Post Reply what if you were a demon?
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ok heres how it goes, everyone who wants to be a demon in our army can post what kind of demon they want to be here and well post it on the main page under a class of our choosing. If you have a picture of your demon then just post its "Share Link (BB Code):" with the description. In other words its site address.

what your demon looks like?
their personality?
what kind of virtue do they follow?
(Dark Virtues)-Will, Strenght, Knowledge, Perfection, Insight, Control, Determination
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Name: Tungaroo
Personality: Evil and doesn't follow any rules
Virtue: Knowledge, Perfection, Control
Age: unknown
Height: 160cm
Special abillity: Demon summoning, controls fire/wind elements and shadow bend hehe
Fav saying: "This world there could only be one ruler, that is why i shall wait for the right moment"
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i forgot to say this before but plz upload your pic to the group pic section or send me the link to the pic so i can post it.
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I don't mind what my demon looks like as long as he has a stick and mask/helmet LOL
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Plz dont post on this thread, i will be making another forum where its easier to make your characters
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Name: Ren
Personality: Evil and doesn't follow any rules n luvs blood
Virtue: Knowledge, Control
Age: 16 (<-- not realy age)
Height: unknown
Special abillity: idk. alot of things.
Fav saying: "The blood within u which is now mines"
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personality:evil and sweet
special ability:ice/fire element, speed
fav: "The world will be ruled by demons and one demon"
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