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the one who loves you or the one you love
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29 / M / Winterpeggers
Posted 8/29/08
like anyone could love me
but Ill spend eternity alone thank you very much
you will get sick anyways hanging around with only one person
Posted 8/30/08
The one I love.

It's easier to deal with. For me it would be too much of a burden if it was the other way and in the end up I'd feel bad for that person.
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28 / M / in a parallel uni...
Posted 8/30/08
Posted 8/30/08
well, think about it. if you're in love with someone and you get to be with them but they don't love you, how is that good?
it will break your heart that you love them but they couldn't care less about you.
i wouldn't waste my time loving someone who doesn't or couldn't love me back. plus it's pretty selfish if you think about it.
i think i'd rather be with someone who loved me first because they would probably grow on me.
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28 / F / Living in the US...
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
if i know for a fact, i'll never like him and I'll never
be able to love him then i would probably
rather be with the one i love than the one who loves
me. because.. well, i think either way, you're miserable.

The one you love but he/she doesn't love you:
no matter what you do and how nice you are,
he/she will never love you back, cause you are
not what they want and what they desire.

The one who loves you but you don't love:
no point of staying together, because you're not
gonna be happy. and when you're not happy
he/she is not happy either, cause all they want
to do is to make you happy

Being with the one who loves you is just unfair
to him/her. because he/she loves you, but you dont love
him/her. i mean, he/she is a person and he/she deserves to be
loved back too.

Being with the one you love is just being selfish.
cause why are you gonna be with someone who
obviously doesnt want you?

So either way, it's bad! why wont we all just find
someone who we love and they love us back! = D
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F / In my fantasies.
Posted 8/30/08
The title is pretty confusing at first but when i gave it a second read, I understood. I rather have the one that loves me... because I wouldnt like someone that doesnt like me at all and would instead learn to love the person that loves me.
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77 / F / Tenochtitlan
Posted 8/30/08
well to be the good person

u would choose the one u love even though they dont love u
because u would totaly try to make them happi
but then they realli cant be happi because they dont love u

if u choose the one that loves u but u dont love

it seems a bit selfish because u know they are going to love u and i guess spoil u but
u have nothing in return

so my answer
is i would choose no one

and besides
i love only myself ha
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32 / F / Somewhere on the...
Posted 8/30/08
It's really easier to choose the one that loves you. At least you can change your own views and thoughts abt that person, and hopefully try to love them back. Then again, it depends on the situation. Maybe I'll choose myself, and myself only. haha..
Posted 8/30/08
the person who loves me ... coz he can do anything to make me happy
Posted 8/30/08
no one.because either way u'll be hurt.
u'll be hurt because if u'll choose someone u dont love
he/she will abandon u for ur not loving him/her.
(u just love teh person like a friend.)

u'll be hurt again b'coz if u choose teh one u love,
they'll just boost up ur hope that he/she will love u back
and im sure they have their own reasons not loving u back.

..does it make sense?

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29 / M / South Florida
Posted 8/30/08
i would rather.... be a pimp from LA..

wearing green for the money

gold for the honnies ;)

all love to share son
Posted 8/30/08
id rather be single than live either lives.....cuz that'll be a torture for both of us
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32 / F / MANILA
Posted 8/30/08
hmm...this "intriguing" question has been a long time question for me and my the past i used to choose the first option - who i love - but now i think that i would prefer the second one - chose who loves me because i know that i can survive more if there is someone who will be there for me :)

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24 / F / G-Dale!!!
Posted 8/30/08
its kinda the same buht im gunna say the one who loves me! at least im sure that he loves me and no one else...and hopefully someday i wud learn to love him too! LOL sooo dramatic...but seriously...cuhz lets say i chose the one i love....wouldnt that suck cuhz the guys gunna be pushin me away and all....but if i chose the guy who loves me then i would feel special and loved! LOL
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