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Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/9/08
Twin Spica #2

Circulating the system,
burning through the asteroid belt,
collecting specks of tears,
Spreading them throughout world,
that creates showers in Earth,
calm and wholesome,
keeping the peace at toll,
Twin Spica criss crosses,
into the void of space,
being playful and doubtful,
creating attention to Orion's Belt,
As the bright Twin Spica,
creates the spectacles of people,
keeping there dreams in there pupils,
dilating the endless story of reality,
Orion's Belt watching,
the miracle and power of twin Spica,
emitting into the midst of their Belt,
Sending Auras of passion,
into peoples souls,
Creating the Northern Lights,
Which spreads across the whole Universe,
As Orion's Belt falls in love,
With the Twin Spica,
Orion's Belt giving stars,
shooting stars into with the aurora plight,
of tender love,
While Twin Spica smiles,
Giving the will,
For the Twin Spica to Shine big,
with the days of the three wise men being guided,
to the one and only messiah,
Guiding the ships to the new world,
As the Twin Spica feeling the love,
lasting for generations of Life,
as one Orion's belt sleeps to a bountiful night,
and the other love the one Twin Spica,
With the Ever strength and willful Orion as Spica glow,
and grow into the Big Star of the sky,
while the other half watch and keep the side in line,
losing the moment in one orion belt to love,
losing the strength descending into a long sleep and dormant
being a secret to the world,
while the Twin Spica's generously play,
with the orion belt,
Making a dark,
yet dreamy night,
feeling the awe and ominous sigh,
gently wind blowing,
as the three play,
creating what is now peace,
Pondering the half lit world,
only to know this is peace,
that come to be,
only for Twin Spica to be seen,
being there for one seed,
for one night,
it will grow into,
what we people call,
one peace.

Written by Michael Mercene

This is 3 month old poem and really like the way it is for now , comments are appreciated
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Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
man that was quite a read. i dnt think i took my eyes off the screen once lol great work
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