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Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/12/08
You are trapped in a jail and u are bound to a chair and someone gonna blow you up in five minutes, how can u flee?
There is a bomb outside the jail, and the keys is on the left side of the bomb, you have a knife in your pocket but your hands are bound and there's a rope on the floor.
When you go out of the jail, you have to deactivate the bomb and open it. What wire will you cut? it's a text on all the wires on the yellow no text, on the blue the text schnellerer on the red the text saltilo and on the green its the text disatt ivisi, on the other wires is only the text made by marine so it haves to be the red, the green or the blue

1. Question. How to get the knife out of your pocket and cut the bound

2. Question. How to get the key to unlock the door of the jail

3. Question. What wire shall you cut to deactivate the bomb
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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/12/08
1- i wanna know if my foot are bound too if not i will shake myself to fall and make the knife out of my pocket then i will get it with my fingers and try to cut the rope

2- after i had gotten my knife i will bind it to the rope and try to get the key with it

3-i will cut the green one that means deactivation, cuz the blue is for the program of the bomb, the red is for make it blow up cuz saltilo = salto = jump = blow up
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