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It was an urge, a craving it was a...

Wicked Desire

Yuu Kanda...

Predator or Prey...

He stood in the line for lunch waiting behind three people looking peaceful but hungry.

Speaking of hungry a certain moyashi aka Allen Walker cut in line in front of the girl who was in front of kanda.

Causing kanda so get severely pissed off, he would have glared at burning hole into the other’s head if he could but see it.

But the 16 year old run was so damn short that all kanda could see was a few strands of white hair.

“old man cutting in line” he grumbled as allen began ordering his massive amounts of food with a sweet smile on his face.

“and some dango too! I want dango too please! Lots of it!”

And while kanda was waiting for a his soba he noticed for no apparent reason that the moyashi was accommodating that pile of food on HIS table and sitting that taut little butt in HIS chair.

Never mind the taut little butt, it wasn’t going to look like that once kanda chopped it up with mugen.

So kanda took his tray and stalked ot HIS table and sat across from the moyashi intent on glaring at him until he left.

Of course it would have worked if allen didn’t have big pink hearts instead of eyes.

Allen walker, the infamous Destroyer of Time almost died of a heart attack when he saw the taller, long haired samurai set his tray of soba on the table and sit his nice round ass on the chair across from him.

Do mind the nice round ass because it was haunting allen everyday every mission every night.

And he couldn’t help but swoon when kanda glared at him.

It was like a love confession ‘i’m such a masochist’ allen thought sighing again.

But of course even sweet kanda couldn’t make allen forget about his precious food,

And thus did allen begin to stuff his face and the strong flavour blocking out kanda’s next words.

“what the hell is wrong with your eyes moyashi?” he snapped.

But allen was not paying attention to him, for some odd reason.

Allen never didn’t pay attention to kanda, i mean shit, he was kanda for godsakes, the yuu kanda!

He was the sexiest! The strongest! The most skilled ( in EVERYTHING) exorcists in the whole of the Black Order.

And allen was ignoring him!?

“ don’t ignore me you brat what the hell is wrong with your eyes!?”

Suddenly somebody set their tray next to allen’s and lavi sat down.

Allen swallowed his chicken and grinned at the annoying red head.

Then they started talking.

Kanda was slowly getting annoyed.

“oh allen kun!” lavi smiled sweetly

Allen flushed and smiled shyly “ ye-y-y-YES!? ..lavi kun?”

Lavi took the boys hands in his and leaned in to whisper in his ear.



Allen’s sparkling grey eyes turned to me kanda’s for a moment and he let out a sigh when that evil glare hit him.

“ what!?” kanda snapped.

Suddenly he heard somebody set their tray next to allen on the other side.

He glared at lenalee when she sat down and she just blew him a kiss and made him blush then she taped allen’s shoulder to make him look.

Then lavi looked and lenalee was grinning as kanda willed his blush to go AWAY but that only made it grow covering his cheeks in a red glow.

Allen smiled so widely that it kind creeped kanda out “ kanda’s blushing” he whispered and sighed when kanda glared at him.

“ oh, and he’s glaring at me too” sigh

Kanda resumed eating his soba ignoring the three people staring at him.

“ so allen kun” lenalee whispered in allen’s ear while the boy was gazing lovingly at kanda.

“have you told him yet?” she asked.

“no” allen answered “ i’ll never do that”

“hey allen kun” lavi whispered in allen’s other ear.

“do you like him?”

“Yes, i do”

“Then do something about it!” both lavi and lenalee whispered in his ear at the same time.

Then the two stood up and went to eat at another table.

Allen just gazed at kanda who was ignoring him.

Suddenly a strange thought entered allen’s mind looking innocent and sweet.

But his curiosity caused him to over think it.

The simple thought was about kanda’s lips.

So ... i mean they weren’t full or pink and juicy looking, they just looked so...utterly delectable.

Allen smiled at kanda who just glared at him.

“ yuu-chan” allen said

“don’t call me that!” kanda snapped.

Allen leaned forward “ can i kiss you?”

There was a pause as kanda took his time putting the question through his brain.

And when he was done he only stared at allen.

Allen smiled at him with that innocence and began to lean forward.

Do you know what kanda did?

He stood up and walked away.

Allen Walker...

Smiling or crying...

He was still sitting in the cafeteria shocked by what had happened.

Kanda ran away from him.

He frowned “but , he’s supposed ot be infallible!”

But indeed he was not if he ran away from allen JUST because he asked if he could have a kiss, this sucked ass!

And never mind that annoying situation he was in, this really ruined his day.

He admired kanda yuu so much and to have all his dreams and desires blown to the wind simply because kanda had actually run away from him over a kiss.

It was so...disappointing.

He finished his meal and stood up heading off to his room.

I know i said he went to his room.

But what i really meant was that he walked into the maze of hallways and got lost.

And do you know who he found wandering aimlessly through the hallways?


Rape education 101

Allen stared at him, he was angry at him and disappointed.

He sighed “ oi kanda!” he called “ are you lost?!”

Kanda stiffened and slowly turned his head “ eurh” he grumbled his face flushing.

He blushes, this sucks he’s such a chicken.

Kanda waited for allen to make his way towards him.

He crossed his arms over his chest.

“ don’t even try to act cool in front of me kanda i know your a pansy”

Kanda’s eyebrow twitched “what did you just say moyashi? Do you want to di-“

“ sure if it meant you’d stop being such a fucking coward!”

Kanda sneered “ you little shit” he punched allen in the face shoving him to the ground and punching him again, allen fought back kneeing the older one in the stomach and smashing his fist into the other’s face.

They fought and kicked and bit at each other for about an hour before they collapsed on the floor in the empty hallway.

Heavy breathing nerves wracking their bodies in pain the two boys lay on the floor next to each other bodies bruised, clothes torn and hair in perfect condition.

Allen turned his head and looked at Kanda, who turned his head back to look back.

“What the fuck are you looking at?”

Allen felt that flush coming on but it wasn’t visible because of the cuts and bruises on his face.

But he knew that by the cold and uncaring looking in kanda’s eyes and that trademark glare that set his heat afire that...this was the real kanda, that this was his kanda.

Allen was smiling.

Tyki mikk...

Broken or whole...
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wow.....u know what, i'll read this later....lookss good...but im too ima copy and paste it to my folder ok?
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