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Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/9/08
I had a hard time facing reality and staying in my world of dreams and hopes of being with my girl, which in the real life: left me for another guy. My name by the way is Jack, and no, I’ve work hard to be just an ordinary guy but a guy, whom you will all think that’s tough, cool, sophisticated and ideal. I’m not handsome, but I’ve got to admit, I have looks. I’ve work hard to be what I am now, the most popular guy especially to the girls. Yes, indeed I am.
But somehow none of these mattered when my all time crush, which became my girlfriend, left me.
“Jack, please promise me that you’ll totally be there for my recital tomorrow. Please?”
These were the last word she said before the day she completely vanish from my life. It was raining hard, y Ferrari car was full of dirt that I had to go home to go fetched my other car, which was a Chevrolet, in order to arrive on time for the recital. I was there, at the front now, gazing at her beauty, marveling talent of the most significant person in my life, there she was, preparing to play the piano, and my most priced possession, Caroline. I applauded and even stood when she finished, then there was the hardest part. She stared at me with watery eyes and muttered the words “Thank you and good bye!”. I really didn’t believe it at first, but it was all clear when she walked down the stage and kissed another guy. Right there and then, I know I had to leave. It was too much to bear.
“Oh please! let this be just a dream! Please? Please?” I shouted my heart out in the car, unable to hold back the tears, the hurt, the agony I felt. “I love her I love her! When I wake up tomorrow, she’ll explain everything! And she’ll tell me that she loves me too, and everything will be alright! Yes, she will” I said to myself. But when I started the engine, I couldn’t kid myself, she’s not coming back, she slapped it to my face, and she’s not coming to you jack! She’s gone!
I’ve never felt so down in my life, like I’m carrying the whole world. After that night, there was no text, no call, no nothing about my Caroline, nothing at all. We see each other at school, and I can never ignore her. Whenever I see her, even just afar, I’d still marvel at her, how she loved me and how she made everything feel so right even right after a fight. But then again, the same thing happens; she walks by as if I don’t exist.
I loved her, even after months had passed from that day she left. I regularly give her bouquets of blue roses whenever our supposed monthsary come and send her letters expressing the love I still have for her. But after 2 years of doing the same routine, I stopped. Why? It’s enough, I hurt myself long enough, and I knew I had to move on. So I did! But never did I courted anyone else or dated another girl.
Senior year came and excited as we are, before we knew it, we’re graduating next month. Goodbye painful years, but I can’t find the guts to say, goodbye to Caroline, No, I still can’t.
She texted me one night, and asked me how I was. I tried not to reply but I failed. I got so psyched of the thought that after all these years she still have my number and texted me. I said I was fine and doing well. II asked her the same thing and also about her boyfriend, so to speak. She just replied thank you and goodbye. This sentence has become her habit, my mind told me. Then the memory flashed back. Like thunder in the sky, the night she left me. That’s when I knew; I still loved her and want to know why she left me.
On the day of our graduation, March 31, we we’re all excited, I bought gifts for my friends to remember what we shared and to her, a golden locket with our names engraved on it and our pictures in it. I was supposed to give it to her that night, but knowing how things turned out, I didn’t have the strength to walk up to her and hang this on her neck. I waited after the ceremony ended and I had been broken ever since….
Time maybe a great healer but time can never rush you when you should be healed from all the pain you have felt. I am a witness to that…
“Jack I love you and I am sorry I did those awful things to you! Here’s a box containing everything you gave me so that you’ll be able to say that: “The person who owned this really did love me, and as she promised, forever she will!”
Love you,, yes, forever,
I’m staring now, at something I never thought I would. it says”
May you rest in peace
Caroline Cacheeca
Birth: July 8’ 1799
Death: March 31, 2008
In loving memory of her family, friends and relatives.
Tears fell from my cheeks, on bended knees I cried my heart out! All the while she kept her promise; she loved me as long as she could…

Note: She had been suffering from lung cancer. When she found out, she wanted me to e happy thinking that she could not be there to love me anymore.. That’s what happened during the recital. She planned it all. The guy she kissed in the cheek was a relative of hers.
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