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It's actually my first time here but I becomes a villain in an instant.
But I like it and the other members get along in the story. I want to thank them. Thank you very much.
It's really good so I decided to continue it.
The story that got made was this. This is a brief summary.
Satoshi is a new transfer human student who fall in love on an angel named ayame (others call her esther). Satoshi got visited by his previous master Rakensho SIlva. A long time ago, satoshi became a sacrifice for the rakensho family to saved his village. After many years of servitude he got his freedom because of a good magician that trade half of his power in exchange of him. Silva visited satoshi on the azure academy to tell him that the rakensho demon family chose him be the their leader and to become one of them. Satoshi decline and run away.When he got back on the dorm, ayame show up and kill herself in front of satoshi because of her confusion for loving a vampire and a human. Ayame's brother Silver came and tell satoshi to come with him on the spirit realm to find ayame's soul to revive her. Silva notice satoshi's dissapearance and follow them on the spirit realm. Upon meeting silva and threatening he would harm ayame, satoshi decided to follow silva's plan. When they got back in the real world silva dissappear and satoshi follow him. Silver and their friend ryo follow them. Silva and satoshi meet on the roof. Satoshi offer to follow silva's wish in exchange of his friends safety. Silva promise but in truth knows that satoshi will kill all of his friends once he became a demon. Satoshi would come with silva when silver and ryo comes.Silver promise satoshi that silva won't be able to harm ayame and ask him decline silva. Satoshi decided to decline silva and using the blade silver gave to him, he went to the spectral realm where silva can't get him. Silva on the other hand reveal his true objective and some information about the rakensho demon family. Silva ask ryo to join them but he decline. Silva know ryo is also thinking of joining the rakensho family.Silva fly away promising he would get satoshi and asking ryo to meet with him again.
So far this how the story went. You can read it personally on the following in order.
1. The hot spring
2. The boys dorm
3. The park
4. The roof
It takes me a long time reading the previous posts but it worth it

I forgot to explain the rakensho demon family
Rakensho demon family - All members of this family are not really blood related at first. The rakensho demons forcely extract the blood of the creature and replace it with their bloodline. They only remove 80% of the original blood to make use of the original ability of the creature and so the body can still move normally even almost all of it's blood is demon. The family are made of different creatures starting from vampires, fallen angels, werewolfs, witch and many more except a human. They decided to choose satoshi to be the first human to become a rakensho. They know that if a human would become a pure blooded rakensho, he would be the strongest family member.They didn't do it before in afraid they won't be able to control it. A few months ago they finally made a way to control him. Thus then they send silva to bring satoshi whom serve as a slave to them before.

Rakensho- He is an acient demon that steal and eat his fellow demons in order to become storng. He indeed become strong that he's power is already very near on the lord of demons. Both heaven and hell treat him as a great threat.With the combination of the two side, rakensho have been defeated. In order for his hardship to not be in waste, he remove all of his blood hide it on his 100 weak slave demon. The demons know that they can't handle the powerful blood if they combine it. Starting on that day until the present the blood have been past on different creature in search of a one that can control the whole power of rakensho.Thus the rakensho demon family was born. A rakensho demon can't have his memory anymore and can't obtain his original body anymore. It's a ritual that after becoming a rakensho demon to kill all of his friends and families to totally erase his past.

Villains of course sometimes needed even on schoolife anime. But I can't become a villain alone. I also need someone with me ^_^

The outcome will be that the rakensho demon family is the mastermind of the dissappearance of the azure academy student's. They spy on the academy to find strong students to forcely change them into a rakensho demon.

Those who will join me will become students that was actually a member of the rakensho demon family. You can decide to not post here if you decided to join the villains so it would be a others

Just give me a private message so I know who will be my allies.
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