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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/14/08
-Part 4-

'What's this?'
Souji hadn't expected Nero to take this kind of turn. 'When did he get allies?' He had no idea Nero was a girl.

The soldiers moved in a tight formation, obviously, since they had 303 and 202 units, there was very little chance for these regular militants with guns to come out alive.
However, they were using the civilians as shields to protect themselves.

Ikumi was in a position where she couldn't see everything directly, but she was there. "Now, what shall the army do? For the mechanized units to attack, they'll have to kill the civilians.

'Heh...I underestimated you, Nero. You took civilians hostage right under the nose of the military.'
Souji was prepared however.
The Nero on the big screen TV raised their hand,
'Even now, you're still too unpredictable..but....'

Nero lowered her hand in swift succession. And with that movement, all hell broke loose...
'I will be the winner in the end.'

When the terrorists started attacking, and military responded. Lots of people were dying, mostly innocents.
"All units, close in around the vehicle. Protect it all costs." All the mechanized units made a wall around the vehicle, Souji couldn't see from exactly how the battle was turning out. But he heard a lot of bullets.

'This is too weird...I don't think Nero would've possibly thought that simple weapons like those could stand up against Mechanized Units.' Souji closed his eyes, going over his assumptions of Nero. 'It's possible, Nero may have another objective.' Souji had an idea, but it was too soon to know for sure...
As the enemies were being pushed back, more of the 202 units were chasing after them.
"Stage 2, cleared." It was safe to proceed now.

A lone soldier moved towards the transport vehicle. "Excuse me, sir." It was a female voice.
The guard at the only entrance inside looked to the soldier, "What do you have to report? If it's nothing than go back to your unit, you've got a battle to fi-" he paused, "Wait, what unit are you from? Remove your helmet and identify yourself." He reached for his gun.
"Understood," She spoke, and took off her helmet.

Ikumi looked the guard directly in the eye, "Hey, why don't you show me up top." The eye glowed, she was activating the ability.
"Yes ma'am."
"Oh, and also, I have another task for you..." Ikumi was already thinking multiple steps ahead...

(Sorry I couldn't continue with this part, the new dog is crying. X__x;; )
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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/16/08 , edited 7/9/08
(Behold...An epic twist in the plot. >D

-Part 5-

The battle raged on, by this time, 90% of the rebels had been exterminated.

Inside the land carrier, around the control center. A man in his mid-40's, wearing clothe befitting someone of a higher class that made the rest of us want to kick his ass, his black bear and gelled back hair kinda added to the aura of 'asshole' this guy was giving off.
He stood over a console, at the door two armored guards stood. "So, it looks like this Nero was all talk." He was confident in his victory, if only he'd seen it coming...but he wasn't that smart a man. He had only gotten where he was now by doing things with evil intentions, it was by his word that Souji was a scapegoat anyways.
If there could be anyone who was categorized in Nero's enemy list, this guy was on it...for sure...without a doubt. I'd put money on that.

A soldier came into the room, "Sir, there's been an incident." The soldier started.
"What is it?" He asked, not even turning to look at this now entering soldier.
"We've confirmed contact with the Blood Red Unit." They reported in a mono-tone voice, as if they didn't entirely care either way.

"What?!" He turned towards the soldier, "Where, tell me! Where is it?! It's not coming here is it?!" He had heard the stories of that unit, so obviously he was terrified. I mean, who wouldn't be?
That thing was more unkillable than Angela...and that chick doesn't fricken die...! Half her body got eaten and she was still alive! (<---Tetragrammaton Labyrinth reference.)

"From my report, it seems to be retreating to the North, pursuit is advised." The solider informed.

"Yes, of course." This guy had hardly any tactical experience, so if he had taken the time to confirm this information maybe he'd have stayed alive a little longer...maybe...?
Lets go check up top with Souji and Ikumi...
He was still standing up there...unable to move at all...his stomach growled. 'I'm hungry.' He thought to himself.

"Hold still, I'm going to set you free." The masked voice of Nero came from behind, Nero was carrying a key card in their hand.

"I see." The muffled voice of Souji replied.
'I see, so the Nero on the screen is a recording.' Souji guessed. 'Smart move.'

The funny thing about these locks, only one key-card had to be slid through the lock and the entire system falls apart. And the lockee was completely free to do whatever they wanted again, with no limitations. So, guess what Souji did directly after he was set free?
He grabbed onto Nero's wrist and pulled it behind their back. He than used his other arm and wrapped it around their neck. He had them in an hard-to-get-out-of-hold.

"What is this?!" Nero exclaimed, completely shocked and outraged. Nero struggled against the hold, in the struggle, Souji's helmet was knocked off his head! Only to reveal...
It wasn't Souji at all.
"SURPRISE!!!" Nagi shouted out loudly, she shouted out as loud as she could! "Yumi, go!"
A custom model Mk. 303 had appeared from out of one of the buildings, it headed straight for the carrier. Moving so fast it broke right through the Mass Production 303 Units.

Nero had no time to react, at once the Custom Unit had jumped right over the carrier so fast that no one had really seen it clearly enough. But Nagi had gone with it.

However, while Nero was distracted, a mysterious figure in a red and white coat wearing a disguise like Nero had dropped from the Custom Unit.

As this mysterious figure fell, a black long-sword hung from it's back. "You are called Nero, correct?" The masked figure spoke with a voice mask. "Know this," The Mk. 303's focused on this mysterious person. All cameras in the area were now focused on this person. "I am...Weiss." It was a name contrasting Nero...probably done on purpose...

Weiss pulled out his sword, he than dashed towards Nero with speeds the likes of with were not normal for a human to possess.
Within moments, Weiss was kneeling in front of Nero, the blade in a wide-slash stance.
Before Nero could react, it was too late anyways.
Nero had been cut across the chest.

Honestly, Weiss was expecting something a little more. Oh well. "The rebellion of Nero won't happen it seems," Weiss walked around the fallen figure that could've become a threat. " become a real threat, I'll eliminate you here and now." He raised the black sword, ready to take the head of Nero.

Nero coughed up blood, the disguise fell. "You've been tricked." It wasn't Ikumi at was that soldier from downstairs, the one Ikumi had controlled...which must've meant, the real Nero's goal take the head of the leader.
"I'm merely a pawn, the one you elsewhere..." He died right then and there.

"...A" What did that mean exactly? "The objective of a chess game is to take the that case...a pawn is used for's real goal is..."
(I just want to point out, the land carrier is FRICKEN HUGE!!!)

Ikumi had taken the guards by surprise, shooting them with her gun while they were in shock of the Custom Model Mk. 303. She was now closing in on the leader... "Honestly, I didn't expect to see you here, Jerome." Ikumi moved towards the middle-aged man, her gun pointed directly at him. "I suppose you and the rest of the pathetic nobles don't remember me? After all, I was just a half-blooded offspring of a commoner and noble." Ikumi removed her helmet. "Do you remember now, Jerome?" She smiled as she saw the fear in his eyes.

"I-Ikumi...!" He put on a faux smile, despite the obvious fear in his voice. "H-How glad I am to see you." He moved back, his hand secretly moving towards the emergency button on the console.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." She interrupted, than she shot the lock on the door. Both of them were trapped inside the room. "Even if you call for help, no one will come in time." Ikumi moved forward, "Myuu, where was I?" She seemed to have forgotten. "Oh, yah, I was at this part." She pistol whipped him across the face, the force of the strike was enough to knock Jerome to the floor.

"W-Wait, Jerome pleaded through a bleeding nose." He slowly scooted away, pleading for his life.

"...." Ikumi wasn't really listening to what he was saying, as she closed in. "I'll let you live for a bit, at least until my questions are answered." Ikumi walked towards a table at the center of the room, "So there's no worry, watch," She put the gun down on the table. "See." She took a seat, sitting in a lazy posture. "So tell me, how is the Empress these days? If memory serves, she'll be 13 this year." Ikumi spoke in a very casual way.

"Sh-She's fine," He started to rise to his feet, slowly. Eyeing th gun on the table every now and than, "Pretty soon, she won't even need royal advisors to..uhhh..." He edged closer to the gun, "To uhhh....tell her...what to do..."

Ikumi folded her hands on the table, "If I remember correctly, the Empress doesn't exactly approve of needless sacrifice of innocent I tell her of what you've been doing with her district, Jerome? Or should I say...Governor? You've really climbed the ranks haven't you." Ikumi tilted her head cutely, "Last time I saw you, you and my father had been saying how great it would be if I didn't exist." Ikumi added with a tone of anger in her voice.

"I...I'm really...sorry for see...I..." He was getting closer to the gun, not realizing Ikumi knew exactly what he was doing. "I had always felt...that...if he kept saying those would turn into...a bad person."

"Of course, to all of you nobles, I was already a bad person." Ikumi played with the helmet in her hand, tossing it into the air and catching it of course. "But...when my eye..." Ikumi drifted off... "All of you...couldn't wait to get rid of me. 'A noble must not look ugly or hideous in any way, it'll blemish our name.' Those were your words, weren't they? And all sent me to the front lines of a war that the Empress wasn't even aware of..." That explains a lot of Ikumi's beef with the military. "I was supposed to have died, right?"
Ikumi finally stood up, pacing around the room. "However...I didn't come here to bother with the past, Jerome." Ikumi faced Jerome, who was now pointing a gun at her.


The shot missed, probably meant to scare Ikumi. It didn't...not even in the slightest.

"Heh, you stupid half-blooded abomination, you should've died on the battlefields long ago." He was rather cocky now that he had a gun. "Your very existence, irritates of dirty blood like you, should stay down with the other trash. Licking the boots of us with noble seem to have grown into that body quite well...why don't you unrap yourself." As if he couldn't get any more scummy...

"Heh," Ikumi scoffed, she smiled darkly. "I don't think so, you pathetic excuse for a man." Even with a gun pointed at her, Ikumi remained fearless and badass. Because she was cool like that.

"Oh, I was going to let you feel the touch of a noble, but instead...I'm just going to shoot you."

"In that case, why don't you shoot than." She pointed to herself. "Go ahead, and shoot me." Ikumi raised her voice. "What's wrong?! Don't have the guts to shoot me?!" Ikumi was goading him.

"You little-" He pulled the trigger...but no bullet...

"You really are a very predictable man, Jerome. That gun is useless now, because you see...I had planned to kill you painfully." She tore off a silver bladed sword the length that was her height, hanging on the wall. "One of my goals for being here was to retrieve this," The blade was hers in the first place from a long time ago." She slowly turned towards Jerome, "My second goal, was to rescue a wronged prisoner." She started moving, "My third goal was to kill you, you're on a list of certain individuals who I want to're a threat to the world." She pulled the sword out of it's scabbard, "You've been committing heinous acts of treason under the Empresses' very nose, you've permanently besmirched her name." She slowly pulled off her eye-patch... "Do you remember what the punishment for treason is?"

Before Jerome had a chance to run, Ikumi had plunged the blade deep within Jerome's chest, Ikumi stood back...wanting Jerome to finish the job himself. "It is death." She used the Eye...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/16/08
I didn't really like the last part...
I meant to put more violenty violence in there...

Yes, I did confuse the hell out of a lot of you didn't I?
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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/17/08
(For the record, Ikumi didn't forget the gun was there. She just wanted to humiliate a long time enemy after a long time.

Here's the next part. )

-part 6-

Ikumi sighed to herself, staring at the bloody corpse of her enemy. She took the blade by the hilt, and pulled it out, than she contacted Ellis with a special headset she had been hiding, "Ellis, bring Sleiphnir around...we're done here." Ikumi slipped the blade back in the scabbard.

A blip was appearing on the radar, "That would be Ellis." Ikumi put the soldier's helmet back on, she wanted to hide her identity after all.

Suddenly, the door was blown open. Ikumi held her arm over her face as an instinct to keep the smoke from getting into the helmet...

Weiss started walking through the door, "Your the real, Nero." Weiss saw that he was already too late. But, Nero was still here...that was a plus.

"...." Ikumi said nothing, this didn't have a voice mask. Also, Ikumi didn't want to reveal her gender just yet. She merely nodded.

"In that case," He pulled the black sword from his back. "I have to take you down." Weiss held the blade over his shoulder, he was about to sprint.

However, Ikumi's palm was raised to Weiss, she shook her head and waved her index finger. Ikumi hadn't even drawn her blade. She merely stepped back, to the window. She casually saluted and turned her back on Weiss.

"...." Weiss was silent, this Nero's idiocy was getting on his nerves. Like he couldn't just attack anyways...He sprinted forward.


The land carrier shook. Weiss and Nero had to keep themselves from falling, "What was that?" Weiss said.
On the camera screens, he saw that the Blood Red Unit was closing in. It was engaging in battle with the Mk. 303 units.

Weiss was off guard, this was Ikumi's chance. She dashed towards Weiss, unsheathing the sword on Weiss.

Weiss had nearly been cut, if he hadn't lowered the blade so that it caught Nero's strike.

Nero was parried, but she wasn't gonna give up that easily. 'You're gonna go down right now!' Nero relentlessly attacked. Each slash in perfect sequence.

Weiss couldn't find a counter, all he could do was dodge-step, duck, jump, and parry. 'Nero is better than I thought, however,' Weiss reached into his jacket, he threw a side-arm combat knife at Nero.

Directly as he predicted, Nero dodged to avoid it.

That gave Weiss his opening, he cut the top of Nero's outfit, the special jacket-armor which normally protected soldier's from a certain amount of damage was cut by Weiss' blade. 'You're out of your league here.'
Weiss would've attacked, until he saw... 'A woman?' The outer layer of the uniform could hide someone's gender, but with that outer armor cut, all that was left was the under armor. It didn't protect as much, but it did a little bit. could clearly see gender qualities.
Nero covered her chest, 'He saw!'

It was in their moments of confusion, that a hand had burst through the window. Nero's ride had arrived. The cockpit opened and Nero jumped right inside...

"Had fun, Ikumi?" Ellis greeted.

"Pretty much, now lets leave in a cool way." Ikumi took the controls. One of the cameras were focused on Weiss... "....." Silence, she realized that their destined battle would have to wait...for now...Ikumi was tired.

Sleiphnir turned around, 2 Mk. 303s were in the way.

Sleiphnir ran right through them, grabbing their heads and dragging them along the ground before eventually letting go.

Weiss watched as the Blood Red Unit was escaping, he sighed to himself. "Well looks like the mission was a failure," He took off his helmet. Souji scratched the back of his head, "But it wasn't entirely a failure." Souji smiled to himself...
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Posted 6/18/08
next plz^-^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/20/08
Now, I must go and think about what should happen next.
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Posted 6/21/08
yep yep^-^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/9/08
Yah, I'm sorry I haven't updated in...a while...
Don't worry though, I'll post something soon, I promise.

Does this look like a face that would lie to my readers?

But how bout this one?!
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Posted 7/9/08
you know what that face gives me a really wierd feeling i dont know if i should trust it or not
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/9/08
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/9/08
(Anyways, time to start phase 3.)

-Phase 3: "A leader needs followers"-

-part 1-

-Interrogation room-
"Don't bullshit me!" Kanda slammed his hand on the table, "Who is Nero?!" He was standing across the table from a captured Nero, though it was a fake.

It turned out to be just an average gangster, "I'm telling you the truth, I have no idea who Nero is?!" He was getting irritated. "Like I said before, I was just hanging around with some friends and than I blacked out. I woke up shooting at the fricken army!" Honestly, there was no way anyone could believe that sort of story.

"Look man, whether you did it or not, you're going to jail anyways...might as well tell everything you saw."

It was a lose-lose situation here, "Okay, I'll tell the last thing I remember..." He tried to focus, "Wait...yes, I remember...there was black..."

"Yes, that's Nero."

"Than they......" He suddenly paused, his eyes widened and he clutched his heart.

"What's wrong?"

"I...I don't..." He than screamed as he fell from the chair.

Kanda wasn't the least bit surprised. "Not again." It seemed this happened before.

"What's wrong?" A voice said from behind.

"Every time I get them to remember something that gives us a clue, they all suddenly have a heart attack." He didn't even turn around to see who he was speaking to.

"I see...that might be because Nero doesn't want them to know."

"!!!" He turned around abruptly, "Weiss?!" The real Weiss (Souji) was standing there, with two people by his side who wore silver robes with hoods. (Yumi and Nagi.)
Kanda reached for his gun.

Suddenly Nagi dashed forward and grabbed Kanda's wrist, she raised the gun overhead, a single shot was fired before Nagi wrestled the gun out of his hand.

"You still don't know?" Weiss took off his disguise, revealing his face. "I can't believe you didn't notice."
Souji put the helmet down on the table.

"Souji? So it was you after all, did..."

He pointed to Nagi, "I used Nagi as my double, I had a feeling Nero would be tempted to do something like this. So I laid out a trap for her. Glad she took the bait."

"Her?" Kanda questioned, "How do you know Nero is a girl?"

Souji pointed to Yumi's chest. "That's how I know, I saw them in a manner of speaking." Souji was cool enough that he could say something perverted and not feel embarrassed about it.
"Originally, I was planning on luring out Nero another way...but I didn't expect to become a scapegoat either." Souji leaned against the chair, his feet on the table.
"However, I don't suppose we can call it a victory...we lost one of the nobles and-" Suddenly Souji's phone was ringing.
A shiver ran down his spine for some reason, who else could be calling him at a time like this?
"Excuse me for one moment."
He reached inside his coat, and pulled out a black cell-phone, he unfolded it and pressed the 'talk' button. "Hello."

"Souji-kun?" A young girl's voice.

Souji's eyes widened, "Empress?!" He had not expected her to call, could it be she heard about the incidents happening down here...or...was she in danger?! "What's wrong, is everything alright, where are you?!"

"Ah, Souji-kun, please stay calm...I'm alright. I'm just calling to let you know that...I'm heading to your area right now."

"What?" Souji questioned.

"It's because I missed you."

This conversation was highly embarrassing for Souji, "Um, you can't come over here right now...there's some issues here and-"

"But I'm already on the plane."

"You're what?" It was already too late.

"I'll be there shortly, so can you pick me up at the airport in about an hour...I'm in disguise right now..." She laughed over the fun.

From past experiences, Souji knew it was pointless to argue with the empress, when she's made up her mind nothing is going to stop her from fulfilling that goal. "Alright, fine than...I'll be there shortly."
He hung up.
He sighed to himself and turned to Yumi, Nagi, and Kanda... "....We're heading to the airport..."
And now the empress takes the stage, what kind of character will she be...
And whose that mysterious apparition following Souji around...
Souji shivered.
"What's wrong, Souji?" Yumi asked.

"I have a feeling I'm being watched." How right he was...
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Posted 7/10/08
oh yay I wonder what kind of person is the empress cant wait 4 more
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08

Don't know yet, haven't named her either.

Also, I was reading a manga called Lost + Brain.
The main character uses hypnotism.
That's...somewhat similar to Ikumi's powers... I can't help but feel someone had the same idea as me. suspicions of being spied on, is actually true!
Also...I just looked around the room I was in, scanning for surveillance equipment.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I actually find something...
1 in a 1,000,000,000th chance, but still a chance...YOU NEVER KNOW FOR SURE!!!

Ps: I was just kidding about the scanning...but only a little bit.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/13/08
Well, let's go check up on Ikumi in a little while...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/13/08
-part 2-


Ikumi, with her Nero costume was walking through the alleyways. Of course, Sleiphnir was on standby nearby.
"Hey, Ellis, which way do I turn?" There was a fork in the road.

"Take the right one." Ellis said telepathically. She was currently busy, flying Sleiphnir in the air. It's stealth abilities were else could it move undetected with every military personal keeping an eye out for them?

"I really like Sleiphnir's stealth capabilities." Ikumi complimented, "It can't be picked up on any radar, and it's completely invisible to the naked eye."

"As I said before, your human technology isn't up to par with a god's...even something as old as this child." She zoomed in the view to 20x, trying to get a better view of the target's hideout.
"So, who are you killing today?"

"Oh, just cleaning up some left over trash; The yaginaka crime syndicate. I took down their leader early on, but it seems I have to kill them all before they get the picture."
Ikumi turned a corner, "It should be right around he-" She paused when seeing something she had not expected.

"What's wrong Ikumi?" Ellis noticed Ikumi's pause.

"....Someone beat me to it apparently..." The hideout was completely trashed, dead guys were everywhere. The windows, the walls, dumpsters, there was even one guy with his head in the ground.
"Wow, this is really brutal." Ikumi tapped her foot against one of them. "And this me saying this." Ikumi removed her facial-disguise to get a better look. Looking through the helmet/mask was kind of annoying from time to time.
"Oh, what's this." Ikumi noticed a symbol along the wall. "A wolf?" Ikumi placed her hand along the symbol. "It looks like it was carved in here by a very sharp blade...I'm actually quite impressed."
Ikumi's cellphone started ringing, "Huh?" She saw the name, "Souji?" She picked it up. "Yes, what is it?"

"Hey, Ikumi, where are you? I'm coming to pick you up."


"I have to pick someone up at the airport, so I need you to come with me."

"What, but why me?"

"...Because this is a 'very' important package I'm picking up."

"Oh...okay..." If she refused it may make her seem suspicious, besides, she really had nothing better to do...someone already beat her to this place anyways...

(I'll come up with part 3 as soon as I can. )
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