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Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/19/08
Hello Class.. I'll be your teacher Misz Floe and welcome poetry class..

in this class you can share poems or quotes that you wrote.. or poems/quotes that you have read and that you really liked it..

this class is about expressing ones own feeling.

poetry doesn't have to rhyme nor does it have to be long.. it can be short and it can also be free verse, meaning it doesn't have to rhyme. the only thing that is important is it comes from the heart and of course it has to make sense.

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/12/08
Someone once told me that the greatest irony of life is loving the right person at the wrong time or having the wrong person at the right time or fighting for the right love when the right person is gone. we all go through this kind of experiences, some of us move on but some of us grieves. it is so hard to love someone who is in love with someone else, because we have to ignore the pain and swallow our pride just to be friendswith that person, because the last thing we want to do is push the person we love away from us.
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Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/18/08
hehe nice class n teacher!^_^
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Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/19/08
Love Is

Love is like sewing seeds,
Every moment it grows.

Love is like a four leaf
Clover, if given to
Someone it can make them
Feel happy.

Love is a porcelain
Doll, it is pretty on
The outside, but it can
Easily shatter.

Love is like a football
Player charging at you
At full speed, it can knock
You off your feet.

Love’s like a hurricane,
It comes to you strong, but
Leaves you devastated.

Love is like death, it can
Come as a shock, but does
Relieve you of your pain.

Love’s like a Zanpakuto,
It can either hurt you
Or heal you.


I’m trapped inside a room that seems
To never end. This horrid red upon
The walls makes me shiver and
Quiver at the sight. I look upon
The silent unmoving heap
strewn across the floor. I
Scream in fear for I
Know that you, my one and
Only love, is dead. I’m locked inside
This room with terror in my
Eyes. Will I be hunted down
As well, and slaughtered
Like my love? I shall just
Wait here with him to
Die. For nothing can remove him
For my side. Death come quickly.
[Supposed to be in the shape of a keyhole]

Volleyball Players

Six volleyball players practicing a dive
One fell and broke her nose, and then there were five.

Five volleyball players jogging around the floor
One tripped and broke her leg, and then there were four.

Four volleyball players setting balls that were free
One broke her finger, and then there were three.

Three volleyball players working on their spikes for a few
One got hit in the head, and then there were two.

Two volleyball players going home after practice was done
One got in a car accident, and then there was one.

One volleyball player at practice all alone
She got lonely and quite the team, and then there none.

Two Worlds so Far Apart

She was beautiful
Yet I was a hideous creature.
She was intelligent
Yet I couldn't care less what happened tomorrow.
The only thing we had in common
Was a classroom.
We were like the dark and light sides of the moon
Two opposites that we're so close
Yet so far away...
I lay there ready to die
As she stared down at me and started to cry.
I had saved her from her death;
For that I have no regret.
She tried to save me, but it was too late.
The speeding car had already sealed my fate.
With my last breath, I muttered, "I love you."
"I know," she replied. "I love you, too."
With that my world ended, but not without realizing something before I did depart:
Everything is as it should be as it falls apart

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