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ok i got some dirt on a member and later i will put more
_i love tokio hotel_

this is dirt on georg

yeah! is the interviewer

Yeah!: You know each other for a very long time. What makes the other one special?

Tom: Georg isn't special at all (laughs)! Well, sometimes he can be really pleasant and helpfull (grins)!

Yeah!: When you mutually have to discribe each other, what would you mention first?

Tom: (Laughs): Georg is filthy and unstable! In the evening he is motivated and makes plans for the next day, the morning after that he doesn't keep to it anymore.

Yeah!: Do you also have bad habbits?

Tom: Georg is really chaotic. His hotel room always looks like a battle field!

Yeah!: You know all each others secrets...Let's hear them!

Bill: Okay – Georg has had a diary for a very long time. But that is no secret anymore, because we all have read it all (laughs to death)!
Gustav:We always thought he had something like that, then we searched for it. It was underneath all his stuff.

Yeah!: And what was in it?

Bill: We can't say that.
Tom: Off course we can! Georg was madly in love with my ex-girlfriend. But nothing happened, she didn't want him (laughs).

Yeah!: Are you jealous, Tom?

Tom: No. We have just made some jokes about it but Georg did't think it was funny...

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wow,funny tom
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F / ???.......i hate...
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Tom had lost his virginity. But Bill is still one ^^
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