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Posted 11/10/09 , edited 11/11/09
Name: Isabelle Tsunami

Age: 13

Background Information: I'm a kind little girl, I'm shy and I was born from a rich family but I never wanted to be rich so I stay the same while my mom and dad are traveling somewhere.

Personality: Kind and shy, but isn't afraid to speak up

Picture: [[optional]]

Charas: Lisa~ She a cute girl that is heartwarming and fun

Transformation: Sparkling Tiara

Special Attack~ Moonlight Sparkles~ This move will hold the enemy in place and it can not be broken.
~ Lunar Arrow~ This Arrow will destroy the enemy

Lucy~ Shes the beautiful one thats always showing off

Transformation: Flower Tiara

Special Attack~ Flower Petal Rain~ This move sends down flowers and will make it seem like a different place then it is
~Rose Thorns~ This will send down thorns at the enemy

Hannah~ Shes the one who loves music

Transformation: Music Tiara

Special Attack~ Harmonized Melody ~ This move will put to sleep the enemy
~ Symphony Of Love~ This move will make someone not be able to attack

Alisha~Shes the shy one

Transformation: Angel Tiara

Special Attack~ Stairway To Heaven~This move allows you to fly
~Stars Under The Sky~This move will allow you to control the stars
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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/14/09

Name: Kora McKenzie

Age: 15 (16 on 21st December)

Background: Umm...Kora doesn't have any parents and lives on her own in her parents house. She goes to the same school as Kukai, developing a little crush on him...Umm...That's all I can think of for the moment...

Charas: Kora has 3 charas...I keep changing what they look like all the time. Her first is cat chara called Candy (really lame name, I might change it. I don't have a Japanese name for her yet) Candy is born after Kora meets Ikuto one day after school. Kora starts to talk to Ikuto about why he is there. Yoru appears and chara changes with Ikuto, saying that something bad is happening. Ikuto then leaves, still chara changed. Kora admires this freedom-like side to Ikuto and then Candy is born! Her second chara is called Luna (Japanese name is Maho, meaning magic) Maho is born while Kora is being attacked by X Eggs. Candy has gone back into her egg, so Kora was powerless. A blue-ish egg comes out of Kora's chest and says to her to believe that she can come through. Then she hatches and Character Transforms into Mystic Cresent Moon. Kora's third chara is born an X Egg, and doesn't hatch until Kora is pushed (yes, pushed!) off a building by her best friend, who had been taken over by the X Eggs. Her chara (who's name is Rose-japanese name is Hanachi, meaning flower blood) hatches as a normal chara and saves Kora by growing a lot of rose beds for her to land in. Then she transforms into Black Rose Crucifix and purifies her friend and the X Eggs using Holy Crucifix.

Appearance: Long black hair, her right eye is red, her left eye is green...umm...usually wears a black vest top, a grey/black cardigan, a short, black skirt and some long black boots...

Personality: Quite happy most of the time. When she gets angry she gets really upset as well...HATES homework...when she first sees Tadase she thinks he's a girl wearing the boy uniform...Mysterious...Romantic sometimes...

I don't have any good pictures of Kora or her charas yet, but I'll do my best to get them up as quick as I can. But I have my favourite picture of Kora I've done on MS Paint-

Normally her hair is down...I hope you like it~~~
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/27/10

camelia604 wrote:

Ok, to make it easier to people, I've decided that people will now submit their characters here. The other topic had a mistake

Be sure to put up a pic so you can describe yourself better. This isnt mandatory though ;]

Roleplaying is totally fun ^-^ I'm very inexperienced in both...but who isnt?
Since there are 1000+ members in this group, it would be unfair for people to be Amu, Ikuto, etc. so everyone that wants to participate has to fill out this form and have their own characters!

Background Information:
Picture: [[optional]]

Another good thing you could include are how you look or what your charas look like.

RULES~ [[New Rule. Must READ]]
- Once the role play starts, you have 5 days to change anything in your post. This is so that you dont confuse other people and change your character randomly. [[Doesn't apply to editing so you can add pictures]]
- Keep everything PG-13. So nothing too revealing in the pictures.
- It doesnt have to be long at all. It can even be a few sentences, as long as you post


If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to ask me or Angel. Oh!! If you have any suggestions for the rules, or for rp, then just message me


Name: Hana
Age: 20
Background Information:
Charas: green red , blue
Personality: Sweet helpful and haning
Picture: [[optional]]

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