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Post Reply Gundam Seed Eternity ( Role Game)
Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
( Not ikarus the condor....I edited it)

"What was that?" he said and stared at the screen.

"It seems the attack of that New Earth alliance gundam has disturbed our calculations!" the servant said.

"Damn!" he said, "Lets end mission two here. Whitedraw!"

"Hai sir!" he said.

The condor whitedrawed.

"Damn it was so funny!" kain said and turned.

"They r whitedrawing!" nella said surprised and turned on the channel thru David.

"nice that u talk to me again!" he said sarcastic.

"They are whitedrawing!" nella said…
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Posted 5/12/08
The gundam was now withdrawing. After a while, it disappeared with no trace left behind.
* another boring day*...............
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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
Back at Catalina..
The Operator "We missed them, They are backing off"
Arthur "Backing off.....I want a full report about the damages, and I want a technical team straight away to see what they can do about Achilles, this is not over, broadcast to all our armors and mobile suit to come back"
The Operator: "Haiii, yokaii"

As The Golden Gundam approached Cecile, she heard the woman saying: "It seems this is your lucky day, I'll get you next Time" and she coldly laughed and flew away..
Cecile "ehwww" sighed out of relief, it was all over, at least for the time being...
She descended back to Catalina, thinking what a rough day it was......
Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
"Girl u have many trouble!" David’s voice said, "But well done.....!"

Nella starred at the screens, she watched them leaving. Why do they fight against their own people?, she thought and turned back the gundam. She couldn´t understand why they did that.

"Damn!" David suddenly said.

"What’s up?"

"Some of the Zaft Pilots said " that" Ship had the sign of the earth alliance!" David said shocked, "They arrested our captain. I am not sure what they r going to do with u......!"

The transmition was suddenly gone. But Nella was on the Hangar now, as she opened the cockpit some Zaft soldiers were waiting for her.

"Second lieutenant Nella Sky?" the first guy in red asked.
"Hai!", she answered.

"Would u please follow us! U r under arrest!"
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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
As Cecile settles X-Liberty down, she calls the technicians to check and do the appropriate repairs..
Catalina now has also landed for repairs and for damage assessment.

"Mobile suit Pilots, plz come up to level 2 for briefing, Lieutenant Soli your presence is asked at the Bridge."
Cecile: "Arthur Cancho must want to brief me on what exactly happened."
As Cecile is going up to the bridge, she hears "Catalina suddenly shook, but that's all and achilles has been destroyed it just like melted or something...."

Cecile: "Cancho you asked for me"
Arthur put down the papers, "I need to know exactly when the repairs can be finished."
"Yes, Lieutenant Soli, I want to know exactly what you saw up there..."
Cecile: "well that's the thing, I didn't see, they were using some kind of energy particles that I couldn't identify, but anyway X-Liberty collected a lot of information, because it experienced with the ship the process of vanishing if that’s what you want to call it"
I'll right away analyze these data with my laptop.
Arthur "Yes plz, straight away, plz pass this data later as soon as you get anything."
Cecile "Haii, I'll start on it right away. My laptop is still in my car I'll go get it."

On her way back, after she brought the Laptop, Cecile saw a somehow familiar face, a young girl arrested ...
She recognizes the girl as the civilian at the Lacus Clyne speech she saw early on in the Day.

Cecile "Where are you taking this Girl??"
One of the Soldiers "She's earth Alliance"
Cecile "And so???"
"The attacking ships where earth Alliance"
Cecile "But surely,."
But The soldier cuts Cecile "and she assaulted the guards of Ikarus and was flying this Gundam"
Nella: "I was only trying to help"
Cecile looks up at the Gundam: "I saw that Gundam when we were fighting "
Cecile turns to Nella: "Were you flying this Gundam???"
Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
( Yay first meeting.....I am excited in a

Nella remembered her pretty well. It was the girl she bumped into.

" Yes it was me!" she said and watched her, "And I cannot believe that That ship was from the earth alliance!"

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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
Cecile "Neither do I"
Cecile addressing the guards: "I saw that gudam while I was fighting, it was on our side, it's even the reason why this ship backed off anyway"
Guard: "These are orders and I must follow them.."
Cecile: "Demooo, u've got it all wrong"
Guard: "You know How this work, I can't disobey direct Orders."
And he started walking away taking Nella with him,
Cecile looked at the little Girl, thinking she's such young yet very skillful and brave...
She shouts out to the Girl "I'm gonna get you out, what's your name??"

Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/24/08
"Hu?....I am Nella, Nella Sky!" she said smiling, but then the guard pulled her along. They brought her to a room, where she saw the Captain again.

For some minutes, while the guardians left, they stared at each other.

".....Gomen!" she said finally looking on earth.

"hmmm finally it has no sense!", the man with the white hair and brown tend said, and “All in all they think we attack Plant! that isn´t good atm. Not after all that Terrorist attacks!"

"What do u mean by that sir?", she asked and sat down.

"What do u think the earth will do now! Plant say it our fault....that will make the Blue cosmos strong again. See....thru the terrorist attacks and our arrest now people could think the Plants and Zaft are working against us!" he said.

"Why would they think that?" nella said, "The terrorist attacks aren´t zaft’s fault..they never...!"

"After two wars people are thinking this girl! We will have many problems from now on!"
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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/12/08
As Cecile is heading Back to Catalina..
she couldn't help but feel angry...

"How could they believe it was the earth alliance. even if they saw their sign, arresting people like that will only cause more trouble, let alone they are arresting people who are helping us ..they are out of their mind"

"Nella, Nella sky, I sure won't forget that name, such a talented girl...."

"But what if it's really the earth alliance, this new technology they posses, I must analyze the matter how I look at it, this won't lead us anywhere peaceful, it seems war is inevitable"
Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/24/08
(I am talented??....*blush*)

"Finally I moved the first chess piece!" he said sitting in front of the window again, "Let’s see how they will react!"

"Scared!", a female voice said from a corner, "They have seen a new weapon, they will sure build up their defensive forces and that also mean that they will become offensive....!"

"As we have planned, huh?" he said smiling, "They will finally destroy each other......!"

"I only.....they r my cameras....!" a voice yelled outside at the corridor.

"That’s David!” Nella said and listen to that what is going to be happening next, but nothing was to hear. Then suddenly the door went open and another guy stood there.
(I thought some old chara would be great here......)

"I am commander Yamato!" he said and watched both inmates careful, "And this guy wanted to see u!"
David followed him into the room, he was really quiet now.

The captain and Nelle saluted....
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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
(Wow..Kira Yamatoo!!!)

as Cecile is Hurrying back to Catalina to start analyzing the data she Bumps into Yzak Again...
Cecile: "Yz,..ehm...Jule Cancho"
Yzak: "I can see you are still Alive"
Cecile feeling down : "Hai", "Did you see what they are doing arresting everyone who is earth Alliance related"
Yzak: "Yes, They asked me to go down there now "
Cecile: "Can I come a long"
and Yzak starts walking, Cecile Follows him "You see, they arrested someone I know, well kind of...anyway the point is she was fighting with us, I saw her when I was up there, she actually made that ship back off"
Yzak: "Where you near that ship, reckless as always"
Cecile: "But I managed to bring a lot of data"
They reached a door, the soldier standing guarding saluted Yzak a military salute "Hai", and let Yzak in
Yzak: "she's with me"
As they walked in, there was an awful amount of people in there..
Cecile whispering to Yzak: "Did they arrest half the camp or something"
Yzak "Osaiii"

Posted 5/12/08 , edited 6/23/08
Commander!" the Captain said.

"It’s ok!" Kira said and sat down, "I am her to talk about what happened....Lacus Clyne does not agree with the act that u are under arrest now, but she also has to follow the council.....!"

"We understand!" the captain said.

"Would u please tell me now what happened?" he asked, but the captain didn´t gave an answer.

"There was that attack and I couldn´t.....!" nella suddenly started, but stopped coz commander yamato looked at her surprised.

"You were the pilot?" he asked, then he saw that she was near to blush, "Gomen about that, but u really look young!"

"She never was allowed to fly that suit!" the captain said, "In fact she stole it from us, but don´t.....!"

Kira lifted his hand and gave him the sign to be quiet.

"Did u do that?" he asked. Nella nodded.

"You shoot down our gates and stole the earth alliances new Suit?" he asked and lifted his hand again, coz the Captain wanted to interfere.

"Yes!", nella said and couldn´t look into his eyes.

"That’s all then!" Kira answered and stood up to go. At the door he stopped again, "Thank u for helping us!"
Then he left.

"Nella!" David said anxious....

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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 6/23/08
As Kira Yamato left the room...
Cecile recognized him, he was after all a famous figure back from the first war, pilot of freedom

Yzak advanced as he was about to start to talk, a soldier came in and whispered something into Yzak's ear..
Nella was looking anxiously at Cecile, and Cecile nodded to her in a way assuring her that everything will be ok.
Yzak: "Sokaa, I see, well, then go ahead and transport them"

Cecile: "Cancho???? transport them Where??"

Yzak: "Am not allowed to say"

The soldiers started to cuff them again, Nella was looking a little frightened..

The Captain: "But Commander Yamato was just here" and a soldier started to cuff him "At least have the courtesy to tell us where you are taking us"

Yzak: "At the current situation, I regretly cannot.................But I assure you everything will be ok, this is just a precaution"

Cecile: "Precaution but against what a man and a little Girl"
Yzak Gave Cecile a menacing look..
and walked straight out of the room...They started to drag Nella and the captain along..

Cecile: "Gomene, I don't understand what is happening, But I'm sure nothing bad will happen specially that Lacus Clyne is on top of things"

And they left the room, the room which was a minute ago full of people was now empty but for Cecile, standing trying to comprehend everything that happened today. She felt Overwhelmed..

Posted 5/13/08 , edited 6/23/08
( Now I want to know where u will bring only a short answer....!btw I want to meet athrun too XD)

Nella was really scared what is going to happen with her now. She started to think about all that. Wouldn´t punishment make everything worst? What would the Earth Alliance then do. She sighed and let them pull her along......

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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 6/24/08
(Hehe!!!don't we all!!!!!But he is far away now still in Orb!!! LOL!!, But I think AL's character early on said sth about finishing off athrun!!!)

After standing there for a while, still not comprehending, Cecile thought the only thing she can do now was to analyze the data, maybe then she'll find some answers, she Headed back to Catalina, and started working.

Meanwhile the Guards placed Nella, and the captain in a van,
Before entering the van, Nella saw eclipse it was being transported as well..
There were a couple of people in there. It seemed Nella and the captain was the last. The door was closed, and the van started moving.

The Captain: "Everything will be ok Nella"

Nella looked thoughtfully but didn't say a word.
One of the men in the van said "Don't worry, they are not stupid as to do anything to us, they are just taking us to a place away from their military base, they don’t want us running around their armors".

The captain "Yes, this is probably the case, everything has changed now".

The man "well, they didn't expect what happened, 2 sectors were completely destroyed".

The captain said with a low voice, he was speaking more to himself "I wonder who is behind all this".

After a while, the van suddenly stopped, there was some rumbling noises and then silence.
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