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22 / F / My DREAM LIVE sta...
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 9/8/08

name: Tsukishima Utau (the pic above is Tsukishima Utau !!!! ^v^)

Age: 13 (real life 12 but goin to be 13 this October...^^)

Background Information: Utau is a girl who is a little taller than average girls at her age , she done before a model's job when she was young and has a good body figure. She is a girl who hav many wishes to be her would-be-self....she dont noe wat she wanted to be actually... She has a amazing great voice and LOVE to sing and dance but do not hav the courage to do so infront of someone else even though she dreams to become a singer, so she hides her talent until now... Her voice and dance has the ability to control someone , changes someone's mood either into good or bad depend on how she wants but she wouldnt make someone sad purposely...She also looks up to her cool elder sister,Tsukishima Aimi. Their parents were in a accident when they were trying to save their friends in a car crash but pass away when trying to do so...that's why her elder sis is too protective of Utau and will always know where her whereabout is . Her charas were born one after one another continuously each day... She loves to sing and dance so much tat she actually will sing and dance in the street wearing disguise as she didnt want anyone to know who she is... People and companies got attracted to her songs but cannot find out who she is ...


Seira is a cool vampire chara. She is cool and smart... She also doesnt like to smile... but is not evil... She believes in her own decision and is a little stubborn. Utau will chara change for a while when she smelled blood but will not be crazy over blood even tho she is a vampire....she will juz be chara change for a moment before turning back into her original self....She will say "lost, cold, vamp..." when chara change....She has ability to control fire...

Kawa is a lil childish neko chara...She is cute and is like a baby... She loves to be free and jump around...She doesnt like dogs and cannot stand around them and will start crying... Kawa will say "miew,miao,nya !! " when chara change.She has a lightning speed and flexible body....

Hoshiki is a pretty,talented and graceful singer chara. She loves to sing and dance... She loves to smile and make ppl laugh or smile too when they are depressed... She is a little stubborn but believes in herself... Utau will chara change with her whenever she heard nice music and will sing and dance along with it...she will return to her usual self when Utau wants to as Utau also LOVE to sing and dance too...Utau's singing has more power after chara change with Hoshiki...Hoshiki will say "Sing ,dance, fun~" when chara change...Utau's chara change with Hoshiki can do anything she wants when singing or after singing....

Miku is a talented artist chara. She loves to draw...She is great in fashion sense and love to express herself by drawing...Her drawings can comes to life or become real when she wanted to... Utau will chara change with Miku when she saw people drawing ... Miku will say "draw, paint, life!!!" when chara change...

Their powers when character transform are still inknown....

Personality: Utau is a cheerful, positive girl. She loves to smile but a little shy sometimes... She hate being lonely and being betrayed by someone she love...
Picture: [[optional]

Utau (when in disguised while singing and dancing on the streets)

Utau in normal out wear

Utau when character transformation with....

Seira- Amulet vampire

Kawa- Amulet Lynx

Hoshiki- Amulet Rockstar

Miku-Amulet Carol

Thanks for reading !!!! Arigato !!!! ^v^

(sry i edited it after 5 days... cuz some pics of the photobucket disappears.. sry !!!)

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24 / F / ~ Wonderland~
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
Wow, I'm finally participatin'~! [And I'm the creator, haha]

Everyone has a good imagination, everything is great~! And Cammy, good work ;)

So, here is my character info:
Name: Erika Kamiya

Age: 13

Background Information: Everything in Erika's life was fine... Til she was seven, when two men kidnaped her and killed her mother. Her latest memory was in a hospital, when she was already eight. She had lost the rest of her memory, except for two or three memories. Her father explained her about her life and the kidnapping, but he didn't want to tell her about the men, why they did so or what happened in the last year. He didn't talk much about her mother either. Next year in her new school, she was pretty sad and confused, so she didn't talk much to other kids; she was kinda a 'goodie'[too good], til one day a girl who always teased her messed with her fanily. Erika attack her, literaly, and she was expelled from school. Her father decided to hire a teacher so Erika could study at home til she was ready for startin' school again. Finally, when Erika was turnin' 13, her father decided she was. But the summer before classes started, she was walkin' and she was stopped by a mysterious man. He told her that he knew about the men, her rmother and how she could get her memory back. The only thing that Erika has to do is collectin' as much charas as she can and givin' them to the men, so he'd help her.

Charas: She got her 2 charas the day she was expelled from school.

Saril: A nice, razonable and sometimes annoyin' chara, since she's always concerned about doin' the right thing, bein' polite and bein' a good person and friend. She has a pink dress, long blonde hair, purple eyes and wings like an angel. She seems interested in arts and she's good doin' handicrafts. She likes soft music. Doesn't get on well with Yuri.
Chara-change: When Erika chara-change with her, she acts like Saril.
Chara-nari: Celestial Angel. When Erika chara-nari with Saril, she gets a short light violet dress with long trainers and white wings. She shines a lot, and her light brings warm and peace to ppl. Erika really looks more beautiful than she is when she chara-nari with Saril. However, she tries to not chara-nari much with her 'cause she says that bein' all nice doesn't work for her. Sometimes, she argues with Saril bcause of that.

Yuri: She's sarcastic, kinda joker, cheeky, daring. She's always lookin' for what is the most fun or convinient thing to do, doesn't matter if it is right or wrong. She looks a lot like Saril, but she has brown and longer hair, her outfit is black and white, with black fingerless gloves and her wings are black. She hates palaver, she prefer goin' right to the action. She loves rock. Doesn't get along with Saril.
Chara-change: Erika becomes a sarcastic, funny, cocky, shameless person.
Chara-nari: Dark Angel. Erika gets a short black and red dress, with fingerless gloves and black wings. She flap her wings that make a strong wind and can throw a dark shine that confuse ppl. She's pretty fast and fight pretty well.

Personality: Her father tells Erika that when she was younger, she was cheerful and nice. After the kidnapping, she was a quiet girl, with a sad smile. After fightin' with the girl at school, she started wonderin' if bein' good actually worked, and how she should be. So, she started to act serious, with a "I don't care" actitude, but always calm, with a passive aggressiveness. Doesn't make much friends. If she is upset, her killer look[look= glance], and she's pretty strong, so nobody mess with her. In the deep inside, she's just a lonely and confused girl who wants her memory back, a normal life and some friends.
She loves music. Speciall rock, but sometimes she listens some clasical music [Saril's fault!]. She has much imagination and draws pretty well, so she can create good stories, but for some reason she doesn't want ppl to know about it. She also like doin' sports, specially soccer. She talks English very well and learned some Spanish. She's smart, good grades in general, except in Science, since she doesn't understan anything, but too stubborn to ask for help. Even though she doesn't care bein' girly or fashionable [despiste bein' so pretty], you can notice she has a long almost blonde well cared hair, since one of her memories is when her mother was brushin' lovingly her hair and tellin' her that she should never cut it since she really liked it that way. So, Erika's hair is long and pretty, but she dyed a streak red
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/8/08
Name: Aya Akane
Age: 13
Background Information: Aya got her charas when she was just 10 years old. She has one brother named Sora. He is only 6 years old. Her father was a doctor(surgen) and mother died in a terrible car accident. At school, she is very popular. she is the president of student council.
Personality: She is optimistic, bright, smart and kinda outgoing
Kitty Devil and Bunny Angel
My Charas are Eru( the Devil) and Eri( the Angel)

Eru is female.
She is a devil.
Eru was first to come out of her egg.
Her outfit is a black/navy school uniform w/ kitty ears.
Her hair is braided at the back. Her hair colour is black.
Chara Change: kitty, devil, evil!
Kyara Nari: Kitty Devil - The outfit is a short dress w/ no sleeeves. She has kitty hat and long gloves. She has long boots. The tail and wings are there too. The hair is staight cut.
Attack: Devil's Trident

Eri is also female.
She is a angel.
Eru was second to come out of her egg.
Her outfit is a red/maroon school uniform but w/ bunny ears.
Her hair are in pigtails. Her hair colour is pink.
Chara Change: bunny, angel, cutey!
Kyara Nari: Bunny Angel - The outfit is a chinese dress. She has long sleeves. A bunny on side of her pigtails. The halo and the wings are there. She also carries a cross staff.
Attack: Angel's Halo


Eru( the Devil) and Eri( the Angel)

My Kyara Nari!

Kitty Devil

Bunny Angel
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24 / F / San Francisco
Posted 8/18/08 , edited 10/15/08
WARNING: I worked really hard on this >< I even got my charas to look kinda alike I'm so proud.

NAME: Tori Sohma

AGE: 13

APPEARANCE: She's rather tall for her age and has long, layered hair (a little past her chest). She also has some layered bangs on the sides of her face, which usually fall into her face and block her blue eyes. Tori loves to change her hair every once in a while by styling it and adding new highlights. She also loves wearing sweaters and miniskirts.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Tori and her parents were in a car accident when she was seven. Tori's parents died that night while she survived with only a few cuts and a broken arm. The strange thing was that she got a strange crescent shaped scar when a piece of glass cut her. She went to live with her Aunt and Uncle in Japan, considering they were her only option. Her aunt doesn't care for her much, but her uncle loves her, and tells her the best stories. Moving to Japan forced her to leave behind all her friends, including her best friend and next door neighbor Erika. She hasn't seen or talked to her since then.

CHARAS: Tori got her three chara eggs the night after the car accident.

Sakura: Tori's sweet, and loving chara. She has long blonde hair up to her shoulders and usually ties it back when she gets serious, i.e. winning a video game. Sakura loves tech. things, like playing video games and recording every second of Tori's life on her mini camcorder.Sakura never leaves the house without her trusty side bag, filled with her camera, camcorder, psp, etc. She also enjoys taking care of plants. Sakura is always happy and helpful, which makes it a rare site to see her cry or get angry.
When Sakura chara becomes with her, Tori gets a pair of blue headphones, knee high socks, boots, gloves, a shirt/long coat thing, and tight black shorts under. Tori also becomes super happy and gets really smart with tech things. Her two moves with Sakura are Energy Blast, in which energy balls are created by her hands and thrown at her enemy, and Dark Speed, in which she gains wings on the bottom of her boots, which allow her to jump high and run fast.

Outfit: stripped shirt with another shirt on top, skirt, stockings, scarf, hat, and her bag.


Character Change: [[temporary picture]]

Caleb:Tori's mature and magical chara. Caleb is rather quiet, smart, and serious. He carries a rather blank face so that people cant tell what he's thinking. He always has his brown wings and is ready to zap Karin with his magic if she messes with him. Caleb is capable of creating a glow in his hands which indicates when he's ready to use his magic. He is able to shock people, cause them to forget what happened [[which is handy when someone knows something they shouldn't]], and teleporting...which is strange when he has wings. He also likes to stay at home instead of following Tori all the time. Even though he doesnt say or show it, he really cares about Tori and the two other charas.
When Caleb chara becomes with her, Tori gets a short pink dress, long gloves, long stockings, a pink ribbon on the back of her head, giant wings, and a long wand // staff. Her eyes also become red and her hair gets a lot shorter, resembling Caleb's. Tori also becomes a lot quieter and smart. Her three moves are Time Warp in which she can go back in time [[ranging from 5 seconds to 5 minutes]]. This is a very impressive move, but it takes a lot of focus to do and takes up a lot of energy. Her other move is Magical Veil in which she creates a shield to protect herself or anyone else.

Outfit: A unique, medieval brown tunic, black pants, brown robe, wings, and two rings on his thumb.


Character Change:

Karin: Tori's punk chara. Karin is very outgoing and loves to mess with people, especially Sakura, and play her mini electric guitar. She has short, brown, layered hair up to her neck with red streaks through it. She also loves wearing eyeliner and mascara. Even though Karin may seem tough, she has a soft side whenever she sees Tori in pain.
When Karin chara becomes with her, Tori gets a black bustier, black sleeveless jacket, black and red miniskirt, belt, tie, boots, one black fingerless glove on her right hand, and a wrist band and two rings on her left. Tori also becomes a lot more outgoing. Her two moves are Sonic Blast, in which she uses her guitar and holds a sour note, piercing peoples ears, and Demonic Gust, where two wings come out of her back and produce a giant gust of black air, blinding and blowing away her opponent.

Outfit: Red t-shirt with a black sleeveless jacket as well as a red miniskirt with black converse. She also has one black glove on her right hand.

Character Change:

PERSONALITY: When she's around new people, she puts on her smile and tries to make friends. She has an outgoing personality and once she's with her friends, she learns to let go of everything around her and just have fun.

Her hobbies include drawing, soccer, video games, dancing, and staring at the sky. She also likes to collect and wear converse, leg warmers, and fingerless gloves. Even though she's a pretty good dancer, she turns into a huge klutz when she's at school, or around a cute guy.

Ever since the accident, Tori hides her sadness with a great smile - a smile that makes everyone believe she's okay. However, if someone does mention her parents, Tori finds a way to get away from everyone by going to her favorite place: the roof. Here Tori gets to escape the world and stare into the sky. The reason behind this is that when she was a little girl, her father would tell her stories about stars, and how when someone dies, their soul continues on and becomes a great star. She always looks up at the sky and still hopes to find the two stars that represent her parents.

PICTURE: temporary
Posted 8/23/08
Name: Miya (My-a) Toudo

Age: 16

Background Info: Miya's parents were killed by a drunk driver. since she had no relatives she had to live in a orphange in Paris. When she turn 16 she had to leave the orphange and live on the street but luck was with her. a family wanted to adopt a 16 year old girl. the family lived in Japan so after a week they went back to Japan. Miya now has a big brother and two little brothers. Miya is very violent and sort of a tomboy and has only her brothers for friends. Miya really loves playing the guitar. she has two charas.

Personality: Violent, Bright (not too bright), Punk

Apperance: Miya has long brown hair and brown colored eyes.

Miya Toudo


Lia (black bunny) and Lea (white bunny)
Lia (Lie-a) and Lea (Lae-a) are twins. Lia is the rock out, rebel type and Lea is the girly, cute type. Lia was the first to hatch out of her egg. Lia hatch after Miya spent a day with her brothers. Lea hatched out after her first day of school . Lia's words for chara change are "Rebelous, Guitar, Bunny" and Lea's are "Cuteness, Dice, Bunny". Lia's symbol on her egg is a guitar and Lea's egg symbol are two dice.

Chara Transformations

Lia and Miya. Chara Transformation: Rebelous Tune.

Lea and Miya. Chara Transformation: Cutezy Dice.
Posted 8/30/08
Age: 14
Background Information: loves writing and total tomboy
Charas: a sports chara because she likes sports :)
Personality: fun, weird, sometimes weird and crazy, but overall cool ^^
Picture: [[optional]]

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24 / F / Rainy doom
Posted 9/9/08
Name: Mikki
Background info: As a young girl Mikki got hit by a car and lost her memories of who she is. Most ppl think she's dead but an evil scientist brought her back to life. She really is Aki's best friend Yuki. In order to get her Memories back she must kidnap Chara's.
Personality: Friendly, Kind, and obidient.

Chara: Takki- a physic chara. When Mikki character transforms she can see ghosts.
Chara transformation: Luna Pentagram
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23 / F / (。◕‿◕。)
Posted 9/15/08
Name: Sakura Megumi
Age: 15 years old

Background Information:
Sakura is a cheerful and sporty girl..... she likes playing games... acts a bit boyish and a little bit mean towards boys... because she kinda hates them for looking down on her just because she's a girl... that's why she strives her best in doing anything! contests and such... but even though she hates guys.... boys fall in love with her cauz of her cuteness... she is also very talented in singing and dancing...
KIKI- an angel chara... she has an angelic voice that you will love listening to!
Ability: singing...she can cure sick people... fix things... make enemies to friends... just by singing..
MIKI- a weird and curious chara... she loves doing weird things that will interest you..!
Ability: can control people under her spell.... mind manipulation...

MITSUKI- a cheerful chara that loves dancing and making people happy!
Ability: dancing... pheromones.... can make any type of flower...good at cooking...

Personality: Cheerful, Weird, Sporty, Talented, Quiet sometimes, Cute and Thoughtful

Character Transformation:


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23 / M / Singapore
Posted 10/20/08
Im still wondering how come girls have so many charas... ^^"
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23 / F
Posted 10/30/08
-_-' i only have one...
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23 / F / Neverland ♥
Posted 11/3/08

Name: Aoimai Miki (Meaning:Blue dance chronicles)


Backround Information: Miki is a normal high school teenager.With normal friends,a normal family,and a normal life except she's not herself to everyone she knows and she can see hollows(ghosts,spirits).Miki's mother died when she was 8yrs old and the cause of Miki's mothers death was a hollow.Miki saw a shinigami (death god) that killed the hollow and been pursuing to become a shinigami to protect everyone she cares for but she cant.Because of her mothers death,Miki changed her personality.But she wants to show everyone her real personality and at the age of 14,she gave birth to charas that will change her whole life.

Character's Personality: Miki is a cool and quiet girl to everyone but she likes to have fun and laugh.She is a straight A student,who is also athletic and she loves to play tennis but has average skills and everybody admires her.She loves to draw but her drawing skills are average.



Mai is a spade chara and is a fun and drawing type of girl.Whenever Miki needs help drawing for homework or just creative drawing,Mai is always there to help her and give her support and ideas.


Ayame is a tennis chara.She loves to play tennis like Miki.She is very athletic and whenever Miki plays tennis,Ayame would always help her.Ayame can be a bit stubborn when it comes to tennis but she loves it.


Ayame is a tennis chara.She loves to play tennis like Miki.She is very athletic and whenever Miki plays tennis,Ayame would always help her.Ayame can be a bit stubborn when it comes to tennis but she loves it.


Yuki is a wind chara.She is a playful girl who likes to flow with the wind.She loves to look at the sky and feel the wind.She loves the stars and moon at night.

Character Transformation:

Mai: Spade Wish

Spade Wish shows Miki's artistic style and design.

Ayame: Tennis Wish

Tennis Wish shows the true power of Miki's tennis skills.

Ai: Shinigami Wish

Shinigami Wish shows Miki being a shinigami to protect all of the people she cares about.

Yuki: Wind Wish

Wind Wish shows Miki being free as the wind and having fun in the sky.Wind Wish shows how shining Miki is like the stars and moon at night.
Posted 11/14/08
name: Kirameki Hoshi
age: 13

Info of Hoshi: She is a very quiet but very pretty girl. But there are rumors in her school that her parents abandoned her, which was true. The rumors made her an outsider with no where to go. She wants to be a girl that is cheerful and fun to be with unlike the herself who's a very dark aura looking girl. She wants to be strong and independent , ignoring the rumors and living the life she wants to. then, the day of her miracle came when 2 charas were born.

description: Luna shows the side of Hoshi's wanting to be cheerful and a fun girl. Luna is often ditzy and clumsy. But she is always saved by Yuuri. she loves to make pins and accessories.
transformation/charanari: Heaven's Aphrodite

Special Power:
Refresh/A power in remaking or repairing any kind of object.
Heart's Song/ A lullaby to put anyone to sleep and mesmerized


description: Yuuri shows the side of Hoshi's wanting to be independent and has courage to stand up for what she believes in. Sometimes she gets too strong and loud, but soon gets hushed by Luna. She likes to be confident and is very outgoing. Her favorite hobby is sports.
transformation: Flower Snowborder

Special Power:
Petal Icicles/ Petals inside of sharp icicles. it can cut through almost anything
Go Green! Snowboard/ transportation that can ride on everything.
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27 / F / sailing on the se...
Posted 4/3/09

Name: Ayumu Myako
Age: 18
Background Information: I lived in Germany before I came to the Seiyo Academy. I dont know who my family is but I have the feeling like a sister when I met Amu. I had a lot of fights. Sometimes I also walks in my Charanari without a real cause. My Guardians are always with me and I likes to talk with them. WHen I came to the Academy I was curios how it would be, cause the most of the peoples I knew before didnt go near her if that wasnt neccesary, cause I m is often in a fighting or boyish mood. I have lots of fighting skills but i can also be friendly and nice, but also cool and spicy.
Charas: Kane(Nekolike he is my Would be self cause i want to be like a Neko), Lara(She is cool and sometimes a bit cold. She likes to fight), Manu (she is like a Vampire, a bit conservative with others but also caring for precios people, and Nikita(he is like a usual boy, likes to tease me sometimes, but he can also be like a real friend)
Personality:cool and spicy, fightermood, sometimes a bit bloodish, boyish ad also a bit nekolike

my Guardians

(The Guardian chara pics are temprary at the moment i think i will change them sometimes like more charalike)

my Transformations

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Posted 5/16/09 , edited 5/16/09
Name: Misuki Hanakai
Age: 13
Background Information:
Misuki is an intelligent girl that loves to think outside of the box. She is also first in her class and is the most popular girl. When Misuki is 8 she developed a love for singing and dancing, with full support from her dad(her mom passed away) and her grandmom. When Misuki turned 10, her dad switched jobs and Misuki could not see him often. Her grandma came constantly to see her, but most of the time, Misuki is alone in the house. Fortunately she had 3 charas to keep her company when she wished to be a different person. One day, the Easter company came to her house and asked her to join them. They said that they would like a new person to join the company, and Misuki was a good choice. Misuki agreed with agreement from her father(it was the weekends.) Shortly after she joined, she realized that the Easter company was evil and they wanted the embryo. Misuki never agreed on Easter's ways of finding the embryo, and she soon fell in love with Ikuto. Utau found out that Misuki loved Ikuto, and she became Misuki's rival. Misuki secretly became friends with the Seiyo Academy's Guardians. Later, she confessed her feelings to Ikuto, only to get rejected in return. Misuki accepted the rejection and accepted the fact that she and Ikuto can only be friends. 1 year later, Misuki was caught hanging out with the Guardians by the Easter spies and she wasn't allowed to hang out with them forever. Now, she is pretending to hate Amu and the Guardians, but in truth, she still liked them.
Charas: Anko, Karin, and Yuuji
Personality: Smart, Intelligent, outgoing, and kind.
Picture: [[optional]]

(Misuki singer mode)(hairstyle and outfit changes)

(Anko)(Angelic Harmony)

Description: Anko represents Misuki's angel self.
(Karin)(Gothic Page)

Description: Karin represents Misuki's Gothic self.
(Yuuji)(Devil's Revenge)

Description: Yuuji represents Misuki's devil self.

Character Transformations
(with anko)

(with Karin)

(with Yuuji)

(find out during role-play)

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22 / F
Posted 10/8/09 , edited 10/8/09
Name: sora
Age: 14
Background Information: shy,funny,nice,friendly

Charas: angel,demon
Personality: hyper,funny, nice friendly


Chara Transformation:

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