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Posted 5/9/08
" I never knew true love untill I could see
that she was the girl for me
I was blind but now I see that I'm in love for all eternity
In love with 1 girl and now we're married to be
I'm in my happiest time and only feel glee
That I met someone as great as she
We shall be together for all our lives and that's what I plea
It's my future and destiny "

my boyfriend made this poem for me.
what do u think?
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Posted 5/9/08
Love is like a red red rose,
It comes and goes.
But our love is different.
I don't want to be with you just for a while,
I want to be with you forever and ever.
I would climb every mountain and up every hill,
Just to see you smile.
And I dont care what they all say,
I want to see you more and more each day.
I really do love you,
And it makes me feel glad that you love me too.
I dream about you each and every night,
And on that day I will hold you tight.
I'll never forget you no matter what,
My love for you is like a deep cut.
You will never shed a tear,
For I'll always be near,
You are my happiness,
And I love you more than anything,
In this world.
I hope Cupid's arrow doesn't miss you,
Because I want you to love me as much as I love you.
I may be nothing to you,
But you'll always be special to me.
I love you even more with every breathe I take,
I love you even more with every promise we make.
And for I will always love you.
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Posted 5/9/08
He Loves You!!! What I See!!! very Good Dorii!!!!i mean you made Him to do That!!! that's why!!!...good work!!...and Daniel is In Love with U that's a good point!!...Godd For you and...Congratulations
Posted 5/10/08
Wanna know a nice quote.....When a man gives the woman a boquet of roses with a fake one in the middle.....He will give her a note that says: I will love you till the last rose dies
Posted 5/10/08
sooo sweet quote =''(
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Posted 5/10/08
it was a great poem. =]
Posted 5/11/08
aww thats so sweet X3
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