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Madara explains how everyone feared Hashirama and when the Senju were hired to fight, the Uchiha were hired in response. They were rivals and the conflict helped him become better known. Sasuke asks if that's why he took his brother's eyes, for the fame. Madara it was for the strength to protect his clan as the battles grew more dangerous over time. In any case, he didn't take his brother's eyes, he gave them up willingly.

Some time later the Senju offered peace, and the Uchiha accepted against his wishes. Madara felt the bloodshed and sacrifice of those who died was being betrayed by a truce. And that the Senju would seek to wipe out the Uchiha if they got the chance. Madara says he eventually relented and the truce held, causing the creation of Konoha. Other countries then took on the one country/village model and the world stabilized for a time. But then things changed when a leadership dispute arose.

Everyone chose Hashirama to lead, but Madara states he knew that would be dangerous to the Uchiha. He alone chose to oppose Hashirama as the Uchiha abandoned him, saying he killed his brother to save himself and that his greed for power would lead to war. Madara asks what type of man would harm his brother? He only did it to save his people. For that reason he left the village and chose to challenge it.

That lead to the epic battle involving himself, Hashirama and the Kyuubi, marked at the Valley of the End. Everyone thought he died there, but that wasn't the case. He was left to history while the Uchiha were made the police force as a sign of trust by the Second Hokage. In truth it was to keep an eye on the Uchiha. The clan soon began to understand their misfortune and over time they were made second class compared to the Senju.

Some time later the Kyuubi attacked. The village leaders knew that the Uchiha could control the Kyuubi, and felt they were to blame. However the Kyuubi is a natural disaster, they had nothing to do with it. Following their suspicions, the village leaders moved the clan to one corner of the village. The Third Hokage voiced his dissent but he was overruled by his advisors and Danzou.

In the end their mistrust gave rise to the thing they feared, as the discrimination of the Uchiha lead them to plot to overthrow the village. Sasuke is surprised and Madara goes on to state that in response the village planted a spy within the Uchiha... Sasuke’s brother. And that he says, is when Itachi’s life turned for the worse.

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