, for the south exit I want the majority there. On the rooftops on the allies I want the sharp shooters there, all the rest of the units move in this way." Souji was so good at this, it was unnatural. The CO was even amazed. Souji watched as his plan unfolded, "This won't take long." Souji had two plans in motion at the same time.

As Sleiphnir moved through the alleys, Ikumi kept trying to find an exit. "Myuu, this is troublesome. It's like we're being guided along a path." Ikumi sighed, "But...doesn't it seem like their tactics changed?"
"Huh? I don't know?"
"It just seems odd...By the way, no doubt we'll be running into trouble at the end of this, so what're we gonna do?"
"You haven't used the weapons yet..."
"I haven't? Well I couldn't find any so..."
"My, you humans really are helpless. Just leave it to me, I'll access these things later."
"Well, if we do make it out of this...I have one weapon we can use against them at once."
"Oh? And what's that?" At Ikumi's current level, nothing in Sleiphnir's arsenal could taken all of them down at once.
"It's a secret." Ikumi teased.
Ellis shrugged, "You are such a strange human."
Sleiphnir was coming near the exit. And just as predicted, a lot of enemies were in the way. "Alright, right about now they'll open I'll pull up the enemy shield, and most likely the enemies will be behind me now. So, whatever your going to do make it quick." They opened fire, Sleiphnir brought up the energy shields.
"Alright, this should do it." Ellis' body started glowing.
The next second, a compartment in Sleiphnir's waist, little auto-piloted spikes flew out into the air, they moved really fast and were really small so they were hard to keep track of. They were also able to fire a cutting laser at enemies. They moved on Sleiphnir's flank, going straight at the enemy units. Explosions were heard, Ikumi smiled. "Alright, this should make things simpler. Any other weapons?"
"Here's a melee weapon."
Right below the energy shields on the forearms, two hilts popped out. Sleipnir jumped into the air, while mid-air it took out the two long swords and landed right in the middle of the enemy units...They were about to be owned...

Souji watched as transponder signals dissapeared. "Well, it's not a complete loss. I put the terrorists as the advance squad. They are still our enemies." He needed to rethink his plan. "Lets see...they've probably adopted the 'Think like the pursuers' mind set." Souji stood up, "Alright, keep me updated on the situation. You, the CO. You should have a prototype of the 303. Give me the key. I'm going out."
"S-Sure." He threw him the key.
Souji caught it with one hand and made his way to the door. "Tell them to follow the Blood Red Unit, keep their distance." Those were the last orders Souji gave...

Ikumi was moving forward to the next part of the plan. "No matter how many enemies there are, I know exactly what'll make them all topple. Lets just hope I angle it right." Sleiphnir was back where it had started, enemies were close behind now...

Souji was now in the cockpit of the 303, he was waiting for it to get ready. "Alright, what's the current situation?" Souji asked while adjusting the controls.
"It went back to the tower, so far it hasn't attacked us...but it's been attacking the inside of the building trying to slow us down I guess." The CO ended his report.
"What? That doesn't make any-" Souji's eyes widened. "Quickly, everyone get out of the tower's range!" The 303 started up, Souji gripped the controls. The 303 moved away from the command center, as far away from the tower as possible.
"What? Why?"
"Just hurry up! Do not pursue, get out of the way!"
"What?! After we've come so far...all units, I'm taking command again! Pursue the enemy!"
Sleiphnir was eventually cornered. They were about to attack, but Sleiphnir just cut a hole into the wall and went through it.
"Listen to me! The enemy it's going to use the tower to-"
"But it was too late...The tower's support had been cut, so would topple onto the other buildings, and cause a domino effect all around the command base. There was no escape from them now, if only they had pulled back...
Ikumi watched and laughed as her plan worked perfectly. "Pride is the thing that kills!" And it was true...they all would've survived if they had just put aside their foolish pride. Sleiphnir dove into the giant hole of the fallen building. It was using it as a shield to escape unnoticed.
"Wow, that was quite amazing, Ikumi." Ellis had not expected Ikumi to use the building.
"Most people don't take terrain into account." Ikumi sighed to herself. "Still, I wonder what I'm becoming? This child is so bloodthirsty."
"That's just the way it is."
"Myuu...when you say it like that-" Something was up ahead. "Hm?"
"There's a unit still alive. It looks different from previous ones."
Ikumi stared at the unit at the end of the road, almost like a sentinel guarding the exit. "Damn, he's in my way." Sleiphnir stopped in it's tracks and faced the 303. "I guess...that's the commander who was able to predict my movements. I wonder if that's why he survived while everyone else died?"
Souji examined the Blood Red Unit, the camera's zooming in on it. "So...that's the unit that's been such a problem." He gripped the controls tightly, "Even if that one outclasses this one...however...I'll defintely be able to outclass the pilot." This Souji was confident about...
(That's the end of part 4, part 5 will come soon... )
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wow cool~ i wanna see how its gonna go~~
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
Thank you.
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oh nos!! their gonna fight each other nd they're fwends!! wonder who will win...^-^
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Who wants to know...
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Okay everyone, I'll be starting the next part right after this post...
Expect some Close Quarter Combat.
Mk 303 (Souji) vs. Sleiphnir. (Ikumi + Ellis)
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(And...Here's the actiony Part 5 )

As Sleiphnir picked up speed, the Mk. 303 stayed put.
"Just a little further." Souji's hands shivered, it was only natural that he was scared...after all, this unknown unit wiped out the entire unit in one fell swoop...This person's mental capacity was a match for Souji's. I wonder if he'd feel different if he knew Ikumi was the one in there? Cruel twist of fate...than again I am the one controlling the events of this story so-Oh wait, looks like Ikumi's in range.
Sleiphnir was merely 10 ft. away, it kicked off the ground, it looked like a jumping punch...that actually worked out better with Souji's plan.
"Now!" Souji put the Mk. 303 in reverse, than it reached into it's belt and pulled out a grenade...and dropped it where the Mk. 303 had been standing.
Sleiphnir was now on a collision course with an active grenade. "Shit." She activated the forward boosters, slowing down, and moving away. She couldn't activate the energy shields in time or move that far away.
Damn that had to hurt, now there's a smoke screen covering up the majority of the area, both the senses of the two fighters were blocked.
Ikumi was on full defensive stance...just like Souji wanted. "Heh, I guess he's good in strategy and combat." She underestimated him.
"You underestimated his abilities, and now you're paying for it." Ellis restated the obvious.
"I know," Ikumi confirming that she knew the obvious, and now for the bad news...well...more bad news. "What's the damage to Sleiphnir?"
"Thanks to your quick reflexes, the damage is minimal compared to what it could've been. However, the Auto-weapons are off-line."
Ikumi closed her eyes, assuming a thinking posture... "Hmmmm...So, those weapons I used back in the alley can't be used?"
"No, doesn't seem like anything else is damaged though."
"Myuu...But, I can't see him." The danger alarm started blaring, "Huh?" Sleiphnir turned around, just as the Mk. 303 was rushing from behind, a heat-edged tomahawk in the left hand.
The 303 slashed from the left.
Sleiphnir had been taken by surprise. It strafed in the opposite direction, moving it's right hand towards the tomahawk. It gripped onto the forearm of the Mk. 303.
The 303 pulled Sleiphnir in, ramming the torso with it's side. "You're mine now!" Souji put the Mk. 303 in full throttle. The wheel's moving against the ground caused dust to rise up, and now the 303 was pushing Sleiphnir back.
Sleiphnir's back hit the wall hard. Ikumi felt the force from inside the cockpit, she staggered causing her to lose control of Sleiphnir.
"And now, to finish it!" Souji put the Mk. 303 in full reverse. As the Mk. 303 moved back, it pulled out it's assault rifle hanging on the back of it's waist with it's right hand. It flipped the tomahawk in a ninja style position, aiming with the right side with the right hand on the trigger it opened fire with the left hand keeping it steady.
Sleiphnir was taking more damage by the second. Ikumi needed to steady herself,
"Ikumi, Sleiphnir is taking too much damage!" Ellis warned urgently.
"I got it, I got it." Ikumi said, she didn't sound worried at all. Ikumi shook her head, getting herself back into the combat sense. "Myuu, I'm bored with this one now." She retook the controls. "Ellis, what's the mobility status?"
"That's a shame." Ikumi needed to think fast.
Ellis pulled up a screen, "It's at 10% right now, basically we're about as slow as a first generation model. We won't be able to generate enough speed to dodge the bullets."
Sleiphnir was starting to move again, despite the barrage of bullets it was still standing, slowly and with more damage piling on. "Can you fix it?"
"Yah, but it may take a little while. Also, the energy shields are too damaged to be used. Do your best out there." Ellis started pulling up more screens. A pod formed and encased her body...
"In that case, I only have on option." A smirk grew on Ikumi's lip, Sleiphnir unsheathed the dual swords. It connected the ends, creating one long, double-bladed, lance-like weapon. It spun the blade in a helicopter style in front, some bullets were knocked off course, but not all of them. However, the objective was not to block the bullets...
The gun clicked. "Huh?" Souji looked to the bullet counter... "Out of ammo. No spare cartridges either." Souji gritted his teeth. "Damnit. I was hoping to end this quicker." The 303 tossed the gun away, it took a CQC stance, using the tomahawk as a weapon.
"Looks like my assumption was correct," Sleiphnir split the blades once more. "If you had ammo to spare than you would've used it from the very beginning when I couldn't see."
Ellis appeared on a screen, "Sleiphnir's mobility is at 40% now. I say you could match that model move for move now."
"I got it." Sleiphnir's wheels started rushed towards the Mk. 303. When 2 ft. in, Sleiphnir flipped the left blade in ninja-style holding position. It slashed upwards.
The 303 stepped back, avoiding the blade. But not even 3 seconds later, the same blade was coming down in a stabbing position. Next, the 303 raised both arms in the air, it blocked Sleiphnir's wrist from moving in for the strike. Souji realized that it still had it's other arm free and able to attack, Souji had to think fast. He could already see Sleiphnir's right arm moving. The 303's right leg kicked the side of Sleiphnir's right side, than within 1 second kicked the side of it's right leg. Causing it to go down on one knee. Sleiphnir's status was switched to defense now. The Mk. 303 raised the tomahawk and slashed down.
The Sleiphnir blocked the tomahawk with one of the swords. It parried the tomahawk and than used the other blade to stab upwards. The Mk. 303 dodged the attack by moving back again. It took a stance...
"That stance." Ikumi recognized it, "Could it be...Krav Maga?" Sleiphnir got back to it's feet and stood up straight with the two blades held forward crossing each other.
Ellis had overhead, she was still on the screen, "What are you talking about? Are you talking about that human's fighting style?"
"Krav Maga it's an eclectic self-defense and military hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel, which assumes no quarter will be given, and emphasizes maximum threat neutralization in a "real life" context. That would explain the fast reflexes,'s amazing it could use it through that unit. Quite a good pilot. I believe I'm dealing with an ace here." Ikumi could feel Sleiphnir's blood lust. "Yah, I feel your anxiousness too." The two units walked around each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. "Krav Maga will usually prioritize openings in the fighting's useful, but can be used against them too." Ikumi knew how to beat this unit. Sleiphnir moved forward, it went in for a thrust of a blade.
Souji reacted, making the Mk. 303 strafe around the right by 1 ft. and move forward with the blade of the tomahawk facing the torso of Sleiphnir. What would've happened would be, the Mk. 303 would move forward as the blade would go through Sleiphnir's torso causing massive damage possibly destruction.
However, it was merely a feigned attack, "All according to plan." Sleiphnir spun around in front of the Mk. 303, it crossed the blades once more and than moved right past it. The slash had taken out the left forearm, the severing from the unit caused it to explode at close range, doing massive damage to the Mk. 303. The 303 kneeled on one leg, Souji assessed the damage to the unit. "Lets see...I've got half of the left arm, the right shoulder's joints have been damaged as well, so movement in that arm will be slower. There's also various damage all over this unit." Souji leaned against the chair, his right palm made contact with his forehead...he had just face-palmed himself. "Looks like, I lose this fight." It was than that Souji noticed...right above the Blood Red Unit. "!!!!" He had an idea!
The pod finally started retracting, Ellis had appeared.
"You fixed it?"
"Yah, everything should be back up to normal."
"Good...Than I'll just finish this up in one swing." Sleiphnir crossed the blades again, the wheels started spinning...all power was at maximum.
"Now!" The Mk. 303 fired the anchors on it's torso, instead of piercing through Sleiphnir, it instead hit the snow above the unit. Retracting the anchors, all the snow fell right on top of Sleiphnir...obviously it wasn't gonna freeze a burning hot machine...but that was the point. Snow was made of water, with all that heat the snow would turn back into water...and...guess what happens when you mix water with machines? Of course, Sleiphnir is highly it's not gonna destroy it, however...that much water will cause it to slow down tremendously.
Ikumi had not seen that coming. "Damn him, he's too resourceful."
"Ikumi, the movement is slowing down again. But don't worry, water will only slow it down for about 10 seconds."
"Hm, what's he planning?"
The Mk. 303 fired it's anchors twice, this time, right above Sleipnir to the rubble above. It pulled the rubble down, as it was falling down on top of Sleiphnir.
"Ikumi, Sleiphnir is taking too much damage!" Ellis warned. "Hurry up and do something."
Sleiphnir held it's arms above it's head to block the rubble, despite that however, Sleiphnir ended up buried in rubble.
Souji sighed in relief, "Phew...that was a close one." He wasn't getting any reactions from it. "Guess it's over now?" The Mk. 303 turned around.
The rubble started moving.
"Huh?" Souji was getting a reaction from the rubble, "No way..." It wasn't over yet.
Sleiphnir suddenly shot out from the rubble, Souji didn't have time to react as Sleiphnir's hand encased the head of the 303.
"I've got you!" Sleiphnir increased the grip, now there was only one thing left to do. It reached for the dual-sided blade, it touched the tip of the cockpit. "I would've liked to play this game with you a little while longer." Ikumi said in regret. "Oh well."
Souji had only one other option, "Guess I have no choice." Before the blade could penetrate the unit, the 303 grabbed onto the hand of would last. And he knew that, but it would do it's part. Souji activated the 303's self destruct sequence. Luckily the cockpit wasn't damaged enough, so than he pulled the emergency cockpit ejection switch. The cockpit part of the torso suddenly shot out and jettisoned out of the 303.
Sleiphnir couldn't get out of the Mk. 303's grip...When suddenly...
Souji could see the explosion of the 303 from the escaping cockpit. He leaned against the chair and finally, was sure that this battle was over. "I guess this is what's called, winning the war but losing the battle? Oh well..."
You'd think it was over, wouldn't you? An explosion at close range, not even Sleiphnir could've survived that? That must be what you're thinking...well...if you bet your life on that, you'd lose. Out of the burning wreckage of the Mk. 303...Sleiphnir came out of the flames. Just like something from the terminator, Sleiphnir walked right out of that fire...barely a scratch. Attached was the Mk. 303's severed forearm... "Well done, Ellis."
"Yah, at the last second I had fixed the energy shields and than activated them just before the explosion. If we hadn't done that, than we wouldn't be having this conversation."
"I suppose...but still..." Ikumi looked off in the distance where the escape pod flew. "That pilot will be a real problem in the future...we should eliminate him the next chance we get." And with those last words, Sleiphnir walked away from the wreckage...Ikumi wouldn't want to be there when enemy reinforcements arrived. What will the future have in store now...?

(That's the end of this part, sorry if the ending sentences weren't too cool...I was being rushed at the time.
Please don't flame if I got some things wrong or messed up.
I'll put up the next part as soon as possible...Please comment or whatever. )
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